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This puzzle looked easy when I first saw it in the newsletter from Everett Kaser.   Don't be fooled -- it takes some careful thought if you follow the instructions correctly!

For a tutorial walk-through, or additional puzzles (of varying degrees of difficulty), visit Everett Kaser's page devoted to Latin Square Puzzles

Here's a type of puzzle I saw recently, and quickly wrote a little program for creating them.

Everett Kaser's puzzle
The block shown is comprised of six sub-blocks (outlined by heavier lines), and each sub-block is comprised of six squares.

Place the six letters A-F into the squares such that each row, column, and sub-block contains each of the letters A-F.

Six of the letters have already been placed for you.

There is only one possible solution, which you can deduce with no guessing.

Who knows?     Maybe some day I'll turn this into a computer game...

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