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Play Free Games and Win Great Prizes at
This thoroughly addictive site has something for everyone: trivia games, brain-busters and a variety of traditional casino-style games for adults, as well as a section for kids age 9 and up. Register for free, then play games, enter contests, and win cash or prizes, all at absolutely no cost!!

Same Game
Excellent for developing spatial perception and logical reasoning and planning skills. Try to get as many points as possible by manipulating rows and columns of blocks. Easy to play but also provides a long-term challenge: The more connected blocks you manage to assemble, the higher your score.
Come Play

Here's an online version of the Same Game with the option to set the level of difficulty: Easy, Normal, or Difficult. Various other online games are also available.
Bill's Games

This Java applet is described as an addictive game built to help you pass your time on the web. It's seductively simple -- make sure that there is someone available to pry your fingers away from your mouse!! Also available: AMazeGame Progressive -- A new more challenging version of AMazeGame -- each time you win you will be presented with an increasingly difficult maze!!
Richard Paymer

Solve this puzzle by turning on all 25 lights. Watch out, though, it's trickier than it looks!! Java puzzle author: Yasunari Hiramatsu
Amby's Online Games

Online Puzzles - Scrambler
Try out this outstanding java puzzle. Select a picture and take a good look; when you think you have it "in mind", choose a level of difficulty and click Scramble; then see how quickly you can reassemble the original picture by clicking to swap the pieces. The timer will keep track of the elapsed time. Good luck and have fun with this great puzzle game!!
Education by Design

Java Games & Puzzles Gallery
More than a dozen games and puzzles to play online!! The index includes a brief description of each; instructions for play are conveniently provided onscreen. Watch out!! These are addictive!!
Michael Curl Internet Publishing

Online Battleship Solitaire
Try out this "hard" version of the game which is available with the software program. Locate the hidden ships in the grid using the numbers around the grid as clues to their location (requires Netscape 4+). Online Crossword and Word Search puzzles are available; you also invited to download software and Free Puzzles.

Try out this multi-level solitaire game which uses eggs (with points) instead of marbles or pegs. Move enough eggs to get to the next level of this addictive strategy game... see if YOU can make it to the Top 100 list!! Other distinctive games are available, like Magic Cups -- How good is YOUR concentration?
GameGate - Euro-Partners New Media

Number Maze
Nice, interactive puzzle with rules and a reset button (just in case...); the Changing-Rule Number Maze and the No-U-Turn Number Maze provide progressively more difficult challenges [Requires Javascript]. A variety of OTHER PUZZLES, as well as info about walk-through mazes, is also available.
Robert Abbott

Tilt Mazes
Guide the ball by "tilting" the flat tray in these progressively more difficult challenges (don't worry, you can easily restart the maze). Numerous OTHER Java Mazes and Puzzles are also available. [Requires a Java-enabled browser.]
Andrea Gilbert

Pass the Pigs
Unfortunately, Hasbro has forced Gary Kramer to remove the game from this site. You can find out more about this short-sighted decision and let them know how disappointed you are.
Gary Kramer

Del Rey Author Memory Game
Challenging Java applet!! Level One is the "standard" match game format (click two tiles; if your second choice doesn't match the first, both will turn back over again; but if they match, they'll stay "author-side up."). After you complete Level One click on Who are these people? to advance to the next section. The second level requires matching the author's picture with the book title (luckily you can return to the list using the back button on your browser). After you play the game and meet the authors, check out the Sample Chapters from their books.
Del Ray Books

Try out this Othello game!!
Play HtmlOthello, the first fast-loading HTML-only boardgame on the Web! It's fast, friendly, and never crashes.   Yes, this game is setup to play now -- click on any legal square. You are playing with the black & white Yin-Yang pieces: your game pieces   Choose any legal square to capture the red chips (the cursor will appear as a hand); then red moves and the game is on!   Check the Rules of Othello.     Good luck and have fun!!
© 1997-98 Streetmedia
New Game - Click Here

TIC TAC TOE: An Internet Game
HTML-based Tic-Tac-Toe game (does not require Java). Select a square by number (top-left is "1"). Other games are available, too.
MnetWeb Services.  

In Quest of the Platinum Piggy In Quest of the Platinum Piggy
In this Great Adventure you will to try to locate and rescue the priceless piggy. You'll need all your magical powers, luck and cunning, as you travel through Pigsylvania. Don't worry, though, if you get stuck, you'll be able to try again.
H. Roll

The Neverending Tale
For kids and kids-at-heart. A choose-your-own-adventure story with a twist: You can add your own path to the story!! Several different stories to jump into. Site includes very clear instructions and a test story so you can get the hang of adding to the tale.
Prescient Code Solutions

The Unending Addventure
A hyperlinked "make your own adventure" site.
Allen S. Firstenberg

Explore The Sights and Sites of DragonMud, a text-based virtual reality Multi-User Domain -- the oldest of it's kind and a fine place to visit!! Set in TinyLondon, an early 1800's walled city, you're free to sign in and roam about this largely citizen-constructed realm.

