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Nurse Aide Self-Assessment
Take this reading test; also provided on this site:
Pennsylvania Department of Health

Rules for forming plurals of medical terms, with examples provided (includes preferred forms and references).
Gina Garrett;   Lima Technical College

Medical Terminology
Complete medical terminolgy course available online; includes assignments, references, and answer keys. If you seek credit, register with WWTC and arrange to take the proctored exams locally.
Tamra Brown / Western Wisconsin Technical College

Comprehensive Medical Terminology: A Competency-Based Approach
Excerpts from Betty Davis Jones' medical terminology textbook. View page shots of various sections; four appendices (in PDF format) of common and frequently used information -- abbreviations, word elements, terms -- have been included for viewing or download. (NOTE: Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader which is available for FREE.)
Delmar Publishers

Medical Transcription Education Center
You can TEST YOUR SKILLS! and try out the Medical Crossword Puzzles. M-TEC provides info about their home study courses, and also includes a categorical listing of links to Informative Web sites.
Medical Transcription Education Center, Inc.™

Active First Aid Online!
This is the Internet version of the official PARASOL EMT First Aid book. Includes sections on basic and advanced first aid as well as Human Anatomy.

EMS Quizzes
These online EMS training resources and are provided to refresh your knowledge or to help study for any upcoming exams. Includes pointers to articles and additional info.
Sue Hunter

Neuroscience for Kids
Fascinating material presented in a clear, user-friendly manner. Great for students, teachers and parents (as well as anyone curious about the workings of the brain); includes a section about Drug Effects on the Nervous System (with an on-line, interactive quiz about amphetamines, cocaine and marijuana).
Eric H. Chudler

Blue Cross and Blue Shield Body Atlas
Explore the awesome features of the human body with labeled diagrams, detailed pictures, and some interesting facts on the functions of your organs. Also provides well-organized collection of specific health-related links.
The Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association

Human Anatomy On-line
Includes Interactive Anatomy and Anatomy Lessons providing over one hundred illustrations of the human body with animations and thousands of descriptive links. Java applets are used to show images and select anatomy parts, so you must be using a java-enabled browser.
Inner Learning On-line

Gross Anatomy LUMEN Learn 'em
These applications are designed to be used for review and self-study. Explore various regions of the body and learn about Arteries, Bones, Muscles, Nerves, etc. This is one section of the LUMEN - Structure of the Human Body Gross Anatomy site
Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine

The NPAC Visible Human Viewer
Using image data from the National Library of Medicine's Visible Human Project, this award-winning Java applet allows you to select and view high-resolution images of 2-dimensional slices of a human body. (See the FAQ if you have difficulty running the applet.)
Northeast Parallel Architectures Center, Syracuse University

The Visible Embryo
This educational site, designed for both medical students and interested lay people, provides comprehensive information on normal and abnormal human development from conception to birth.
Mouse Works (sponsored by The National Institutes of Child Health and Human Development)

Cells Are Us
How we develop from a single pair of cells; an overview from the book by Dr. Fran Balkwill and Mic Rolph (appropriate for children).
Imperial Cancer Research Fund

The Interactive Patient
Marshall University School of Medicine provides "The Interactive Patient" which allows the user to simulate an actual patient encounter. This interactive teaching tool, created for physicians, residents and medical students, offers a case with a chief complaint to the user who then has to interact with the patient requesting additional history, performing a physical exam, and reviewing laboratory data and x-rays. After the workup, the user is encouraged to submit a diagnosis and a treatment plan to the system based on the information obtained. All submitted answers will be evaluated and feedback will be provided. Completing this case successfully provides CME credit (with payment of an administrative fee).
Marshall University School of Medicine

Mortuary Science On-Line Review
You are invited to Try these quizzes... you'll need to write for a password. Topics include Anatomy Review, specific body systems, etc.
Byron Stout;   Cypress College

Genes and Disease
Learn about DNA and how genetic factors contribute to human disease. Search the Map of the Human Genome and explore Human Genome Resources.
National Center for Biotechnology Information; NLM NIH

Medline via the World Wide Web
Info regarding registration (if required) is provided, as well as links to related sites providing search filters and strategies, etc.
Networked Information Services Team

HIV and AIDS Quiz
A set of very well-constructed quizzes on this topic; answers include reference links to additional information.

