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Internet Resources

Learning to Surf the Internet Effectively
An excellent essay which provides examples and concrete advice for helping students make good use of online research time. Includes a section on "Search Strategies, Hints, and Addresses" with descriptions of search engines with hyperlinks to each.
Joanne Troutner / Global SchoolNet Foundation

The Headbone Derby
A fun, free, fascinating way to practice search skills. Work alone or with a team (you can even compete for prizes!!). Registration requires only selecting an ID and a password (more is required if you want to be eligible for prizes). Solve puzzles by locating specific facts online; cartoon format with materials designed to be accessible to those in middle school and up. Caution for older students and adults - don't be TOO LITERAL - go with the "obvious" answer!! Provides links to Yahoo! although you might rather use AltaVista (this link will provide a NEW WINDOW). Includes an Education Section with info for parents and teachers.
Headbone Interactive

BCK2SKOL Lessons
BACK TO SCHOOL: THE ELECTRONIC LIBRARY CLASSROOM 101 provides A Class on the Net for Librarians with Little or No Net Experience which includes thirty lessons and additional resources which cover basic Internet concepts and provide general procedures for using Internet tools effectively.
Ellen Chamberlain, Head Librarian, University of South Carolina Beaufort, and Miriam Mitchell, Sr. Systems Analyst, USC Columbia

Internet Sites for Educators
Excellent categorized collection of links to resources; includes
  • Resources for Introducing World Wide Web
  • Understanding Search Engines
  • Directories & Subject Guides for Student Research
  • Community and Technical College Resources
  • Lesson Plans on the Internet
  • Web Evaluation
Lake Superior College

Link2Learn Technology Tutorials
This site includes a variety of resources to help you make use of the Internet and multimedia technology, including:
  • Beginners Guide to the Internet for Educators
  • Integrating the Internet into the Curriculum
  • HTML and Multimedia tutorials to help you create your own Web pages and make use of multimedia.
Link to Learn Professional Development and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Web Class - Assignment List
If your students are unfamiliar with online resources, you may find these lessons (and assignments) to be helpful. Includes step-by-step introductions and instructions for using email, conducting searches and obtaining info online.
Bill Jordan, Instructor; Thomasville City Schools (Thomasville, GA)

Internet Resources for Teachers and Students
This collection is provided by the Educational Testing Service.

Amby's Tools, Search Engines, and Website Development Resources
Includes resources useful for educators incorporating online technology in the classroom. Includes:
Amby Duncan-Carr

Advice for teachers using technology
A variety of Tech Tips for teachers, including Using Keyboard Alternatives with Windows, backing up data, caring for disks, troubleshooting Apple IIe and Macintosh, etc.
Port 2000

Computer Skills For Integrated Learning
Sample lessons and teaching tips for using the Internet or an Intranet in your school as well as Unit Guides and other Resources for developing Cross-Curriculum Computing Skills.
Link Ideas

Grazing the Net: Raising A Generation of Free Range Students
Suggestions (primarily for educators) of ways to make Internet exploration more meaningful to students, including the relevant types of thinking and learning skills, such as Information Problem-Solving, needed for the successful exploration of cyberspace. Includes specific references.
Jamieson McKenzie

Harnessing the Power of the Web: A Tutorial
Choose either the Fastrack or complete Tutorial presentation and learn how to incorporate the Internet in a student-centered, project-based learning program; incorporate the information gathering, multimedia presentation, and global communications power of the WWW to engage and challenge students; learn how to design and publish school or student Web pages... with--or without--an Internet connection.
Al Rogers and Yvonne Andres / Global SchoolNet Foundation

Ed's Teachure Treasure Zone--How-To's
Useful resources for educators incorporating internet technology; includes:
  • Web Construction
  • Planning Projects
  • Handouts
The ED's Oasis Oracle Newsletter

Kid Safe Sites
When you consider the concern about what children may encounter on the web, it's nice to locate a listing of sites that have been evaluated and recommended as "kid safe".
CWA Education Web

Science Resources are now on a separate page.


