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Go Ghoti

How (and why) the directory got its name...

I'd spent several days trying to come up with the perfect name (or even a good one) for the directory into which I'd move all the great thinking and learning resources previously housed on the "original" sites. I wanted a name for the section that wasn't TOO specific due to the wide variety of resources collected here to enhance logical thinking and analytical reasoning skills.

After racking my brain and discarding umpteen possibilities, I began to despair at ever finding the perfect name and was almost ready to just pick anything so I could finish the directory structure.

Then, near the end of an extra long day the name came to me... but, of course, the spelling eluded me. Fortunately, my friend Bernadette helped save my sanity by sending both the correct spelling and the proper phonetic key to the pronunciation of...
    "gh" as in "laugh" or "tough"
    "o" as in "women"
    "ti" as in "-tion" (action)

My thanks to Grahame Elder for pointing out that it was Irish-born British playwright, George Bernard Shaw, founder of the Fabian Society, who first coined the term ghoti. Rationale: showing off his his literary prowess and demonstrating how ridiculous the English language can be.

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go ghoti!

Go Ghoti!
Brain Games & Thinking Skill Enhancers
Now that you know about the name,

....Go Ghoti!
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