Virtual Frog Dissection Kit
This interactive program is part of the "Whole Frog" project and allows interactive dissection of a frog, as well as the capability to make on-the-fly movies. A Tutorial is available as well as a Virtual Frog Builder Game to test your knowledge of frog anatomy.

Dictionary of Science and Technology
Look up over 130,000 science terms online using the Academic Press Dictionary of Science and Technology. Search by word or browse by scientific field.
Harcourt and Academic Press

Chemistry Drill
Use the Periodic Table of Elements to help you answer these questions about the Period, Group, Atomic Number, Element Name, Atomic Weight, etc. The Education 4 Kids site has a variety of other resources available online, including practice activities in Language, Social Studies, Math, etc.
Education 4 Kids

Preparation of Solutions
This tutorial provides an introduction to solutions with examples and short quizzes; it was originally designed to help beginning medical technology students prepare solutions for the clinical laboratory.
Kereem M. D. Marlow / College of Allied Health Sciences; UT Memphis

Virtual Chemistry Lab
Are you a closet chemist? Did you always want to mix stuff together to see what would happen? Perhaps you tried and were expelled from class or your chemistry set was locked up so you wouldn't blow up the house.... Now, you can experiment without worry!!
The IrYdium Project at Carnegie Mellon University

An Enzyme Kinetics Tutorial
In biological systems, catalysts (which are required to make chemical reactions occur at rates useful to the cell) are called enzymes. This tutorial provides an overview of enzyme kinetics, --the study of rates-- including what affects these rates and how kinetic parameters are determined.
Robert Metrione Ph.D., Anthony J. Frisby Ph.D., & Matthew J. Watson;   TJU

pH - Acid/Base Tutorial
Learn about Acids, Bases and the pH Scale, as well as Buffers and Titration Curves, etc. This tutorial is intended for those somewhat familiar with basic chemistry.
Allen R. Zeiger, Ph.D.; Thomas Jefferson University  

Periodic Table of the Elements
Interactive table which provides basic information about each of the elements. Javascript-capable browser required (minimum: Netscape 3.0 or MSIE 4.0).
Amby Duncan-Carr

An Interactive Periodic Table of the Elements
Select an individual element for a detailed explanation or show the elements in table form with any single type of info (such as: Name, Number, Mass, Electron Configuration, Number of Neutrons, etc.) Requires Netscape 4 or MSIE 5)
Yinon Bentor

The Pictorial Periodic Table
An incredible array of links and information about the elements and the periodic table. If it exists online, you'll probably find it on this site!!
Chris Heilman

Periodic Table of Elements
Includes information about the elements as well as a Frequently Asked Questions section about the development of the table, itself. Requires 4th generation Javascript-capable browser.
Kostas Tsigaridis

Build A Bridge
Excellent overview of the four basic types of bridges with exploratory activities for reinforcement. After discovering the strengths -- and weaknesses -- of each type of bridge, play the game and see if you can determine which would best in each situation given.

How Stuff Works
Have you ever wondered how the engine in a car works, or what gears do, or what makes the inside of your refrigerator cold? Here are dozens of articles in numerous categories, including:
  • Engines and Motors
  • Electronics; Basic Technologies
  • Computers and the Internet; Digital Technology
  • Food
  • Your Body
How Stuff Works is a production of BYG Publishing   Text-only version

The Why Files
Take a site tour, search the archive, or browse the interesting articles in this collection whcih is designed to explain the science behind the news and convey information in an exciting, accurate and clear manner. Includes:
  • Biology
  • Environmental Science
  • Health
  • Physical Science
University of Wisconsin-Madison Graduate School

Are You Color Blind?
A significant number of people (particularly white males) are color blind. Are YOU one of them? Check these charts to find out quickly and easily.
David M. Long

"Color Vision Testing Made Easy"
This site includes test cards for color vision using shapes (instead of numerals) and can be used as a screening tool with preschoolers.
Dr. Terrace Waggoner

You Can with Beakman and Jax
Includes fascinating info and Interactive Demos You Can do. The Question List includes material on a wide variety of topics of interest to folks of all ages (how many would stump YOU...).
Jok R. Church

