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Plants That Are Toxic For Cats
.... from the TCA Newsletter, November 1996. This lists the plants in each category alphabetically by their Latin Name; common names are also included.
The Traditional Cat Association

Plants and Your Cat
.... from The Cat Fanciers' Association. A comprehensive list in easy-to-read columns. Plants are listed in alphabetical order by common (English) name.
List compiled by: Jeffrey D. Rakes / Reprinted from PET Magazine's Cat Care Guide, Summer 1987

Potentially Hazardous Plants
This list includes many plants which may be poisonous or hazardous to your pets.
Sue Pounds, DVM

Common Toxic Plants
Joanne Ezard's list groups the plants by SYMPTOMS with their common (English) name.
Canadian Animal Network

Toxic Plant DataBase
Select a plant by either Common Name or Scientific Name to obtain a description of that plant and a representative plant image.
Vet Med Library, UIUC

Includes: Alphabetical listing of botanical names by genus and species (with plant images), suggestions for diagnosis and prevention of poisoning of animals by plants. Links to additional sites.
Animal Science at Cornell University

Pets & Plants: Things to Know
Lists plants which can be poisonous to animals; includes which part(s) of the plant may be harmful; provides descriptions of some common ornamental potted plants (in case you don't know WHAT the plant is); descriptions of symptoms; list includes sections on bulbs and outdoor plants; seeds or pits containing cyanide and other toxic vegetation.
Pets Connection   [archived copy]

The Toxicity of Plants
This alphabetical list of some of the more common plants, flowers, shrubs and trees provides a numerical code so you can easily determine whether or not a particular plant is poisonous to humans and/or animals, and to what specific degree. Botanical names are included, also.
University of California, Davis, Medical Center, Regional Poison Control Center

Listing of poisonous house, garden, ornamental, and wild plants; phone numbers are provided for Regional Poison Control Centers (provided by the US Army Center for Health Promotion and Preventive Medicine).
Ken Olds

Pets and Plants
P.A.W.S. provides this list of plants which can be poisonous to animals. Includes brief descriptions of the plants and tells which parts carry toxins.
The Progressive Animal Welfare Society

Toxic Plants In Your Home!
Includes a list of common toxic and NON-TOXIC plants and suggestions to help prevent poisoning.
Family Pet Clinic

Pet Poison Guide
A Pet Owner's Guide to Common Small Animal Poisons. Newly released safety tips for consumers on common plants, drugs, household items, etc.
American Veterinary Medical Association

Pet Poison Prevention Tips
Animals Deserving of Proper Treatment provides this listing of information from the ASPCA National Animal Poison Control Center.

Plants Toxic to Cats
This listing, from Feline Future, provides an alphabetical listing by BOTH proper (scientific) and common name. Also available: Household Drugs Toxic to Cats.
Scott Baker

Poisons (including plants, food & household chemicals)
.... from rec.pets.cats FAQs (frequently asked questions)
Cindy Tittle Moore rec.pets.cats (the Usenet group)

Toxic/Safe Plants for your Cat
Alphabetical listing of plants which are toxic along with reactions caused by consumption for many. Several "safe" plants are listed as well as a Bibliography.
Jodi Ralston

So what plants can cats nibble on with abandon?
.... from rec.pets.cats FAQs (frequently asked questions) Also includes a section on medications that cats should NEVER be given, and others that should be used only on the specific advice of a veterinarian.
Cindy Tittle Moore rec.pets.cats (the Usenet group)

Eating Plants
.... step-by-step instructions to help you eliminate this dangerous habit before your pet is injured; provided by author and behavior specialist, Gwen Bohnenkamp.
Perfect Paws Training Center

Kitten-Proofing Your Home
Just as young children need adults to provide a safe environment, your kitten's continued good health is dependent on your ability to prevent any contact with potentially lethal environmental hazards.
AllPets -- AllCats Frames version also available.

The WEBster: Animal Information and Animal Rights
A collection of information and links about the dangers of ETHYLENE GLYCOL, the highly toxic antifreeze, and ways to help protect your pets from this sweet killer.
Kathi Webster

Antifreeze Poisoning
Antifreeze or ethylene glycol (EG) is commonly available and used year round as a winter antifreeze and summer coolant. Unfortunately, the chemical is very toxic and lethal in even small amounts to all animals. This article provides detailed info including current treatments available.
Veterinary Information Services

ivyrule from Claris Home Page

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