Technology Education

Technological Horizons in Education
T.H.E. on the Web! focuses on computers & related technological applications that improve teaching & learning for all ages. Includes: T.H.E.'s Road Map to the World Wide Web for Educators -- Over 350 links, organized by category.
T.H.E. Journal

Read interviews, ideas from instructors, articles on accessiblity, etc. Register to get reminders by email for each new online issue of this quarterly publication focusing on Education Technology.
University Access, Inc.

From Now On: The Educational Technology Journal
A wide variety of articles of benefit to educators; topic areas include:
  • Assessment
  • Curriculum
  • Internet Use Policies
  • Research and Information Problem-Solving
  • Staff Development
  • Virtual Museums
  • Web Site Development
Jamie McKenzie

Create a Net-Centered College Campus
Don Philabaum, President & CEO of the Internet Association Corporation, has provided this 150-page book online to help college administrators develop comprehensive strategic plans to effectively utilize the Internet and integrate it more fully into all aspects of the institution, both on and off campus.

Electronic Campus: College courses as close as your computer!
The Southern Regional Electronic Campus provides a listing of courses available through colleges and universities in sixteen states; plenty of info about the institutions and programs as well as individual courses is also provided. Registration (free) is required to explore the site.

Distance Education Primer
Tutorial on distance learning fundamentals. Includes an excellent overview with links, as well as additional resources and examples of technology in action.
David Fudell; Darcy Hardy / The University of Texas at Austin

Internet Distance Learning: How Do I Put My Course on the Web?
Dr. Serwatka describes the steps taken at Purdue University Calumet to put courses online as well as solutions to the problems that were encountered. A listing of current and past Web Courses is available on the Purdue Calumet University site.
Judy Ann Serwatka, Ed.D, CDP |Distance Learning Coordinator, Purdue University Calumet

This site contains useful information on technologies used to enhance education. Check their list of the Top 40 Education Sites.
Syllabus Press

The Well Connected Educator
This is an online publishing center and forum for the K-12 community to read, write, and talk about educational technology; includes on-site search, as well as:
  • Articles
  • Stories
  • Columns
  • Features
Global Schoolhouse

Putting School Technology To the Test
This special report focuses on the impact of technology on education. A clearly arranged INDEX is also available.
Education Week

Teaching, Learning, & Technology Roundtable
See how some of the faculty at The Community College of Allegheny County are utilizing technology to improve teaching.


Learning Styles Resources are now on a separate page.


Resources for Parents

Parenting Magazine   Order Family and Parenting Magazines at THE best prices... Guaranteed!!
Parenting Magazine
Parenting Magazine offers great advice on temper tantrums, power struggles, avoiding sleepless nights and how to cope... your guide from infancy to adolescence...

Score! Time Out for Parents game
Let's face it, parenting is a tough job; kids sometimes push our buttons, and when you react before you think, you may not be offering the best guidance. This game provides the opportunity to evaluate responses to difficult parenting moments and receive helpful feedback. Kaplan's Home site has many other useful resources, including grammar, math and vocabulary resources; SCORE! also provides a section of materials for parents and kids.

SmarterKids.com Homepage
Check out the fine array of educational books, software and games. Fill out the FREE Learning Style Survey to find out how your child learns best. Explore the Parent Resource Center, which includes activities, tips and a collection of SmarterSites, including:
  • Advanced Students
  • Special Needs
  • Homeschooling
  • Homework Help
  • Education Resources

Looking for the perfect toy, game, video, etc? Want a great price AND FREE SHIPPING ...with secure online ordering and 24-hour support...
Look for it at BrainPlay:

Connect for Kids
Up-to-date information about what's happening in your state, and information to help you make a difference close to home.
Benton Foundation

