Graduate Record Exam

ERUDITE LEXICON Do you sometimes feel like
you've been left out,
all alone,
in the cold, cruel world?

Develop Your Test Taking Skills
Learn how to take tests effectively by improving your skills, your test-taking strategies, and your ability to remain calm in stressful situations.
Amby Duncan-Carr

Princeton Review
Site provides general information about the GRE; info about their own excellent test-prep materials; financing grad school; links to other resources; reviews of recent Graduate Record Exams. Includes a section on CAT Strategies telling how to effectively approach the Computer Adaptive Test. Take a sample test (choose from GRE, GMAT, LSAT, SAT, USMLE, etc.) requires FREE registration.
Princeton Review

Educational Testing Service
This site is extremely helpful and well worth a visit -- even though you may think of ETS as the enemy (since they are the ones who created this torture, oops, test). Included are practice questions, info about both the old pencil-and-paper test and the new, adaptive, computer-based General Test. If you're thinking about taking the CBT you definitely will want to see how it's different (and perhaps better, or worse, for you). If you're in a hurry, check the GRE at a Glance section or go to the Fast Facts page for quick, current info, including dates, phone numbers, etc. You can download practice materials and other info from the ETS Free Publications section.
Educational Testing Service

Sylvan Learning Systems
This site is being redesigned; if you can't locate what you need, try the section Are You Lost? which provides links to commonly requested info. Get locations and info about the testing sites by using the Test Center Locator (may not currently be available due to site restructuring).
Sylvan Prometric

GRE Companion
Number 2, Inc. provides an Interactive Tutorial, FREE!!!!
  • Preview the on-line GRE Companion.
  • Check out the Interactive Antonym Test.
  • Take a free half-length sample GRE.
You can obtrain a bonus strategy tip, if you enter amby when asked for a code.
Number 2, Inc.

GRE Sample Questions
The Educational Testing Service provides a set of sample questions online:
  • Verbal Ability
  • Quantitative Ability
  • Analytical Ability
Educational Testing Service

GRE Preparation Online
Hone your test-taking skills with these FREE verbal, analytical, and quantitative practice exercises and maximize your score on the GRE. Questions change each time, so you can retake the quizzes as often as you like. Optional registration provides additional features.
Syvum Technologies Inc.

Kaplan's GRE Online Prep
Introduction to the GRE, as well as Flash Cards, Games, and simulations -- Test Prep that's FUN and FREE ! Helpful info about the Computer Adaptive Test, and many other useful features, including:

Test Prep Center
A test preparation resource center for college entrance exams which provides complete online, free test preparation for the GRE, LSAT, GMAT, MCAT and SAT. The GRE test prep section provides info About the GRE as well as Strategies & Sample Problems
To prepare for the GRE, you may also want to explore the Arguments, Reading, and Games from the LSAT; as well as the Arguments, Reading, and Math from the GMAT. The SAT prep sections may also be helpful (keep in mind that the SAT Verbal is easier than the GRE but that the GRE Math isn't quite as difficult).
Majon International

Sample GMAT Questions
The Educational Testing Service provides these sample questions for the GMAT; several sections are also applicable to the GRE (and other standardized tests).

SAT-Type Quiz
Improve your test scores by becoming familiar with the types of questions most frequently asked (on the GRE, also). Try answering these ten challenging questions. You will receive instant feedback on each.
Cynthia Lanius

College Board Survival Skills: How to do your best on the SAT or GRE
Excellent advice from John H. Bickford, Jr. who not only survived but triumphed over these tests!! How to select test prep materials and how to practice test-taking strategies.
John H. Bickford, Jr.

Test Question of the Day
College Board Online also provides sample questions and instructions for the VERBAL and MATH sections of the PSAT/NMSQT which are similar to the GRE (although the quantitative section of the GRE does not require grid-ins). You can also download a demonstration of One-on-One with the SAT® from this site.
College Board Online

WebWare for the SAT
Send an email to register (see PART I) before using the free materials on this site which includes thousands of screens of detailed SAT Skill Lessons to help you review your math and verbal skills for any standardized test.
Stanford Testing Systems,Inc.

