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Arron's Bike Portfolio Sample

How can you hook kids with portfolios?

Show them quality examples on topics that appeal to them. Arron's sample bike portfolio fits the bill.

I believe that a sample about bicycles will have great appeal for students in secondary education (middle school through high school). It so happens that Arron's portfolio also can be used as a job search portfolio, and as such it can be a model for job seekers of any age.

Here are Arron's words:

A portfolio takes time and effort and the only difficulty is the emotional part.   I mean you have to come to grips with who you are as a person.   Like, you have to consider your mental and physical abilities.   And then you have to think about jobs that match.   I think it was really fun and I got to learn a lot about myself in the process.   My portfolio experience has taught me to look further into myself.   I now see that I have more opportunities than I first realized.

The following bike portfolio sample comes from Bike-A-Demics. This book is about integrating the subject of bikes into educational systems.

If you would like additional information about this portfolio bike sample, or if you would like to secure permission to use this sample portfolio in your classroom, please contact the author, Martin Kimeldorf, at

For more information about Arron's Bike Portfolio Sample, or for permission to use it in your classroom, contact the author, Martin Kimeldorf, at

  This is an excerpt from:
  An instructor's guidebook for bike education  

Step back and look at your box of life and describe the ingredients.

I guarantee that this reflective exercise will change you.

This transformation takes place every time we attempt to write a resume, start a personal journal, or compile a portfolio. I can testify to this observation personally. I have watched the magic flicker across my students' and colleagues' faces many times. As they fill the pages they fill themselves with newfound grace and confidence. They know more about who they are and where they are going.

Arron Kaylor was a good kid, though he didn't start the school year with much enthusiasm. School had not found a very welcome place in his heart. He struggled with reading and writing. But he was a genius with tools, truly mechanically gifted. When he arrived in our work-based learning program he found his niche. This came out in the portfolio he constructed, which expressed his love of bikes.

Without his help we probably would not have been able to start a bike club in the first year of a brand new, experimental program. He became the club leader and spent several weekends teaching me bike repair tricks he had taught himself. Together we whipped six donated bikes into riding-shape.

One of his transforming experiences in our class centered around the creation of a personal portfolio over a 14 week period. This was certainly one of the most ambitious school projects he had ever undertaken or completed. Arron was justifiably proud of his bike portfolio. Eventually, he took his portfolio to to have it evaluated by an employer. Career experts call this process is called an "informational interview". One of the more respected bike shop owners in town commented, "I wished the college students who apply could see this portfolio." Arron was eventually invited to a trial employment period. This was no small achievement given the fact that he lives in a small community with three college campuses, three bikes shops, two bike clubs and a lot of people wanting to work in bike shops!

Today the word “portfolio” has entered the dialogue on school reform and re- structuring. Educators have demonstrated that students become better learners when they collect their work and then reflect on it’s value and their educational efforts. If you would like to know more about portfolios I have written two books on the subject. One is for students and the other is for adults.

My entire collection of portfolio articles and samples as well as a variety of other essays, including Biking Through Ages and Stages (also from Bike-A-Demics), are now available in the Kimeldorf Library.

Martin Kimeldorf    

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