Resources for Parents
Schwab Foundation for Learning provides these resources including a bulletin board for parents, resource search, and a variety of publications.
Schwab Foundation for Learning

Children's Eyeglasses and Amblyopia FAQ
This contains information on working with children's vision problems, especially amblyopia (LAZY EYE), compiled from postings. The huge collection is well-organized, though, so you should be able to find info on the topics you're most interested in, such as:
  • Advice on improving the child's attitude towards glasses.
  • Reluctance to wear glasses.
  • Experience with amblyopia;   Depth perception problems.
  • Eye exercises;   Vision therapy;   Eye patch advice
Heather Madrone

Frequently Asked Questions about Colorblindness
This page will be especially useful if you, or a family member, have color deficiencies. The site also provides a wealth of information and helpful resources about Colorblindness, including sample color vision test cards depicting shapes (instead of numerals) especially useful for screening preschoolers.
Terrace L. Waggoner, O.D., Optometrist

Separated at Birth
Read this compelling article in Men's Health (July/August 1998) that declares "Circumcision is the worst fraud in American medical history." Please note that this article is NOT for the squeamish since it describes the trauma of a one-day-old baby boy undergoing this routine procedure without anesthetic. A Fact Sheet, as well as many other articles, is also available.
Circumcision Information Resource Centre   Frames version

Helping Your Child
This series is now available on-line and consists of electronic versions of pamphlets and brochures designed to address parental concerns about education published by OERI. Includes the brochure, Help Your Child Improve in Test-Taking which provides a fine overview of why schools test and how you can help prepare your child; provides test-taking strategies useful for ALL ages (including adults).
U.S. Department of Education

Check out this excellent, self-paced, interactive math tutoring program for K-8. Investigate the curriculum and view the samples; you and your child can try out the first five lessons at no cost when you sign up.

The Case Against Time-out
"Although time-out is better than spanking, it is not an appropriate way for parents to cope with the misbehavior of their children. Moreover, the use of timeout can create subsequent childhood behavior problems."   Read this article by Dr. Peter Ernest Haiman and learn why using Time-Out may not be a good idea.
The Natural Child Project

The Preventive Ounce
Featured on Dateline, this interactive web site lets you see more clearly your child's temperament, and then find parenting tactics that work for your child.
Preventive Ounce

The Challenge of Difficult Children
Elaine M. Gibson's page includes numerous useful resources, including sections on parenting, discipline, communication, as well as: Difficult, Hard to Raise Children: Do they come that way?, which provides additional support and info for parents of children with difficult temperaments.
Elaine M. Gibson

Tips for getting along with your ADD child
Excellent, specific suggestions for effectively parenting a child with ADD. Also, see: Genetic Connections and What ADD ISN'T for more suggestions and information, as well as the numerous other articles and resources on this site.
Gail Miller

Homeschool Resources
Nicely arranged and annotated listing of outstanding resources available online. Includes Subject Links and Curriculum Resources which would be quite appropriate for use by ANY educators (not just those in the home)!!
Dave and Kim Nelson

Homeschool Resource Section
Visit the page of annotated resources compiled on this topic.
Amby Duncan-Carr

Do We Let Our Children on the Internet or Not?
An outstanding essay on this issue!
Lynn Beck

Kid Safe Sites
When you consider the concern about what children may encounter on the web, it's nice to locate a listing of sites that have been evaluated and recommended as "kid safe".
CWA Education Web

Child Safety on the Information Highway
Includes benefits of Internet use, a rational perspective on the potential risks and ways to minimize them, including suggested Rules for Online Safety that you can discuss with your child. The Safe Kids Home Page provides additional articles and resources; you can also subscribe to the (free, online) SafeKids Newsletter.
Lawrence J. Magid / National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

Blocking software examined; check out a few of the sites blocked Censorship Software before you decide to inflict it on your family or organization.

