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Train or Strain Your Brain
.... with this collection of links to a variety of IQ tests, puzzles and personality assessments.
Amby Duncan-Carr

Logic Puzzle Page
Individuals may download, print, and make copies of these puzzles for their own personal use.
Jill Clifford

Logic Puzzles...Strain ze Brain
Research on logic puzzles with annotated links and other resources.
LeAnn Spradling

The Logic Problems Page
Hot on the Trail of ... Logic Problems! All about logic problems including how to construct and solve them.
William T. Pelletier

Mohan's Quiz Archive
An assortment of logic games (as well as quizzes on a variety of topics), includes:
Mohan Iyer

Brain Teasers
Try the sample brain teaser to the right, then go to Bill's Games and try the rest!! Dozens of wicked puzzles await you, but don't worry; the answers are provided. And if your brain gets tired, there are a variety of other goodies available, too.
Bill's Games
Eye E
See Except

How About Some Fun?
This puzzle looked easy when I first saw it in the newsletter from Everett Kaser. Don't be fooled -- it takes some careful thought if you follow the instructions correctly!
Amby Duncan-Carr / Everett Kaser

logo logo Gamepuzzles
logo Here is a breath-taking look at the beautiful product line of original tiling sets and strategy games from Kadon, whose specialty is the development of "combinatorial" geometric sets.
Kadon Enterprises, Inc.

Enchanted Mind
These puzzles combine humor, inspiration and fun to teach creativity. Develop your natural creative talent by enhancing lateral thinking skills as well as your ability to utilize inspiration and insight.
Enchanted Mind

Prepare to be perplexed!! This is billed as "the best and toughest LOGIC PUZZLE ever conceived!!!" Good luck...
Ron Santa

Brain Teasers
The Houghton Mifflin Company provides Brain Teasers for different age groups and an article briefly describing how brain teasers and puzzles relate to math and how solving puzzles helps develop mathematical awareness as well as logical reasoning and analytical thinking skills.
The Houghton Mifflin Company

Think & Derive
Chris Long's monthly (not entirely) mathematical puzzle column for Central New Jersey Mensa's Forvm. Puzzle difficulty ranges from reasonably easy to fiendishly difficult. Answers are provided. Also available: The Puzzle Corner -- puzzle columns that have appeared in the Prometheus publication Gift of Fire.
Chris Long

National Puzzlers' League
If wordplay delights you...palindromes, cryptograms, crossword-type puzzles, cryptic crosswords, anagrams, poetry writing...visit this site! The World's Oldest Puzzlers' Organization provides representative samples from The ENIGMA, helpful articles about solving and composing puzzles, membership info, and links to other puzzle-related organizations.
National Puzzlers' League

The AIMS Puzzle Corner
.... offers a new puzzle each month. A nifty twist: To gain admission to the Solutions Archive you must answer a mathematical question (and promise not to spill the beans regarding the puzzle answers)!
AIMS Education Foundation

rec.puzzles archive
.... is a list of puzzles, each with a (supposedly) definitive solution, cataloged by subject area.
edited by Arlet Ottens

This site has a few interesting puzzles to try and a couple links to other puzzle places.
Sound Logic

Clever Games for Clever People
John Conway uses games to demonstrate the theories of transfinite numbers. Play these games and try to win. As you play, you will be developing tools for understanding numbers. These games are taken from his book: On Numbers and Games.
Nancy Casey

Mathematics Problem Solving Task Centres
Designed to assist teachers and students in problem solving, this site contains general information, reference materials, discussion list subscription info and some terrific puzzles from the Curriculum Corporation.
PSTC site is maintained by Andrew Wain

Mind Games
Several interesting puzzles and logical thinking games.
Jordan Schwartz

Mind Numbing Puzzles
Fortunately the answers are provided for these deviously tricky brain teasers -- but don't peak until your brain really IS numb!! Many other goodies are available on this site, including your chance to play free Trivia & Word Games for PRIZES!!
William F. Bultas

The Unending Addventure
A hyperlinked "make your own adventure" site.
Allen S. Firstenberg

Games and Puzzles
This section of the Web of Wonders (a site designed for all ages) includes a weekly logic "brain teaser", word puzzles, and an on-going story to which you may add.
Steven Younis

Vocabulary University
At first glance these puzzles appeared to be too easy -- WRONG!! Have fun with this fiendish little gems!!
Vocabulary University

Crime Scene Evidence File
The public is invited to participate in the current investigation by asking questions, offering observations and providing leads. Updated weekly. Most appropriate for adults or other mature individuals. [NOTE: If you are concerned about info from active crime investigations being posted on the 'net, please go to the Reality Check provided by the Yoknapatawpha County Law Enforcement Division.]
Crime Scene

Solve the Mystery of the Confederate Bones.
Also available from Crime Scene Productions:   Check out this less-gruesome mystery and help the Kudzu Kids solve the case; examine the evidence and send in your tips, theories and questions.
Crime Scene Productions

THE CASE LOGO The Case: "The fun and challenging mystery website"
.... is the premiere mystery website on the Internet. It provides three FREE high quality mysteries weekly including a "Twist" surprise ending, a "Solve-it" mini-mystery, and a "Mysterious Photo" mystery. The Solve-it and Mysterious Photo mysteries both include a weekly contest with prizes.

An assortment of tests for fun, including: Perception, Trivia, IQ, Creative Thinking or Math. Answers are included in a separate section. These will definitely make you think!

TRIVIAL Waste of Time
Question and answer games are good for building guessing skills, and promoting what we used to refer to as 'tangential' thinking. Trivial Waste of Time provides hundreds of questions (with the answers "hyperlinked") -- select one of the random sets or choose by topic.
Steve Spanoudis

FunTrivia: Archive of Fun Facts and Trivia
Explore the web's largest collection of fun facts and trivia. You are invited to contribute entertaining facts and knowledge, sign up to receive 'Best of Fun Facts' via email every week, or search the site for fun trivia about:
Terry Ford

.... provides information about his teaching materials and games as well as other resources to enhance creativity and lateral thinking ability. If you are familiar with de Bono's work, you'll find all those wonderful resources described here -- you might even find something NEW!!!! There are also pre-seminar materials at the deBono Institute (finding your way around the site is an interesting lateral thinking puzzle in itself!!).
Edward deBono


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