Mohan's Quiz Archive
An assortment of practice tests on a variety of topics, including:
  • Vocabulary
  • Logic Problems
  • Analogies
  • Opposites
Mohan Iyer

Performance components: ANALOGIES
Need practice solving analogies? This site provides extensive assistance in making sense of the various types of verbal analogies; provides INSTANT feedback (Netscape required for optimal performance).
Greg Gay / Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto

The GRE Analytical Measure
This paper describes the GRE Analytical section. Includes an explanation of the skills being measured and test construction methods, as well as examples and references.
Mary Enright and Tim Habick

GRE-LSAT Logic Workbook -- Internet Edition
An on-line tutorial, FAQ, and interactive mini-test provided by Mark Alan Stewart, the author of the GRE LSAT Logic Workbook (published by Simon & Schuster Macmillan). If you're concerned about the Analytical Reasoning Section of the GRE, this is the site to visit!
Mark Alan Stewart

test.com - your online testing center
This site has a variety of tests available (most for a fee). You can view some tests at no charge. The GRE individual test sections cost 10 credits each (equivalent to $1).

The "Quiz Yourself" section of Psych Web
Interactive quizzes in multiple-choice format. Obtain immediate feedback online or download the file and run it directly from the computer in off-line mode. The site also includes a very interesting essay on Writing Multiple Choice Items which Require Comprehension which would be useful to educators creating tests or to students who're taking them.
Russell A. Dewey, PhD

The Prep Doctor
Site provides info about interactive admission-test preparation; how to achieve HIGHER SCORES FOR HIGHER EDUCATION. Use the link to PREP to reach practice test materials!
Richard J. Rome author of "I Have An Admission To Make"

Examination Techniques
Includes tips for preparing and taking examinations; provides links to additional resources.

Standardized Tests
Includes info and links to material on standardized tests for graduate school admission.
Hamilton College

Preparing for and Taking Tests
Assess your test-taking skills, then read tips for what to do before, during and after specific types of tests; includes:
UT Austin Learning Skills Center

Many useful resources to help you develop your logical thinking and ananlytical thinking skills, including:
Amby Duncan-Carr

Mystery Novella with Vocabulary Words
Read this mystery; vocabulary words are hyperlinked so you can check the definitions of any with which you are unfamiliar.
The Study Hall

What's the Word?
Both a Student Test and an Adult Test are available. Note, you may want to turn off images/animations or be prepared to be jangled!!
Vocabulary Enterprises L.C.

Like, Words and Stuff . . . Vocabulary for Standardized Tests
A list of vocabulary words to study in preparation for the Verbal subtest of either the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) or the Graduate Record Exam (GRE).
John H. Bickford, Jr.

Dillon's Online Vocabulary Tests
Over thirty JavaScript-based vocabulary tests; includes definitions and etymologies for all tested words. These interesting, challenging quizzes are not only great for test preparation and vocabulary development, they are also just plain fun!
Thomas P. Dillon

IVY WEST Word Group Shuffle Game
This FREE software program will help you fine-tune your vocabulary skills (Who says you can't get anything good for free!!) 32-bit version requires Windows 95 or above; 16-bit version require Windows 3.1 or above.
Ivy West Educational Services, Inc.

