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Home-schooling Links
If you are looking for information on home-schooling, you'll find plenty of it here. Carla has compiled a vast array of links, including newsgroups and mailing lists on this topic.
Carla DeLancy

Home Learning Around Pittsburgh
Resources for Homeschoolers and Others; includes:
  • Curriculum Resources
  • Support Groups
  • School District Policies
  • Local Merchants and Homeschool Businesses
  • Area Homeschoolers
The Curriculum Resources section could be very useful to any parent or educator (but especially for those in the Western Pennsylvania area).
Carolyn Ellis

Homeschool Resources
Nicely arranged and annotated listing of outstanding resources available online. Includes
  • Subject Links
  • Curriculum Resources
  • Legal, Political, and Support Info for Homeschoolers
  • Other Homeschooling Sites
Dave and Kim Nelson

Redwood Games HomeSchool Info
A really nice page of annotated resources and useful advice about curriculum choices, books, and other materials.
Karen Crowther

The Natural Child Project
This site provides a wealth of information on ways to enable children to learn and grow (instead of getting in the way). Several articles are available specifically on education, including:
The Natural Child Project

Homeschooling Zone
This Guided Tour of the Zone will introduce you to the wide variety of information and resources available at this site which includes educational links, support groups, a weekly newsletter, and special sections for challenged and gifted children.

Excellent piece on this topic -- especially useful for those considering this option.
The Cox Family

Questions and Answers About Homeschooling
An excellent overview for those considering homeschooling. The site includes extensive listings of resources, an article by Patrick Farenga, Homeschooling: Creating Alternatives to Education (from the Bulletin of Science, Technology, and Society Studies), as well as Excerpts from Growing Without Schooling, subscription info, links, etc.
John Holt

College Credit By Examination
Earn college credits by passing standardized exams. Study on your own! Save time and money. These credits are accepted by hundreds of regionally accredited colleges and universities throughout the US. Includes links to accredited non-traditional programs and distance learning links.
Professional Development Network

Heather's Homeschooling Page
A listing of some of the unanticipated bonuses of home education is just ONE of the sections on this site which also includes pages on:
Heather Madrone

Terrific resources for developing a unit on student portfolios, or establishing a program utilizing portfolio-based assessment of students or staffcreating your own professional portfolio.
  • Portfolio Sampler
  • Using a portfolio in a Job Search or to obtain College Credits
  • Step-by-step planning guide for setting up a portfolio program
  • Portfolio Creation Tips (including digital portfolio design)
Amby Duncan-Carr / works by Martin Kimeldorf

Homeschooling Information - Testing, Assessment and Evaluation
Articles from one of a series of Home Education Press (HEP) Special Interest Booklets. See other Teaching and Learning topics.
Home Education Magazine

Study Finds Home Schoolers Are Top Achievers on Tests
Lynn Schnaiberg's article includes a synopsis of the findings from Lawrence M. Rudner's study involving 20,760 home-schooled students from 50 states.
Education Week

Home Education in Florida
Find out the requirements for home schooling in Florida; the Sunshine State Standards including Grade Level Expectations, are also available.
Florida Department of Education

ThinkQuest   and   ThinkQuest Junior
ThinkQuest is an international academic competition; students work in teams to produce online teaching and learning tools for use by teachers and students around the world. ThinkQuest Junior is for students in grades 4-6; ThinkQuest is for students aged 12 to 19. Find out about these programs and explore the resources available onsite -- past projects are arranged by category in an easy-to-use archive: Explore. Homeschoolers are welcome.

Grazing the Net: Raising A Generation of Free Range Students
Suggestions of ways to make Internet exploration more meaningful to students, including the relevant types of thinking and learning skills, such as Information Problem-Solving, needed for the successful exploration of cyberspace. Includes specific references.
Jamieson McKenzie

Peduncle Press
Committed to the educational value of quality affordable children's literature, Peduncle Press tailors their books and teaching materials to teachers, home school parents, and other educators, and publishes them in both conventional paper-and-ink and downloadable, Internet-accessible (eBook) forms; many titles are also available in Spanish.
Peduncle Press

Academic Worksheets
Each section features all new weekly worksheets, provided free for teachers and parent-teachers to copy for their kids. Especially suitable for upper elementary and middle school skill levels, as well as enrichment and remediation.
RHL School
Check out this excellent, self-paced, interactive math tutoring program for K-8. Investigate the curriculum and view the samples; you and your child can try out the first five lessons at no cost when you sign up. Intended to supplement, and work in conjuction with, direct parent involvement.

The History Place
Featured Exhibits on a wide variety of of topics; some include slideshows. Site also includes a Homework Help section with tips for conducting research and writing papers.
The History Place

The Internet Science Room
Frontier Public Schools provides this outstanding online resource with the full year's curriculum for each class on this website:
Jim Askew / Frontier Public School District

Kids' Castle
The Smithsonian Magazine presents this outrageously fine resource with games and info on a variety of topics, including:
  • Science
  • Animals
  • Personalities
  • Sports
  • Arts
  • Worldwide
  • History
  • Air & Space
  • Smithsonian Magazine

    .... provides information about his teaching materials and games as well as other resources to enhance creativity and lateral thinking ability. If you are familiar with de Bono's work, you'll find all those wonderful resources described here -- you might even find something NEW!!!! There are also pre-seminar materials at the deBono Institute (finding your way around the site is an interesting lateral thinking puzzle in itself!!).
    Edward deBono


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