Ask Jeeves for Kids
Want a search engine specifically designed for kids? Ask Jeeves for Kids has the same natural language query engine as the general version (www.askjeeves.com) but unlike the main site, it brings up only sites that meets the company's child friendly guidelines.
Just type in a question and "Ask Jeeves!"
Ask Jeeves is a trademark of Ask Jeeves, Inc., Copyright 1998 Ask Jeeves, Inc.

Places for Kids
The Pennsylvania Department of Education provides these Links to educational Web sites for kids.
PA Dept. of Educ.

Resources for Teachers

All Good Things
A very moving article written by a teacher detailing the long-term impact of a specific assignment.
Sister Helen P. Mrosla

Teaching Tips
An outstanding collection of resources for teachers. Includes sections on numerous topics, including:
  • The First Day (ice breakers; how to learn names, etc.)
  • Preparing a Course Syllabus;   Lesson Plans
  • Classroom Assessment Techniques
  • Teaching Techniques;   Effective Communication
  • How People Learn;   Motivating Students
  • Dealing With Stress;   Feel Good About Teaching
Faculty Guidebook -- The Faculty Development Committee at Honolulu Community College

People of all ages have the potential to learn, with some learning faster than others. This section of the Faculty Development site at Honolulu Community College features links to articles and resources, including:
  • Learning Assumptions of educational philosophy
  • Three Learning Domains
  • Learning Style Inventory
  • Principles of Adult Learners
  • Principles of Adult Learning
  • 30 Things We Know for Sure about Adult Learners
Jerry Cerny / The Faculty Development Committee at Honolulu Community College

What? You Really Think I Can Learn? THE POWER OF MI THEORY In ABE & Literacy Instruction
This article shows how Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences can be successfully applied to literacy instruction.
Steck-Vaughn Publishing Company Online

What Teachers, School Nurses, and Parents, Should Know About Being Colorblind
Read these tips so you'll be on the look-out for problems caused by colorblindness; suggestions for helping students are included. This site provides a wealth of information and helpful resources about Colorblindness, including sample color vision test cards depicting shapes (instead of numerals) especially useful for screening preschoolers.
Terrace L. Waggoner, O.D., Optometrist

Resources for Educators
Schwab Foundation for Learning provides these resources including a bulletin board for educators, resource search, model projects, and a variety of publications (including Schools Using Multiple Intelligence Theory and TeachEach: Classroom Strategies to Teach and Reach All Learners).
Schwab Foundation for Learning

Student Learning Styles
One section of the GSU Master Teacher Program which provides an overview of the four dimensions underlying the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), and suggests several teaching approaches that will appeal to different MBTI profiles. Site also includes a Powerpoint presentation for How Students Learn Best and info about the Master Teacher Program.
Harvey J. Brightman, Georgia State University

Includes a section on Disability-Related Information for the General Classroom Teacher
compiled by Sarah (Pleasant) Blake

The Instant Access Treasure Chest
The Foreign Language Teacher's Guide to Learning Disabilities would be useful to any educator, parent, etc. who wants information about effective techniques for use with a variety of learners. Sections include:
  • Assistive Technology
  • Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)
  • Auditory Deficits / Visual Deficits
  • Dyslexia
  • Learning Styles
  • Teaching Students with Disabilities
Sonja Moore, Virginia Commonwealth University.

Abuse it -- Lose it
Logical Consequences for Teaching Self-Control to Mischievous Children
David Keirsey

Mental Health Infosource
Enter keywords to Search the Mental Health InfoSource site; jump directly to Disorders; browse the Directory (organized alphabetically by Topic Area); access the full listings of the "Ask the Expert" Archives which include:
    Alzheimer's Disease/Dementia | Anxiety, Panic and Phobic Disorders | Bipolar Disorder | Caregiver Issues | Depression | Dissociative Disorders | Eating Disorders | Meds | Migraine | Munchausen Syndrome By Proxy | Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder | Other | Personality Disorders | Schizophrenia | Seasonal Affective Disorder | Sexual Issues | Sleep Disorders | Substance Abuse | Suicide | Tourette's Syndrome/Tic Disorders | Violent/Self Destructive Behaviors | Women's Issues
Select the   Professional   OR   Consumer   Expert Archive
Mental Health Infosource

