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Do you sometimes feel like
you've been left out,
all alone,
in the cold, cruel world?

Prepare NOW for the GED and get on with your life!!!

Take a Complete Online GED Preparation Course for Free

Designed for adults with a ninth-grade education or higher, this no-cost online course provides a solid foundation in the GED topics, and includes many helpful tips and strategies. It even includes links to the official practice tests presented by the GED Testing Service of the American Council on Education (ACE). Topics include:

        Language Arts, Writing

        Social Studies


        Language Arts, Reading


Includes information about an online High School diploma program too!

The GED is program is entirely free of charge.



Develop Your Test Taking Skills

Learn how to take tests effectively by improving your skills, your test-taking strategies, and your ability to remain calm in stressful situations.

Amby Duncan-Carr


General Educational Development (GED) Testing Service

Info about the GED, including:

        What are the GED Tests?

        Content and score specifications; Score scale

        State, Provincial, and Territorial GED Contacts

        FAQ (frequently asked questions)

        Additional Resources and Links

American Council on Education


Ms. Lindquist: The Tutor

This free, online, Intelligent Tutoring System is designed to assist students in learning to write algebraic expressions and solve word problems. Program can also be downloaded.

Neil Heffernan; Carnegie Mellon University



Many useful resources to help you develop your logical thinking and ananlytical thinking skills, including:

         On-Line Measures of IQ & Personality

         Brain Teasers & Puzzles

Amby Duncan-Carr


Vocabulary University

Challenging word puzzles of various types. Have fun with these fiendish little gems!! (If you get stuck, try another...)

Vocabulary University


Common Errors in English

A listing of irritating words and phrases that commonly cause errors in written English. Clear explanations and examples of these deviations from the standard usage are also included.

Paul Brians; Department of English, Washington State University


Directory of National and State Literacy Contacts

Provides names, addresses, phone numbers and websites (where available; includes Pennsylvania, a State-by-State listing, National Contacts as well as Contacts for U.S. Territories.

National Institute for Literacy


Like, Words and Stuff . . . Vocabulary for Standardized Tests

A list of vocabulary words to study in preparation for the Verbal subtest of either the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) or the Graduate Record Exam (GRE).

John H. Bickford, Jr.


Explore the education resources available in these specific subject areas:

         Language Arts




         Social Studies


Online High School Diploma

In case you decide you want to complete your high school diploma, Liberty High School offers an online diploma program approved by the Vermont Board of Education

Liberty High School




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