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In Quest of the Platinum Piggy In Quest of the Platinum Piggy
In this Great Adventure you will to try to locate and rescue the priceless piggy. You'll need all your magical powers, luck and cunning, as you travel through Pigsylvania. Don't worry, though, if you get stuck, you'll be able to try again.
H. Roll

The Evil Landlady Action Maze
Can YOU solve this wicked dilemma? (This Action Maze will open in a separate window; when you are finished, close that window by clicking the x in the top right corner of that browser window.) Good luck!!
Martin Holmes

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The Velveteen Rabbit The Velveteen Rabbit
Want to read more quickly? Practice your speed reading techniques using the word rate timer on each chapter of the precurser to Toy Story. Margery Williams tells how toys become "real" in this timeless classic.
Amby Duncan-Carr

See Tips for Speed Reading on the Reading Resources Page

Terrific resources for creating your own professional portfolio, developing a unit on student portfolios, or establishing a program utilizing portfolio-based assessment of students or staff.
  • Portfolio Sampler
  • Using a portfolio in your Job Search
  • Step-by-step planning guide for setting up a portfolio program
  • Life-long learning and other uses of portfolios at the college level
  • How-to article for vocational educators using portfolios in school-to-work programs
  • Portfolio Creation Tips (including digital portfolio design)
Amby Duncan-Carr / works by Martin Kimeldorf


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