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Games and puzzles can provide the opportunity to develop and strengthen logical reasoning and analytical thinking skills. I strongly recommend these, but watch out -- they can be addictive! (You may need someone to drag you away from the computer!!!)

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Filler FILLER   (149 K)   Play against a human or computer opponent; change the color of your hexagons and control all neighboring ones of the same color -- Take over the board (if you can)! This SERIOUSLY addictive game was created by Registration is only $5 and includes updates for two years!


Hex-GIF HEX 100   (78 K)   What the Hex?   Place tiles on the board following the simple rules. Twenty increasingly difficult levels. [Note: This program requires CTL3D.DLL] Freeware   (Also available from the author:   -- Amazeing; a 3D player-configurable maze game.)


ISHIDO   (24 K)   A challenging tile game for Windows. A few years ago Doug Mayfield wrote a version of the tile game, Ishido. The source has since been lost, but fortunately this fine little game remains. [Note: There is no on-screen HELP so you'll want to read instruct.txt after UN-zipping the file (unless you already know the rules); use edit to tell your computer to wordwrap, or you'll only see the left-most part of the instructions.] Freeware


WINMIND   (48 K)   MasterMind Game   An excellent version of this classic logic game. Program supports mouse drag and drop; includes 3 different skill levels and on-line help. (ZIP file includes both 16 and 32 bit versions.) CardWare -- send a postcard to the author, Francois Liger.


~~   Maze and Hex are available from   ~~
His site includes other shareware & freeware programs, also.


MAZE   (94 K)   Designs mazes then allows you to walk around "inside" them. You control the size and complexity of the maze as well as your own speed and view . Freeware


HEX   (78 K)   A seemingly simple logic game; connect the points and try not to be first to complete a triangle of your own color. Freeware


LOGIC PUZZLE   (22 K)   A simple puzzle game -- push buttons to toggle pictures on and off. Concentrate, though, because only a few of the buttons are active at any one time. Try to get all the pictures to disappear. Created by who may design other puzzles -- let him know if you enjoy this one!


Brain Jam   (97 K)   Similar to Freecell... but better!! Brain Jam is a highly addictive Windows solitaire card game. All hands are winnable and, since all cards are visible, it's all a matter of logic and strategy. Based on "Baker's Game" described by Martin Gardner in Scientific American in 1968. Featured in Games magazine. Solutions to all the puzzles are available. Freeware


MINES   (19 K)   Travel diagonally from one corner to the other in this Minefield Game-- you don't have to race the clock or find all the mines. (I like this game better than the one that comes with Windows!) Created by Ian Heath. Freeware


PENTOPUZZLE   (80 K)   Test your spatial perception and mathematical problem-solving ability: Fill a rectangle with pentominoes. Clear instructions to drag & drop, mirror; or rotate pieces. Options to save or load partially solved puzzles; check whether a solution exists from a given configuration -- but save it first -- the computer will show you the solution, if there is one. No charge; send a postcard to the author:


SAME GAME   (76 K)   Excellent for developing spatial perception and logical reasoning and planning skills. Try to get as many points as possible by manipulating rows and columns of blocks. Easy to play but provides a long-term challenge: The more connected blocks you manage to assemble, the higher your score.   [NOTE: The formula used is actually: n + (n - 2)^2]   Translated by who has translated other games which are available at the ISOFT site (follow the link to Game and other fun).   Freeware

  • WinSite has the ZIP file:
  • ISOFT's site has SAME.LZH plus other games and programs  
    [NOTE: Download the LHA decompression utility from the site, also, to melt the .lzh files]:


    SHERLOCK   (125 K)   Visual clues are provided so that you can determine the placement of pieces on a six-by-six grid. Sherlock is a terrific analytical reasoning game by (His other games are also available at the site -- including Sherlock II: Dinner With Moriarty and Descartes Enigma.)   Shareware: Well worth the registration fee!


    Mind Challengers and Puzzles
    A searchable listing of computer puzzles and games which includes descriptions and screen shots.


    A deceptively simple chess variant that can be played by 2-4 individuals at one time. Instructions, which may be printed out, copied and distributed, are provided.
    Bill Bultas


    NVision Design Arcade Page
    Home of Good Willie Hunting -- download (FREE) or play online!! Help Willie whack out the troubles in his life. This game is great for some quick, challenging FUN (....and is not intended to be disrespectful....).
    Okay, it's not really designed to stretch your grey matter, but it IS good for eye-hand coordination and mouse dexterity (plus it's FUN!!).
    NVision Design, Inc.


    Here is an assortment of fiendish games for you and your brain to play!!
    Amby Duncan-Carr


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