The Internet Science Room
Frontier Public Schools provides this outstanding online resource with the full year's curriculum for each class on this website:
Jim Askew / Frontier Public School District

The Diet Problem: An Application of Linear Programming
Check-off the foods you're willing to eat and the program will find the cheapest combination of them meeting a person's daily nutritional requirements. Provides numbers of servings, cost, percentages of nutrients from different sources, etc. in both table and pie chart form.
PLEASE consult your doctor before embarking on any diet -- especially one, for example, including 10 servings of Air-Popped Popcorn!!
Argonne National Laboratory -- Mathematics and Computer Science Division

Food Safety and Nutrition Information
Covers a variety of topics; other resources are also available, including Information for Educators, which provides dietary guidelines, food labeling, and Food Insight articles.
The International Food Information Council Foundation

Statistics and Math Anxiety
Explains measures of Central Tendency, Frequency, Variability, etc. without scaring the reader to death!! See How To Write Tests for even more on item analysis, etc.
Robert Runté, Faculty of Education, University of Lethbridge

Center for Social Research Methods
A wealth of interesting and useful materials, including simulations, a scavenger hunt, test questions, etc., as well as:
William M.K. Trochim

Simple Interactive Statistical Analysis
SISA allows you to do statistical analysis directly on the Internet. Check the user-friendly guides for assistance (or to determine which procedure is appropriate).
SISA / Daan Uitenbroek

Web Pages that Perform Statistical Calculations
Exceptionally well catalogued collection of resources; includes links to interactive websites, and other materials. If it involves statistics, you'll be able to (easily) find it here!
John C. Pezzullo

Introduction to Statistics in Allied Health
Includes prototype course pages and a Sample Interactive Quiz (requires Java-enabled browser).
Craig Johnson

EdPsych: Investigating Statistics
Includes info on measurement: Two Sample Tests: Independent t-test and Dependent t-test with practice materials and interactive exercises; a Statlets Task List is also provided.
Robert L. Hale

A wide variety of statistics resources and information, including sites providing statistical data.

Automotive Learning On-line
Interactive Automotive Lessons are provided for each of the major automotive systems. Java applets are used to show images and select parts, so you must be using a java-enabled browser. Includes thorough descriptions and animations.
Inner Learning On-line

By experimenting, with this powerful, real-time, interactive gravity simulator, you will acquire an intuitive sense of orbital dynamics; choose from pre-programmed scenarios (on the drop-down list) or create your own. And check out Why is the sky dark at night? which includes an overview of heat pumps, etc.
Paul Lutus

Physics/Astronomy Applets
University of Oregon Physics Department presents this series of demonstration applets developed for:
  • Mechanics
  • Astrophysics
  • Thermodynamics
  • Energy and Environment
In addition, the Physics Student Page provides Physics Problems on these topics:
  • Mechanics
  • Thermal Physics
  • Electricity and Magnetism
University of Oregon

Basic overview includes:
  • Basics of Electrostatics
  • Properties of Electricity
The Voltage Circuit Simulator allows you to explore Ohm's Law. This interactive exercise, which consists of modifying a circuit, will help you determine the relationship between voltage (V), amperage (I) and resistance (R). Includes links to other resources.
Virtual Laboratory / University of Oregon

Lights Out!
An interesting problem solving exercise designed to develop a deeper understanding of simple flashlight circuits, their operation, and their limitations, as well as the ability to problem solve and improvise. Site also provides outstanding Electricity and Electronics Resources.
George Watson, University of Delaware

Earth Science Lesson Plans
These lesson plans and activities were designed by NESEN teachers and scientists; they can be printed directly off the web and are "ready to use" in the classroom; topics include: astronomy, geology, mapping, multi-disciplinary, soils, water, and weather/meteorology.
Nebraska Earth Science Educaton Network

The Thinking Fountain
Explore a wellspring of science and art ideas by using this A to Z list of available projects. Access the museum site map for a clear listing of all the online resources.
Science Museum of Minnesota

Science Learning Network Resources
Compilation of resources from all the museums in the Science Learning Network. Includes MANY topics including:
Science Learning Network


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