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Over the years, Martin Kimeldorf has been involved in education as an instructor, consultant and author. He has worked in prisons, universities and public high schools. During this time, he has created over 25 titles related to careers and job seeking, creative writing, leisure wellness, portfolios, comunity service, cooking and cycling.

Martin Kimeldorf's books tend to break new ground. His book Serious Play, a leisure wellness guidebook has been widely acclaimed and includes a preface by career guru Richard Bolles author of What Color is Your Parachute?. The newly updated and shortened version of Serious Play is now available in electronic format as well as the standard print edition.

Many of the author's materials are freely available online and are included in The Kimeldorf Library. This Bibliography also provides access and ordering information for his numerous other works. Please note:   Graphics are included for many of books; these thumbnails link to larger versions of the cover art.

When a link to appears next to a book, that title may be purchased online as an electronic book in PDF format from Publishing Online.   [NOTE:   Links there will open in a new window.]

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Table of Contents

G. DRAMA (Theater, Plays)


PORTFOLIO POWER,   The New Way To Showcase All Your Job Skills and Experiences.
With a foreword by Joyce Lain Kennedy.

This book shows the many different ways portfolios can be used in a professional life. Portfolio Power illustrates using a portfolio for a variety of purposes, including:
  • Making career decisions
  • Applying for college and credits
  • Securing financial backing
  • Transitioning from military to civilian employment
  • Assisting with sales and marketing
  • Demonstrating your value at an interview
  • Proving your contributions during employee evaluations
  • Using virtual portfolios for online job searches
Portfolio Power
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Numerous examples are included from the author's 20 year experience in making and using portfolios. Samples from all over the world illustrate how job seekers, schools, career counselors and experts are using portfolios to give them the advantage in a tight labor market. Principles of good design illustrate how to make an effective and eye-appealing presentation. People also interested in electronic and multi-media portfolios will find useful tips and suggestions.
Available as an e-Book or Print-on-Demand hard copy.  
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Career Portfolio Sampler

This book contains sample portfolios from four different personalities: a teacher in education, a college student graduating in law and justice, an individual seeking supported employment, and a high school student looking for his first job in the bicycle trade. The first half of the book contains useful background and tips for designing your own career portfolio. The second part contains sample portfolios which can help spark your own creative portfolio juices. 65+ pages. This book makes an excellent companion piece to the more comprehensive work Portfolio Power (also by Kimeldorf). Available over the Internet at Publishing Online ( Career Portfolio Sampler
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Available as an Electronic Book...
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Portfolio Sampler

Martin Kimeldorf's Portfolio Sampler illustrates the wide range of work samples and artifacts that can be included in today's career portfolio.
Available in both PDF and HTML formats ~~ FREE ~~ ONLINE.

Creating Portfolios for Success in School, Work, and Life

This workbook guides students in the production of a portfolio to help meet the requirements for a class assignment, culminating project, or graduation. The author of this student-centered book combines his previous expertise in helping students identify their interests and talents in careers, leisure, learning, and community service. The workbook contains dozens of examples illustrating what can go in a portfolio: letters of recommendation, computer disks, database print outs, graded assignments from various classes awards, report cards, membership certificates, attendance records, excerpts from video tapes, plan sheets for community service, photos, news clips, journal entries, music recordings, career test print outs (to name a few). The books also suggest the various ways one might use a portfolio: in job seeking, for college applications and classes, appendage to a grant, small business, record of independent study or projects, completion of class or school requirements, applying for loan applications, tech-prep linkages, a tool to chronicle personal growth, etc. Creating Portfolios - Free Spirit Press
Amazon - Order 'Creating Portfolios' NOW!

Teacher's Guide to Creating Portfolios - Order NOW from Amazon.
Amazon - Order the 'Teacher's Guide to Creating Portfolios' NOW!

Various inventories help identify "proud moments" which guide the student in selecting portfolio samples. Vocabulary lists assist students in identifying words that describe the skills and character traits associated with these proud moments. The Weekly Portfolio Log cultivates the habit or discipline of archiving samples for the portfolio. Various outlining models can be used for organizing the portfolio samples (thematic, chronological, skills-based). The final chapter guides the student in creating front matter (table of contents and acknowledgments), back matter (self-evaluation of the portfolio), and planning an oral presentation. While the workbook is written for the secondary age population, it could be easily adapted upwards and downwards in age. The work is approximately 100 pages and is supported by a complete teacher's guide.




This book makes writing instruction fun. Sample activities or projects include cooperative learning projects, creative visualizations, poetry games, theater games, script writing, journal writing, short report writing, survey design and reporting, advertising, speech making, newsletter publishing to name a few. A four-step writing process takes the student from simple listings with headings; to main ideas and paragraph structure. The method becomes a tool for exploring descriptive, persuasive, and expository writing forms, with emphasis is on pre-writing and revising.
Available from Kids In Between (fall 1999) 1-800-481-2799.

AUTHORING YOUR DAYS In Journals And Personal Portfolios

This book is chock full of techniques for creatively exploring your life and times in Personal Journals as well as Personal Portfolios. This process will help you express who you are as you examine your interests, passions, challenges, and the changes you have gone through. Exercises cover many different areas including:
  • Left brain (word-based) and right brained (doodling, charting, drawing)
  • Using a journal to improve physical and emotional wellness
  • Exploring relationships
  • Career, midlife, and retirement transitions
  • Coping with workplace re-structuring, workaholism, and learning leisure wellness
  • Finding humor and using creative problem solving in a journal
  • Deepening your commitment to community involvement and service
  • Affirming your spiritual side
  • Digital Options: Online, personal digital assistants, and desktop publishing
  • Documenting personal studies for possible credit
  • Design and construction techniques for portfolios
Authoring Your Days
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Available as an Electronic Book...
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WRITE OFF THE PAGE, Advanced Journal Writing Techniques for Young Adults

This work supports the current interest in promoting reflective writing, critical thinking, and self-evaluation. It also contains many exercises that are just plain fun! The journal is portrayed as an interdisciplinary, multi-media tool which can go far beyond the written word. The tremendous variety offered in this book will appeal to all sorts of journal new-comers, as well as, seasoned veterans. Step-by-step directions and numerous examples guarantee success in each activity.