Allergies - What Can The Teacher Do?
Specific suggestions for dealing with chronic snuffy head, an attack of asthma, rashes, bee stings, food allergies, environmental irritants, etc.
Mediconsult.com Limited

The Info Service:
Education Links
The Info Service

Course Listings
SNOW provides a variety of courses (with free registration) for educators and adult learners, including:
A listing of other On-Line courses worldwide is also available.
SNOW (Special Needs Opportunity Windows)

HotList of K-12 Internet School Sites in all 50 States
Includes listings, by state, of:
  • Elementary Schools
  • Middle/Junior High Schools
  • High Schools
  • Private Schools
  • School Districts
  • State Department Of Education
Global Schoolhouse

Academic Worksheets
Each section features all new weekly worksheets, provided free for teachers and parent-teachers to copy for their kids. Especially suitable for upper elementary and middle school skill levels, as well as enrichment and remediation.
RHL School

Online Exercises and Math Projects
An annotated compilation of online math resources. Includes a pointer to the Online Exercises system. Explore interactive sites and learn how to create your OWN learning modules!!
Wlodek Bryc and Stephan Pelikan

Novell Sample Web Lessons
Interactive sample lessons to demonstrate the technology; includes:
  • The Arts
  • Business/Marketing
  • English
  • Government Studies/Geography
  • Geography/Social Studies
  • Health
  • History
  • Science
  • Social Studies/Current Events
To find out more about Web Lessons, check the Teacher's Guide which provides the latest documentation.

Lesson Plans and Activities
Includes resources in:   The Arts;   Social Studies;   Language Arts;   Science;   Math;   Technology, etc.

Earth Science Lesson Plans
These lesson plans and activities were designed by NESEN teachers and scientists; they can be printed directly off the web and are "ready to use" in the classroom; topics include: astronomy, geology, mapping, multi-disciplinary, soils, water, and weather/meteorology.
Nebraska Earth Science Educaton Network

Food Risks: Perception vs. Reality
A Program to Promote Food Risk Awareness and Understanding presents important food safety information to high school students and encourages critical thinking skills. Other Information for Educators, including dietary guidelines, food labeling, and Food Insight articles. is also available.
The International Food Information Council Foundation   Food Risks--text version

Mrs. Glosser's Math Goodies
This award-winning educational web site features interactive math lessons, as well as:
  • Math Applications
  • Math Puzzles
  • Unique Resources (including downloadable math images)
Gisele Glosser

Brief History of the Holocaust
The USHMM has provided this summary as well as other Teaching Resources.
The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Education Resources
A topic-by-topic breakdown of the best sites on the World Wide Web. Also available, a listing of education resources categorized by lifestage.

.... provides information about his teaching materials and games as well as other resources to enhance creativity and lateral thinking ability. If you are familiar with de Bono's work, you'll find all those wonderful resources described here -- you might even find something NEW!!!! There are also pre-seminar materials at the deBono Institute (finding your way around the site is an interesting lateral thinking puzzle in itself!!).
Edward deBono

CyberStory is devoted to uplifting, feel-good stories that will bring a smile to your face, inspire you, offer you a new perspective or get you thinking about how you too can make a difference in someone's life. If you've got a great story to tell, why not share it with the world. Submissions are welcome: Why not make your story a CyberStory!

