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Bright Ideas
Resources for raising or educating Gifted Children from Mensa's Special Interest Group (SIG) for Gifted Children.
Tabitha Boehmer, Bright Ideas Editor / Caroline Mossip, National GCRP Coordinator

The UK site provides extensive resources including this article which discusses the following:
The National Association for Gifted Children

Pennsylvania Association for Gifted Education (PAGE)
This web site contains many resources for Talented and Gifted children, their parents, and educators in Pennsylvania. There is an excellent Links Section as well as outstanding Articles and Publications available, along with info about membership, events, and legislative activities.
Pennsylvania Association for Gifted Education (PAGE)

The National Research Center on the Gifted and Talented
Site includes info about the NRC/GT, as well as:
  • Abstracts from the NRC/GT publications
  • Products list
  • Newsletters
National Center for Gifted Education and Talent Development

National Association for Gifted Children
The US site provides info on:
  • Public Policy
  • Publications and Materials
  • Parent Information
  • Other Resources (including membership, conferences, etc.)
National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC)

Gifted Education
CEC's site includes access to resources from ERIC Clearinghouse on Disabilities and Gifted Education, including:
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • Digests
  • Fact Sheets
  • Minibibliographies
  • Listservs
  • Links to Other Resources
The Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) / ERIC Clearinghouse on Disabilities and Gifted Education

Resources for Supporting Able Pupils
  • Organisations
  • Publications
  • Useful Reading
  • Journals
National Council for Educational Technology (UK)

Gifted Resources Page
This MEGA site contains links to all known online gifted resources, enrichment programs, talent searches, summer programs, gifted mailing lists and early acceptance programs as well as contacts for many local gifted associations and government programs.
Bruce User

Hoagies' Gifted Education Page
Includes the latest research on parenting and education (including academic acceleration or enrichment, home schooling, traditional programs, the highly gifted, etc.)
Carolyn K.

Some Links for Parents of Gifted Children
This page of resources is provided by Mensa in Georgia and includes links to foundations, educational programs, publishers and suppliers of materials for the gifted, etc.
Mary Dwyer Wolfe, Ph.D. Homepage
Check out the fine array of educational books, software and games; fill out the FREE Learning Style Survey to find out how your child learns best; explore the Parent Resource Center, which includes activities, tips and a collection of SmarterSites, providing materials for Advanced Students, etc.   [Orders are processed VERY quickly!!]

Carnegie Mellon Institute for Talented Elementary Students (C-MITES) offers programs (commuter only, not sleep-over) at many sites throughout Pennsylvania for students completing grades 3-7. Priority is given to students who have taken the EXPLORE test through the C-MITES office. Site includes info about testing and programs; other resources and information, as well as an online newsletter, are also provided.
Carnegie Mellon

Sites by and for kids: Britesparks Kids Site as well as resources for parents; including:
  • Teaching and Learning Resources
  • Advocacy
  • Homeschooling
Beth Crothers

Educational Needs of Gifted and Talented Students
One section from the Articles of Interest to Parents section, also includes Parent Advocacy and Book Reviews
Susann Kaltwasser / TAG Parent Network

On The Right Track
Site covers a variety of approaches to gifted education and includes:
  • Educator Resources
  • Student Resources
  • Links to Science, Literature, Math, and the Arts
Assiniboine South School Division: Gifted Education

Resources for Very Able and Gifted Children
Includes links to:
  • Support Groups for Very Able and Gifted Children
  • Advice for Parents and Teachers
  • Educational Resource Links
  • Distance Learning and Educational Materials
Mensa Foundation for Gifted Children (MFGC)

Virtual School for the Gifted
Information about the online courses available, also Gifted Graffitti, and a page of Fractals (with Fractint software available to download).
Virtual School for the Gifted

.... provides information about his teaching materials and games as well as other resources to enhance creativity and lateral thinking ability. If you are familiar with de Bono's work, you'll find all those wonderful resources described here -- you might even find something NEW!!!! There are also pre-seminar materials at the deBono Institute (finding your way around the site is an interesting lateral thinking puzzle in itself!!).
Edward deBono

Developing Thinking in the Gifted
This article by Anthony J. Le Storti (Director, Center for Creative Studies, Gwynedd-Mercy College) focuses on ways to encourage the development of good thinking skills, both creative and critical. It includes specific suggestions to:
  • prompt creative, divergent thinking
  • encourage critical, analytical thinking
  • establish a supportive learning environment
  • develop Metacognition (plan, monitor and evaluate how we think)
Pennsylvania Association for Gifted Education [reprinted from a PAGE Bulletin]

