Please note: You may wish to print a copy of this document to use for the test. Use any version of WordPerfect (or other word processing program). You may wish to have someone else compare your completed work with the original and provide feedback. This is intended to give you a general idea of some of the types of tasks that may be included on a basic word processing competency test; many skills (such as tables, columns, graphics, advanced formatting, etc.) are NOT included here, but may be required on a pre-employment assessment.





The objective of this test is to determine your competency in using the WordPerfect software program. You will produce and submit a document in response to each of the seven items listed below. You have 30 minutes to complete this test and may not ask anyone for technical assistance. Number each response and double space between items.
  1. Center your name and address.
    Your name
    City, State, Zipcode

  2. Type your name and address so it is right aligned.

    Your name
    City, State, Zipcode

  3. Type your name in BOLD, your street address in ITALICS, and underline your city and state.

    Your name
    City, State

  4. Type the following text in the specified font and size.

    Your name   (Arial 24 pt.)

    Address   (Times New Roman 18 pt.)

    City, State   (Comic Sans MS 30 pt.)

  5. Type the following text and insert the appropriate bullets.

    When personnel recruiters are asked, "What was most impressive about your best interviewees?", several categories are mentioned repeatedly:

    • Prepared. Knowledge of and interest in the employer. "Applicant had researched our company and was prepared with questions about job duties and how employees would be evaluated."

    • Personality. Confidence, friendliness, enthusiasm, poise and assertiveness. "Applicant seemed to enjoy the interview."

    • Career goals. Have specific areas in mind. "Applicant had a definite idea of what they wanted. They demonstrated this in the nature of their direct questions."

    • Communication skills. Nonverbal skills, such as good posture, eye contact and tone of voice are as crucial as content of conversation. "Applicant was relaxed, smiled and appeared to be following what was said. Applicant gave the impression of being compatible with fellow employees."

    • Appearance. Neat, professional dress. Not overly flashy or made up. "Applicant was well groomed and dressed business-like."

  6. Set LEFT and RIGHT MARGINS for 2 inches and type the following text.
    The cover letter plays a vital role in job hunting. It opens or closes the screen door to an interview. It introduces you to people with whom you might be spending half your waking hours. Yet it should have the fewest lines in the overall job-hunting playbook. The cover letter to your resume serves three purposes: 1) to establish that you meet the basic qualifications for the job, 2) to foretell how you will enhance the success of the company if you are hired, 3) to entice the reader to arrange an interview.

  7. Set LEFT and RIGHT MARGINS back to 1 inch, set for double spacing, set justification at FULL, and type the following text.


  1. Spellcheck document.

  2. Save document with the filename WP61TEST.

  3. Print document. Exit WORDPERFECT.

    Test designed by Peggy Krall