Question Mark Demos
Try out these demo guizzes and tests authored with Question Mark Perception; includes a 56-question simulated GED Math Test (courtesy of Steck-Vaughn), as well as quizzes on Dinosaurs, Flags, Nursing, etc.
Question Mark Computing Ltd.
http://www.questionmark.com/tryitout.htm#Quizzes and Tests Section

Design your own Interactive JavaScript Quizzes
Easy to use, clear instructions are provided. Sample the wide variety of Interactive JavaScript Quizzes to get ideas, and try out Charles Kelly's Multiple-Choice HTML Quiz Generator. Once you create a quiz, you can submit it to be included on the ESL site!! You'll gain an instant world-wide audience (and provide a useful learning tool, too).
The Internet TESL Journal

Ed Tech Tools: QuizMaker
If you are an educator, you can sign up for the FREE QuizCenter Online Service, including the METRD QuizMaker program, which allows you to instantly create online lesson plans or Internet-based quizzes for distance learning (without any knowledge of HTML).
Maui Educational Technology Research and Development Center, the University of Hawaii Maui Office of Technology Transfer and Economic Development

Download a demo of the shareware program, Test Maker, and see if you don't think it's well worth the $20 registration. The author, Terry Wilkins, states that you may run multiple copies of TestTake, so several people can take tests you've designed simultaneously! (I haven't seen any commercially available products that permit THAT!) This site also has several other programs, including an IQ Test, a Color Preference Test, and a FREE Trivia Quiz.
Terry Wilkins

The Link to Higher Scores
Computers can raise student achievement and even improve a school's climate -- IF they are used properly -- otherwise they can potentially do more harm than good. Read this article by Jeff Archer, and find out what works (and what doesn't).
Education Week

Assessment: Multiple Choice Tests
TeacherSource provides tips on designing different types of test questions to measure understanding, rather than straight recall or computation skills. Also available: More Assessment Suggestions

How To Write Tests
This site does it all: Need some test-taking strategies for multiple choice tests? Share these tips for Taking Multiple-Choice Tests with your students (or use them yourself). If you're constructing test items, the Teacher Notes tells how to write questions that aren't as easy to crack. There's even a section on Statistics and Math Anxiety!!
Robert Runté, Faculty of Education, University of Lethbridge

Assessment: What you test is what you get
This article, available from Education Week, provides a clear overview of the National Assessment of Educational Progress and current issues related to the idea of linking assessment to academic standards. Includes a glossary of terms and extensive links to references and related readings.
Education Week

Students Assessment in Alaska
All Alaska students, including students with disabilities, undergo a variety of assessments to determine whether they are meeting high academic state standards. Info about Alaska's High School Graduation Qualifying Examination is provided, including the testing schedule, and accomodations available to those with disabilities; an Informational Booklet with sample questions from the HSGQE, is also available in PDF format.
Alaska Department of Education

Testing the Teacher
Check out the controversial "Teacher Competency Test" used in California and see whether YOU think it's fair. Take this short version sample test to see how you would rate.

Internet-based educational assessments, featuring Virginia state tests, provides online assessment tests modeled exclusively on state standards of learning. Info for schools and parents, as well as free sample tests for students, are available.
Edutest, Inc.

Super Charged Educational Voyage
This page provides a fine collection of annotated links to information on current educational theory; includes core curriculum, classroom management, Multiple Intelligences Theory, etc., as well as the controversial constructivist learning theory.
Janet Young

Project Link to Learn
The Pennsylvania Department of Education provides this listing of Educational resources on the Internet.
PA Dept. of Educ.

Link2Learn Professional Development
This site provides abundant resources for teachers, including:
  • Technology Tutorials
  • Classroom Activities
  • Learning with Technology
  • Online Projects
Link to Learn Professional Development and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Peduncle Press
Committed to the educational value of quality affordable children's literature, Peduncle Press publishes books and teaching materials in both conventional paper-and-ink and downloadable, Internet-accessible (eBook) forms; many titles are also available in Spanish.
Peduncle Press

Places for Kids
The Pennsylvania Department of Education provides these Links to educational Web sites for kids.
PA Dept. of Educ.

