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Portfolio LibraryPortfolios for Learning and Working

Schools are asking students to use portfolios and many job seekers are looking beyond resumes and Internet postings to showcase their job skills and experience. Schools want students to collect samples of their learning and reflect on their goals. Job seekers are using portfolios in interviews and those employed are taking their portfolios in to the performance evaluation. Read this section if you want to learn more about portfolios from one of America's leading authors on the subject. The section includes portfolio samplers.

Kimeldorf's Bike Library Index Bike Notebook and Bike-A-Demics

Do you want to feel more secure on your bike? The Bike Notebook is written for novices and takes you through all the steps including: safety, tire repair, chain maintenance, adjusting seats for comfort and all basic maintenance tasks. Written in an easy-to-follow style and employing over 200 drawings, you'll learn how to ride better and get more out of your machine. If you want to incorporate the study of bikes into your classroom or recreation program then Bike-A-Demics is the companion book for you. In both cases you can download most of the book for free and purchase the last part only if you like what you read. Can't lose. Your fee is split between the author and local bike clubs.

Intergenerational ProgrammingIntergenerational Programming

As the population ages it means new generation gaps and new opportunities. Learn how you can create a program of aging awareness as you link young people with older adults. The Grandfriend Project is written both for educators and for staff members working in care centers and nursing homes. The author of the Grandfriend Project has received permission from the publisher to upload selected parts to help people get the ball started in their own home towns.

Other Works Available

In addition to his books, Kimeldorf is making selected essays and previously unpublished works available on this web site. In addition to the extensive collections above, two essays are available online. The first is an award winning essay, first published in America; then later, internationally, by an Australian publisher:
Work, Education, and the Quality of Life: Reconsidering Some Twentieth Century Myths is about the myths surrounding the high tech promise versus the low tech reality.
The other piece is a speculative essay about the crossover between science, religion, and metaphysics:
THE WORD: DOG is an essay about scientific and spiritual observations touching on reincarnation, psychic phenomenon, physics, and genetics.

Books and Essays by Martin Kimeldorf

For the latest listing of Kimeldorf's writings, including essays and play scripts, check the bibliographywhich includes specific information and cover shots of the books, as well as ordering information.

About the Author, Martin Kimeldorf

Martin Kimeldorf has written over 25 titles on the subjects of career education, job seeking, portfolios, leisure wellness, community service, journal writing, biking and bike education, and intergenerational programming. To learn more about this crazy Pacific Northwest teacher-author, read his autobiography.

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