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Learning Styles

People of all ages have the potential to learn, with some learning faster than others. This section of the Faculty Development site at Honolulu Community College features links to articles and resources, including:
  • Learning Assumptions of educational philosophy
  • Three Learning Domains
  • Learning Style Inventory
  • Principles of Adult Learners
  • Principles of Adult Learning
  • 30 Things We Know for Sure about Adult Learners
Jerry Cerny / The Faculty Development Committee at Honolulu Community College

Student Learning Styles
One section of the GSU Master Teacher Program which provides an overview of the four dimensions underlying the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), and suggests several teaching approaches that will appeal to different MBTI profiles. Site also includes a Powerpoint presentation for How Students Learn Best and info about the Master Teacher Program.
Harvey J. Brightman, Georgia State University

The Art of Thinking
This paper is based on the book by Allen F. Harrison and Robert M. Bramson. The premise is that the better you understand thinking styles, the better you'll be able to communicate with and influence others. A summary of InQ (Inquiry Mode Questionaire) test results is also available in Excel format.
Alan D. Goodbrand

Sternberg-Wagner Thinking Styles Inventory
This section of Learning to Learn is based on Robert Sternberg's book, Thinking Styles. Note: You must enter your name and a valid email address for the inventory to be scored. Other sections of Learning to Learn, include Assessing your learning style and Learning styles inventories and tests on the Web.
SNOW (Special Needs Opportunity Windows)

Action Learning and Learning to Learn
Learning Styles Questionnaire (and scoring guide) is included as well as ways to understand and make the best use of your learning preferences, develop additional strengths and overcome your blockages.
International Management Centres

Learning Styles
Resources to help pinpoint thinking and learning styles. Includes info on Multiple Intelligences, Learning Differences, as well as quizzes to help you determine Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic preferences, etc.
Family Education Network

Multiple Intelligences
This page provides a fine collection of annotated links to sites with information on the Multiple Intelligences Theory. Also, check out the Super Charged Educational Voyage for valuable information on current educational theory including core curriculum as well as the controversial constructivist learning theory.
Janet Young

Schools Using Multiple Intelligence Theory
This article was written by Mindy Kornhaber, Ed.D., who has been a researcher at Harvard University's Project Zero since 1988, and includes a brief overview of MI as well as information about Project SUMIT (Schools Using Multiple Intelligence Theory), for which she is the Principal Investigator.
Schwab Foundation for Learning

Study Skills

Study Skills
Concise info and suggestions to help you improve your skills in these areas:
Counselling Services University of Waterloo

Becoming A Master Student
A set of PowerPoint Presentations to develop College Success Skills taken from the text, Becoming a Master Student (Updated Eighth Ed.), by Dave Ellis (published by Houghton Mifflin). Includes both Midterm Review and Final Review Questions.
Todd Peterson, M.B.A. / Pacific Union College

Interactive Exercises from Becoming A Master Student
These exercises from David Ellis' book will allow you to explore your strengths and needs as a learner and maximize your potential for success:
Houghton Mifflin Company

Internet Resources for Becoming A Master Student
Chapter-by-chapter listing of links to resources for use with the Becoming A Master Student textbook.
Lake Superior College

Study Guides and Strategies
An outstanding array of topics with succinct advice as well as links to other study guides.
  • Study Preparation
  • Classroom Participation
  • Studying
  • Testing Skills
  • Writing Skills
  • Reading Skills
University of St.Thomas

Learning and Study Skills
A variety of tactics to help ensure success. Includes useful info on:
  • Textbook Reading; Notetaking; Time Management
  • Concentration; Memory Improvement
  • Preparing for and Taking Tests
  • Relaxation Techniques and Stress Reduction
  • Motivation and Goal Setting; Procrastination
Check the section of Popular Handouts for additional resources on studying and taking tests in general or specific subject areas, as well as Making the Grade.
University of Texas at Austin's Learning Skills Center

A logical, step-by-step approach to developing a better memory. Designed for primarily for secondary-level students, these techniques are useful for college students and professionals who want to be able to remember information more efficiently and reliably.
Study Hall

Effective Study Skills
Maximize your performance by learning the best techniques; try the "SQ3R" method to improve reading retention. Includes:
Georgia College & State University

Exams and Testing
This chapter from Brian Krueger's book, College Grad Job Hunter describes the five basic types of tests you may encounter and provides useful tips and strategies.
College Grad Job Hunter


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