Vocabulary University
At first glance these puzzles appeared to be too easy for Graduate school preparation -- WRONG!! Have fun with these fiendish little gems!!
Vocabulary University

Learn Vocabulary SYNDICATE
Learning vocabulary can be fun for everyone! This site provides interesting and challenging puzzles -- you can even compete for prizes in monthly word puzzle contests (FREE!!).
Carey Cook aka "Rich Encounter"

When you load a page through Wordbot (such as the page you are now viewing), you can click on any word to look up its meaning in a dictionary. Choose Java or Non-JavaScript, with frames or multiple windows.  
NOTE: The definitions will appear in a separate window; if you'd prefer the frames version (the meaning will appear on the same screen), you'll have to select that version from the main Wordbot page AND type in (or cut and paste) the URL yourself.  
Keith Golden; Department of Computer Science & Engineering, University of Washington

Hypertext Webster Gateway
Provides a definition of the word you enter (select either an exact match or an approximate match). Words in the resulting definition are hypertext linked back into the dictionary, allowing you to use your mouse to access the definition of those related (and unrelated) words. You can obtain a list of words with a specific prefix, also.
Bennet Yee

CCAC Lifelong Learning Courses
Check the schedule of test prep classes available at Community College of Allegheny County! (You may have to call -- check the GRE prep classes available at the Downtown Center utilizing the CBT materials from ETS!!!)

College and University Home Pages
Alphabetical (and also geographical) listings of comprehensive list of Colleges and Universities from all over the world.
Christina DeMello

University Admission Statistics
Use this search form to determine how your academic qualifications stack up against college admissions standards and identify schools likely to admit you as a student. Intended for UNDERGRADUATE search, but Pick-A-College may also be useful as a general quide for graduate level programs.

Graduate Student Resource Page
Designed as a resource for current and future grad students. Includes advice on applying to grad school, program ratings, etc.; ways to survive grad school; how to complete that dissertation and get a job. Also provides info on organizations and sources of funding, as well as some much needed humor.
Dan Horn

The Art of Academic Finesse
This site provides excepts from Eric Evans' book, which will help you maximize your potential for academic success by developing the finesse and poise required for success in higher education. Ordering info for this publication from Nova Press is also provided.
Eric Evans

Scholarship Search Site
Need money for college? fastweb is the largest FREE scholarship search on the Internet, with more than 400,000 scholarships worth over $1 billion. Get accurate, updated information on scholarships, grants, and fellowships, all at absolutely no cost. And fastweb is the only scholarship search service that allows students to apply online through the E-Scholarship program. Sign up now!

2001 Colleges, Universities and Scholarships
Select a state for links to college and university home pages and online applications. Also available, a great collection of links to info about College Scholarships, admissions, financial aid (for both undergrad and graduate education), and free scholarship search services on the internet. Also available: Get-Recruited program (free) and a listing of guaranteed scholarships (by institution).
American Educational Guidance Center

College Credit By Examination
Earn college credits by passing standardized exams. Study on your own! Save time and money. These credits are accepted by hundreds of regionally accredited colleges and universities throughout the US. Includes links to accredited non-traditional programs and distance learning links.
Professional Development Network

Electronic Campus: College courses as close as your computer!
The Southern Regional Electronic Campus provides a listing of courses available through colleges and universities in sixteen states; plenty of info about the institutions and programs as well as individual courses is also provided. Registration (free) is required to explore the site.

Scholarships & Grants
Several sources of on-line information about money available for education.

English Language Institute
Writing a thesis or dissertation?? Check out the useful resources on this site!! Includes interactive pages on topics such as Writing the Literature Review, Abstracts, Introductions and Methodology etc. as well as tips on Paraphrasing, and Academic and Technical Style.
English Language Institute

A Quick and Dirty Term Paper
The Twelve-Step Guide to Producing Literary Scholarship describes in exacting detail the steps to creating a no-muss, no-fuss scholarly work; if you dread writing papers, this approach may serve you well. Jeff Hooks' Home Page provides a wealth of other resources, as well, including Five Tools for Writing Timed Essays much of which applies to all academic writing.
Jeff Hooks

Beyond the MLA Handbook: Documenting Electronic Sources on the Internet
Learn the proper way to cite online sources BEFORE that grad school paper is due!!
Andrew Harnack; Gene Kleppinger / Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond, KY

Amby's Resources

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