People of all ages have the potential to learn, with some learning faster than others. This section of the Faculty Development site at Honolulu Community College features links to articles and resources, including:
  • Learning Assumptions of educational philosophy
  • Three Learning Domains
  • Learning Style Inventory
In many respects, gifted children are more similar to adult learners than to their age-peers. Astute educators will find that many of the Principles of Adult Learning will be quite applicable with the gifted learner, regardless of chronological age.
Jerry Cerny / The Faculty Development Committee at Honolulu Community College

One of a number of articles in the What Educators of Gifted Learners Need to Know About series available on the AEGTCCBC Publications page.
The Association of Educators of Gifted, Talented and Creative Children of B.C.

Learning Disabilities and Giftedness
The paradox of children who are gifted and learning disabled is explored in this section.
LD OnLine

Dual Exceptionality:   Gifted and Learning Disabled
A very high percentage of gifted children also manifest some sort of LD, and many LD children are gifted in some area. These articles, by Linda Kreger Silverman, Ph.D. of the Gifted Development Center, help clarify the issues in assessing and effectively working with these paradoxical children who often are not identified until years of educational neglect have passed. Includes:
The Association of Educators of Gifted, Talented and Creative Children of B.C.

The Instant Access Treasure Chest
The Foreign Language Teacher's Guide to Learning Disabilities would be useful to any educator, parent, etc. who wants information about effective techniques for use with a variety of learners. Sections include:
  • Assistive Technology
  • Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)
  • Auditory Deficits / Visual Deficits
  • Dyslexia
  • Learning Styles
  • Teaching Students with Disabilities
Sonja Moore, Virginia Commonwealth University.

Comprehensive article [P. Kupperman; S. Bligh; K. Barouski] detailing this syndrome (typified by children who learned to read before the age of 5 with little or no formal training, but who have language disorders and display difficulty in social relationships).
  • Description of the hyperlexic child
  • Diagnostic methods useful in identifying hyperlexia
  • Effectual teaching techniques
Center for Speech and Language Disorders

Hyperlexia in Older Children
Although the communication and social skills of hyperlexic children typically improve dramatically by the time they reach "school age", these children still face difficulties in their academic and social lives.
Charlotte Miller

ADHD and Children Who Are Gifted
This article by James T. Webb and Diane Latimer provides information showing the similarities in behavior and hence the difficulty in diagnosing ADD or ADHD in the gifted population. (Includes references.)
ERIC Clearinghouse on Disabilities and Gifted Education (ERIC Digest #522).

Diagnosing ADD in Gifted Children: Some Words of Caution
A careful diagnostic evaluation is especially important when dealing with what appears to be attention-deficit disorder in gifted individuals. This paper by Sandra Scheinbaum, Ph.D. presents a thorough discussion of a process called differential diagnosis which is used to differentiate ADD or ADHD from other conditions.
Sandra Scheinbaum, Ph.D.

Gifted But Learning Disabled: A Puzzling Paradox
Susan Baum's 1990 article includes info about the difficulties in identification as well as conflicting quidelines, which in some cases preclude a dual diagnosis. Provides curricular guidelines to assist professionals in developing programs that will meet the needs of these students.
ERIC Clearinghouse on Disabilities and Gifted Education (ERIC Digest #E479)

Why Do So Many Smart Children With ADD Fail In Our Public Schools?
This article by Thom Hartmann clearly explains why our schools so frequently misdiagnose gifted kids as having ADD/ADHD, why children who are both gifted and ADD are almost always labeled as ADD while their giftedness is ignored, and why GT/ADD students hit a crisis point in secondary school because they lack basic organizational strategies and study skills . The author also challenges the the educational establishment to fund programs directed toward our best and brightest students.
Thom Hartmann

Gifted But Learning Disabled: A Puzzling Paradox
Article details WHY individuals and organizations have such difficulty realizing that these apparent opposites CAN (and do) co-exist, describes appropriate remediation, and provides extensive references.
Susan Baum / ERIC

IQ Idiocy
Herrnstein and Murray's controversial book, The Bell Curve advocates a new form of Darwinistic elitism. Read an article by (Mensan) Al Siebert, Ph.D. for a different viewpoint and additional info about what IQ is (and is NOT).

Gifted, Talented... and Devastated
Elisabeth Hallett's article touches on the down-side of testing and labeling.
The Natural Child Project


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