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Autobiography of Martin Kimeldorf


My last four books broke some new ground. In 1994 I penned the first commercially available workbook on student portfolios, Creating Portfolios For Success in School, Work, and Life. Also, in 1994 I authored Serious Play, A Leisure Wellness Guidebook. Then in 1997 a book was released about using portfolios for adults seeking work, promotions, or credit for prior learning; it is called Portfolio Power. Finally, a new work, The Grandfriends Project, will be released in 1999 or early 2000. It is about kids visiting nursing homes and covers related career education, aging awareness, and community service; both a student workbook and instructor's guide will be available.

I am a west-coaster (having lived and worked in all three west coast states) with a few short stints in the Big Apple's Village, New Jersey, and Minnesota. During that time I developed my interests in the arts and technology, work and play.

Over the last 25 years I've been involved in education as an instructor, consultant, and author. I've worked in prisons, universities, and public high schools. During the same time I've created over 25 titles related to careers and job seeking, creative writing, leisure wellness, portfolios, and community service. While most of my titles are for educational publishers, I have also written articles and trade books for adults.

I am most proud of the following accomplishments:
  • Awards for playwriting about unemployment, futurism, and disabilities.
  • Awards for teaching.
  • An international award for a paper about the High Tech Fad and Low Tech Reality.
  • Two trade books honored with introductions by leaders in the career field of (Dick Bolles and Joyce Lain Kennedy)
  • Creation of one of the first commercially available books on "job clubs" for kids as well as a book about educator's looking for work.
  • Essays about spirituality and science, portfolios, and modern myths have been posted at various web sites and "zines."
  • Two exhibits of my primitive paintings.
  • A solo tape serenading my dog with a blues harp (not available at any store).

    My last few manuscripts include:
    a cookbook:
      A BAD BOY'S COOKBOOK, comfort foods for your mind, palette, and heart
    a book about reflection and creativity:
      Authoring Your Days In Journals and Personal Portfolios
    A collection of short stories and essays:
      Camping on the Edge
    A bike book:
      Bike Notebook (a how-to safety, riding technique, and repair book for novices)

    View the BIBLIOGRAPHY for a descriptive listing of my publications.

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