Creative Job Search
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"Economic security through employment. A strategy for success."

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1996 Edition

Minnesota Department of Economic Security

"Helping people help themselves
achieve economic security."

The Department of Economic Security is dedicated to helping job seekers achieve economic security through employment. Job Service offices and Minnesota Workforce Centers throughout the state offer a wide range of quality employment services. "Creative Job Search" is a progressive curriculum that teaches the skills needed to conduct a successful job search.


"Creative Job Search" was developed with extensive input from employment professionals and job seekers throughout the state of Minnesota. Many hours and a great deal of passion went into the development of this quality publication. All who participated in its creation are to be commended for their contribution.

Copyright 1996, 1997 by
Minnesota Department of Economic Security
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or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying,
recording or otherwise, without the written permission
of the Minnesota Department of Economic Security.

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