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Job Fairs in Pittsburgh
Including Allegheny County and the Tri-State Area

Job Fairs are listed in chronological order.
Please double-check to confirm dates, times
and locations with the sponsoring organization.

The Job Fair listings are not being updated at the moment. Please use some of these resources for additional information:

Job Fair Success
Excellent suggestions to help you make the best use of your time at the job fair by increasing your productivity and effectiveness in that setting. Other sections of this site provide additional strategies for job search, including resumes, interviews, salary negotiations, etc.
College Grad Job Hunter

Non-Traditional Job Search: Strategies and techniques.
Information is also available for other organizations in the Pittsburgh Area.

Pittsburgh Job Database includes listings these categories:

Work Site Banks Classifieds Government Health Care Local Companies MEGA Lists Postings Schools Temp Jobs Utilities

Also available:
Employment Database for ALL areas (includes regional, state and national listings).


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