Mysterious Rabbit!
A truly perplexing puzzle -- can YOU solve it?
The San Juan County Criminal Justice Training Authority

Virtual Maze
Takes awhile to load (open another web browser and work on something else for a few minutes, or get up for a break). Use the cursor keys to move through the maze!
Nicolae Savoiu

Maze Generator
Want to print a maze? Specify the size and level of complexity; you can even select one of the amazing Maze Drawings (like a dog, bike, circle, etc.). Other games and brain teasers are available on this site.
Bill's Games

Adobe Puzzle
Each week the Adobe(R) Puzzle takes you on a new visual journey. The puzzles are intended to stimulate your visual imagination, teach you a bit about how to use type and clip art, and introduce you to the wealth of visual treasures on the Adobe Web site.
Scott Kim, Adobe Puzzle Master

Mine Find
Online Minesweeper. Can you locate and mark all the mines on the board without detonating any?
Fat Cat Brain Games

Triple Quintzee
This Java Applet is an outstanding game based on Milton Bradley's Yahtzee. Play online and (if you register) see if you can get on the High Score List. Instructions and scoring tips are also provided.
Aaron Fuegi

Simplified Blackjack
Try out this one-player Dynamic HTML card game (requires 4.0 browser). It's you vs. the dealer with a single deck; sorry you can't split, double down, or buy insurance, but you won't ACTUALLY go bankrupt, either. Read about the game or jump into it directly and Play "21".
J. David Eisenberg

Play Kalah online with this Java applet; choose a level and see if you can beat the computer!! Instructions are provided and the source code is also available.
Rene Grothmann

This well-constructed Java applet implements several variations of the basic game; the different versions available are clearly described. Play against the computer or another person (or choose automated strategies and watch the computer play against itself).
Roger E. Critchlow, Jr.

An interesting and challenging word game; select letters in this Hangman-style Java game by clicking on them with the mouse, or typing on the keyboard. There are five games per match and your score will be tabulated based on the elapsed time and the number of letters used (scoring info provided).
Samizdat Productions

Teilhard 4 Kids -- GAMES
An interesting assortment of online games, including:
John McKendrick

all mixed up
A collection of classic online games. Challenging, fun and suitable for kids of all ages. Includes:
Andrew Wilson

Floating Point Java Applets
A fine collection with many fine (and addictive) games and pattern generators; including:
F. Permadi

Black Box
This ray tracing puzzle game was modeled after the Parker Brothers game. You try to determine where the marbles have been placed by observing whether your rays are reflected,absorbed, or deflected. Very clear instructions and illustrations are included.
Andrew Wild

Macromedia ShockRave Puzzles & Games
Check out this challenging assortment of brain-teasers, mind-benders and word-scramblers; includes:
Macromedia ShockRave

Pixelwings GameCenter
An assortment of nifty online games -- you'll need Shockwave and at least Netscape 2.x. Check out the traditional Memory Game or see if you can arrange the marbles into four rows in the perplexing NetBrian - the brain twister! Once you solve that one, try 7x7 - an even MORE wicked brain teaser. Several arcade-style games (including a slot machine) are also available; instructions are available for some... but not all.

LockOn Games
A variety of great Java-based computer games are provided here. The collection includes:

NVision Design Arcade Page
Home of Good Willie Hunting -- download or play online!! Help Willie whack out the troubles in his life. This game is great for some quick, challenging FUN (....and is not intended to be disrespectful....). Great for eye-hand co-ordination and mouse skills!!
NVision Design, Inc.

This site provides an environment where you can play games and chat with other players around the world. The initial game on the site is OTHELLO also known as Reversi. You may download the software and play for free during the initial 30 day evaluation period.
Alexander Vikulin (creator of Filler) and Fedor Bokov.

TRIVIAL Waste of Time!
Hundreds of questions (with the answers "hyperlinked") -- select one of the random sets or choose by topic. Have fun while finding out how much you (don't) know!!
Steve Spanoudis

Brain Search Trivia
That odor may be your brain cells frying... but at least they'll tell you if your answers are correct!! The questions are presented in multiple-choice form -- so you do have a chance...
Fat Cat Brain Games

I Spy "A simple game for Parents. Child supervision recommended."
To play, ask your child to find something in one of the pictures. A sample list of things to look for in each of the pictures is available. The game is primarily for children ages 3-10 (and their parents); it provides an excellent, creative opportunity for inter-generational play!
Steve Spanoudis

Art Game
Test your ability to recognize art styles; designed for all ages. Provides representative works and info about the artists.
ArtNet Italia

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