Net Surfing at Frontier Elementary School
A well-organized collection of links to useful sites; includes sections on Research, Science, Math, Social Studies, Fun Stuff, and Teacher Stuff.
Marian Shiever / Frontier Public Schools

The Gateway to Educational Materials
The Gateway provides easy access to high quality Internet lesson plans, curriculum units and other education resources by linking to over 1300 resources on 12 Internet sites. Conduct full-text, subject, keyword, or title searches, then select desired grade or education level and submit the search.
Nancy Morgan, GEM Coordinator

These resources are provided by the Educational Testing Service.

What is your classroom management profile?
Which do YOU have: authoritarian, authoritative, laissez-faire, or indifferent style.
Indiana University - Center for Adolescent Studies

Teaching Style Inventory
Use this page to assess your teaching style (adapted from an instrument by Dunn & Dunn).
SNOW (Special Needs Opportunity Windows)

Learning & The Enneagram
Info about the new book by Janet Levine which explores the impact of personality on education. Site includes a slideshow presentation as well as the TRIADS PERSONALITY INDICATOR TEST for educators.
Janet Levine

One of several topics covered in the Teaching Tips section of the Faculty Development Committee Site. Includes suggestions for effectively dealing with a number of disruptive classroom behaviors without stifling the learner.
The Faculty Development Committee at Honolulu Community College

Understanding Career Development
Information from Building Better Career Futures, intended to assist teachers and counsellors in developing useful learning activities which will assist students with career planning.
M. Lynne Bezanson and K. Sareena Hopkins, Canadian Career Development Foundation.
FRAMES VERSION http://ngr.schoolnet.ca/sites/career_c/teachers_frame/understand_0.html

The pH Factor Constructivism and the Five E's
The philosophy about learning, that proposes learners need to build their own understanding of new ideas, and the instructional model for constructivism, called the "Five Es" is clearly described. Examples and instructional ideas are also provided at this outstanding site.
Miami Museum of Science

Terrific resources for creating your own professional portfolio, developing a unit on student portfolios, or establishing a program utilizing portfolio-based assessment of students or staff.
  • Portfolio Sampler
  • Using a portfolio in your Job Search
  • Step-by-step planning guide for setting up a portfolio program
  • Life-long learning and other uses of portfolios at the college level
  • How-to article for vocational educators using portfolios in school-to-work programs
  • Portfolio Creation Tips (including digital portfolio design)
Amby Duncan-Carr / works by Martin Kimeldorf

Portfolio and Performance Assessment for Language Minority Students
One of the Program Information Guides available from National Clearinghouse for Bilingual Education (NCBE). This publication describes performance assessment procedures and a portfolio assessment framework for monitoring the language development of language minority students in the upper elementary and middle grades.
Lorraine Valdez Pierce; J Michael O'Malley

A Portfolio Assessment Model for ESL
This paper provides a rationale for using portfolio assessment as a way of monitoring the language development of elementary and secondary limited English proficient (LEP) students, and defines and describes a model that can be used in planning language-related portfolio assessment to demonstrate the depth and breadth of the student's work as well as the individual's interests and abilities.
Sharon S. Moya; J. Michael O'Malley

Listing of Resources; topics include:
  • Special Education
  • Gifted and Talented
  • Portfolio Assessment
Ken Task

CEC's JobMatch Listings
Check out this extremely well-constructed job search listing for career opportunities in Special Education. Search by state, job description, job setting, required areas of expertise, age group of student body. Search the listings for job vacancies in all areas of special education (private schools, public schools, universities, etc.). Members of CEC can post their resumes free of charge.
The Council for Exceptional Children

Provides samples of instructional materials for Computer Skills, Web Skills, Integrated Projects, Javascript, etc. as well as:
  • Demo Software (Mac and IBM);
  • Links to a variety of on-line resources.
The Link Ideas Computing Teachers Resource ~ Web Site

Teaching Kids To Listen To Themselves
This article by noted author, Donald H. Graves, gives background info and offers concrete suggestions for ways to nurture students' listening skills, including Model Listening to Yourself and Four Tips for Listening Well.
Scholastic Inc.

