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Personality Test
Take this short test: Select the shape your prefer to determine your personality type.
Ulla Zang, graphic designer

Personality Online
Provides online tests as well as information and other resources. Includes:
  • The Enneagram
  • The Colour Test
  • Keirsey Temperament Test
  • Maykorner Test
  • Personality Profile
  • The Love Test
Personality Online

Enneagram Personality Types
The Enneagram of Personality or (pronounced EN-EE-A-GRAM) is about people -- their similarities and their differences; it is used to improve communication and relationships, and to lessen misunderstandings. The IEA provides a description of each of the nine personality types, including both beneficial and challenging traits for each, as well as other info.
International Enneagram Association

The Keirsey Character Sorter
The Keirsey Temperament Sorter II
.... is designed to identify different kinds of personality. Similar to the Myers-Briggs and other tests based on Jung's Psychological Type Theory. Very nicely put together form with good resources.
David Mark Keirsey

Psychological Type Profiles
After you determine your "type" check this site for in-depth profiles of each of the sixteen psychological types; also includes a Functional Analysis which gives more background info and helps explain Jung's theories.
Joe Butt

Personal Style Indicator/Job Style Indicator Job-Fit Assessment
The folks at believe that "The unexamined work life is not worth living." These free, anonymous, self-assessments will help you assess your personal style, etc.; you ask others to provide input, also.

Personality Tests
An assortment of online personality assessments (some serious, others amusing); Other Types of Tests, such as Career, Relationships, Health, etc. are also available

The Mating Game: Know Your Mate Quick Personality Inventory
This ``quickie'' test has been engineered to help you figure out your mate's type (or your own). The inventory takes only a couple of minutes to complete, is self-scoring and consists of these four parts:
  • introversion/extraversion,
  • sensing/intuition,
  • thinking/feeling, and
  • perception/judging
S.H.E. Enterprises

VALS-Type Yourself Questionaire
Use this interactive site to determine your Values and Lifestyles (VALS) type by submitting your answers, which will then classify you and provide info about the eight lifestyle groups; other assessments are also available online.   [NOTE: Read the FAQ for more info]
SRI Consulting

The DDLI Page
The "Duniho and Duniho Life Pattern Indicator" (DDLI) is a computer program which measures the same 16 psychological types as the Keirsey-Bates Temperament Sorter and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. This site provides extensive info and links to the software:
  • Life Patterns Theory
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Who to Contact
  • Where to get the DDLI
Fergus Duniho

The Platinum Rule - Personality Style Quiz
Want to figure out personality style: your own, or that of family, friends, and business associates? Dr. Tony Alessandra's The Platinum Rule helps you identify the Behavioral Style (Director, Relater, Socializer, or Thinker) utilizing an 18 question forced-choice survey, then provides results and insight into the ways you (or any associate) view relationships, thus enabling you to learn ways to communicate and interact more effectively with others.
Dr. Tony Alessandra

Color Preference Test
What can your choice of colors reveal about your personality? Download and try out this shareware test (26 K).
Terry Wilkins

Free, Fast, Fun Intelligence Test
Try this test from The Self Discovery Workshop to provide an independent observation of one's probable academic potential. Site provides info about IQ scores and the history of this intelligence test. They also have a searchable Self-Help Database.
The Self Discovery Workshop

European IQ-test
Measures intelligence quotient up to 174. Easy to use online form; provides score and correct answers. NOTE: Allow a maximum of 20 minutes.
Klára Jiĝinová

Majon's IQ Test Section
A variety of "IQ" tests in multiple choice format scored instantly online. Please note that the IQ score calculated on these tests is based on the scores of others who've taken the test; while avarage scores and standard deviations are stated, there is no info provided regarding the norming (if any) of the test (correct answers are NOT included.)
Majon International

The BrainTainment Center
Provides a variety of resources and provides a money-back offer on their THINKfast software. You'd really need to spend some time at their site to fully explore their materials. To give you an idea, these self-assessments are in their IQ TESTING SECTION:
The BrainTainment Center

IQ Test
Curious about yourself? Download and try out this reasonably accurate shareware (30 K) which consists of 50 items in an easy-to-use format. The computer keeps track of your time (30 minute limit) so you can concentrate on answering the questions.
Terry Wilkins

Rozie's IQ Tests
Some interesting IQ Tests (including statistics) as well as links to puzzles, games, and other brain food!!

Intelligence Tests, High IQ Societies, Puzzles & Games
The questions are provided on-line. If you want scores, you must mail your answers to the author... (information regarding the cost, if any, is included). Many other interesting tidbits are available on this site, as well...
Bill Bultas

Test your IQ, personality or entrepreneurial skills on the Web
Includes an extensive collection of Traditional IQ Tests; use the "Explanation of Symbols" to determine which tests are:
  • Form based;
  • Paper and pencil;
  • Downloadable.
2H i Helenelund

Majon's Online IQ Test
A selection of IQ tests with on-line scoring and feedback.

Virtual Knowledge on-line Test Center
Try this set of FREE online tests; includes both an IQ Test and EQ Test, as well as measures of Creativity, Personality, Political IQ, Love & Relationships.
Virtual Knowledge, Inc.

Check the info on the topic at E-IQ Introduction and find out why emotional intelligence gives you a competitive edge.
Special to Utne Reader -- Daniel Goleman, PhD

Emotional IQ Test
This test will evaluate several aspects of your emotional intelligence and also suggest ways to improve it.
Cyberia Shrink (Ilona Jerabek)

What's Your EQ?
Take this online test of emotional intelligence.
Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Body-Mind QueenDom's Test Collection
An AWESOME collection of on-line resources in a dozen different categories, including:
  • Intelligence
  • Mind Benders and Brain Exercises
  • Personality Tests
  • Mental and Emotional Health Assessment
.... and that's just one section of the website!
Ilona Jerabek

Hot Rod Your Head
This site includes "Winsights" by Dr. Win Wenger. Improve your thinking skills in Brain Boot Camp; try some Brain Benders; sample a variety of personality and intelligence tests.
Bodhi Tree

Test Your Knowledge
A collection of quizzes about alcohol and substance abuse, etc., including:
  • How Much Do You Know About Fetal Alcohol Syndrome?
  • Workplace Substance Abuse
  • Test Your Knowledge on Drugs and Society


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