Learner Homework Practices
In this one of the Adult Education Teacher Inquiry Projects available on the Literary Resources/Rhode Island site, David B Hayes shares the results as well as the questionaire used in his survey of adult learners' homework practices.
Rhode Island Inquiry Projects

Helping Your Students With Homework: A Guide for Teachers
This well-constructed and informative article on designing useful homework is also available in portable document format (pdf) from this site. Includes resources and references.
U.S. Department of Education

Education Topics from A to Z
The Department of Education provides this convenient alphabetical list (with links) of the major topics available on this well-contructed site. Also check the Publications Listing for materials available for teachers, administrators, policymakers, researchers, parents, students, etc.
U.S. Department of Education

Online Educator
Search the Online Educator Link Archive by grade level or subject. Results include their descriptive summary of each site, which can be a real time-saver when you're browsing.
Online Educator

Webgrammar's Online Educational Resources
Nicely categorized links to a wide variety of interesting topics for students (and teachers) of all ages to explore.

Includes a Stress Test and ways for educators to reenergize with tips for a calm, purposeful and coordinated course of action.
Jerry Cerny / The Faculty Development Committee at Honolulu Community College

Odyssey of the Mind
A world-wide, nonprofit organization that promotes creative team-based problem solving and divergent thinking skills. General information as well as links to National & International OM Associations is included, as well as a section designed to improve creative thinking skills.
Odyssey of the Mind

Destination ImagiNationä
This international organization for kindergarten through college students teaches life skills and expands imaginations through team-based creative problem solving and is dedicated to the enhancement of the learning skills, creative problem solving skills, team skills, sportsmanship and knowledge of all students.
Destination ImagiNation

ThinkQuest   and   ThinkQuest Junior
ThinkQuest is an international academic competition; students work in teams to produce online teaching and learning tools for use by teachers and students around the world. ThinkQuest Junior is for students in grades 4-6; ThinkQuest is for students aged 12 to 19. Find out about these programs and explore the resources available onsite -- past projects are arranged by category in an easy-to-use archive: Explore.
http://www.thinkquest.org/   http://www.advanced.org/tq-junior/

Interactive Quizzes for Understanding Psychology
Explore the benefits of online learning with these well-designed interactive quizzes for each chapter in Robert S. Feldman's text, Understanding Psychology (published by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.). You can also view sample syllabi, explore the related web links, add essay questions, etc. in the Professor's Corner.
TRICAN Multimedia Solutions Inc.

The "Quiz Yourself" section of Psych Web
Interactive quizzes in multiple-choice format. Obtain immediate feedback online or download the file and run it directly from the computer in off-line mode. The site also includes a very interesting essay on Writing Multiple Choice Items which Require Comprehension which would be useful to educators creating tests or to students who're taking them.
Russell A. Dewey, PhD

A logical, step-by-step approach to developing a better memory. Designed for primarily for secondary-level students, these techniques are useful for college students and professionals who want to be able to remember information more efficiently and reliably.
Study Hall

Speed Reading
Clear explanation of ways to enhance reading speed.
Study Hall

Is Vocational Education Still Necessary?
Investigating the Educational Effectiveness of the College Prep Curriculum (includes references).
Kenneth Gray; Wen-Jyh Wang; Sharon Malizia -- The Pennsylvania State University http://scholar.lib.vt.edu/ejournals/JITE/v32n2/gray.html

Other Ways to Win: Creating alternatives for high school graduates.
Review of Gray and Herr's book by Aldo Jackson which details the need for an alternative to a four-year degree; it shows why American society must reconsider its "college graduate" mentality.
Aldo Jackson (Carlisle Area School District Carlisle, Pennsylvania)

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