The more than 50 innovative journal writing techniques includes exercises related to right brain techniques (doodling, pictures, and graphics) as well as left brain writing methods (lists, letters, linear exercises). Students use charts to examine their life stages, explore personal issues by creating a "Personal Newsletter" with desktop publishing, or explore humor by writing new captions for favorite cartoons. Special subject areas or applications include leisure wellness, exploring dreams, community service, career decision making, and creative problem solving techniques (based on principles of chaos or randomness).

Write Off the Page
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EDUCATOR'S JOB SEARCH: The Ultimate Guide to Finding Positions in Education

This is a quick-and-easy, step-by-step method for job-hunting teachers. The steps and examples illustrate how to identify marketable skills, network for leads, write effective resumes and letters, prepare for interviews, how to plan effective follow-up. In addition, there are tips about positions in college positions as well as jobs outside education. The appendix includes sample letters and resumes. This was the second best selling new book in 1993.

Order Educator's Job Search... Order 'Educator's Job Search' from Amazon


This gives students a chance to examine the success of their the job site through the process of journal writing. The journal encourages new workers to sharpen their critical observation and reflective-thinking habits. Students involved in work experience, adult education, special education, and cooperative education learning experiences are asked to analyze the success factors in their work settings. In one lesson, students may be asked to describe the worker who gets along best with the boss, speculate on the reasons for the success, and then analyze what they have in common with this worker. Another assignment encourages students to speak with their supervisors to find out the specific policy for absenteeism, probation, or promotion. A journal worksheet may guide a student in speaking with the employer about work performance evaluations or letters of reference. Additional current topics include humor and stress in the work place.
EBSCO Curriculum Materials, Box 1943, Birmingham, Alabama 35201. 1-800-633-8623. (1993)


This uses "writing as a process" to link vocational and academic skills during resume writing. Resume alternatives are also illustrated for students with limited writing ability, while advanced techniques related to desktop publishing design are also included. There are over 30 resume examples for entry-level jobs. Effective use of the resume in a job search is also illustrated. Write Into a Job
Order Write Into a Job NOW from

EXPANDING WORK OPPORTUNITIES   [a series of 3 mini-workbooks.]

The series helps young people explore and identify their talents in 3 different areas: - First Steps To Employability-Neighborhood employment (grades 6-9) - Working In Community Service- Volunteer service (grades 7-12) - Working For Yourself-An introduction to entrepreneurship (grades 9-12) The series helps students to assess their interests, communicate their skills, and investigate local opportunities where they can use their talents. These short workbooks can be used in a variety of subjects: social studies, career education, language, and career education with special, at-risk, and mainstream students.
Educational Design, 345 Hudson St, NYC, NY 10014. 1-800-221-9372. (1990)


These two student workbook connect the search for work and leisure. Students progress through self-assessment, goal setting, information gathering, networking, and connecting with opportunities.
Meridian Education Corporation, 236 E. Front, Bloomington, IL 61701. 1-800-735-7323. (1989--Out of print)


This effectively translates the self-directed job club model into a classroom-tested curriculum. Detailed instructions are included about all phases of job finding including self-assessment, networking, writing letters and collecting important documents, telephoning for job leads, interviewing, etc. The reading level is low but the content is sophisticated. One reviewer wrote, "He has adapted sophisticated executive job-search strategies to benefit applicants for entry-level jobs."

Educational Design, 345 Hudson St, NYC, NY 10014. 1-800-221-9372. (1988)


Illustrates how the placement of handicapped students in shop or technology classes can be done successfully. The book covers adaptations for both mildly and severely handicapped students. Sample topics include peer tutoring, grading alternatives, adapting curricular sequence and materials, and specific learning needs related to individual handicapping conditions. Numerous examples from exemplary program are contained through out the book.
Davis Publications, Printers Bldg, Worcester, MA 01608. (1984)



SERIOUS PLAY, A Guidebook For Leisure Wellness
With an introduction by Richard Bolles (author of "What Color Is Your Parachute")

The concept of leisure wellness comes at a time when people are gobbling up thoughts related to work, identity, and alternatives: Waiting for the Weekend, The Overworked American, Living With Spirit in a Material World, Working Ourselves To Death and books on retirement planning.

To some, it may seem contradictory to have a serious book about leisure, but if you view time as the most precious of non-renewable resources, then it makes sense to deal seriously with issues of time and money, interests, community, education, and retirement. It boils down to finding time for the things you want to do. Several checklists and exercises help you identify new options. You'll learn various techniques for developing quality leisure moments, prioritizing your free time, and connecting with opportunities right in your own community. Serious Play readers re-establish a new balance between their work and leisure lives.

This program is ideal for people experiencing any significant change such as mid-life and retirement transitions, divorce or widowhood. And, if you're a workaholic, you definitely need to read this book! Materials from this book have been used in drug rehabilitation and wellness programs. In my last workshop, a group of married couples and single parents both concluded that quality relationships need to be based on sharing leisure interests with significant others.

Serious Play
Amazon - Order 'Serious Play' NOW!
Shorter, newly updated version, in electronic format:
Serious Play
Order Serious Play NOW from
Balancing Work and Play, excerpts from Serious Play:

PLAYMAKER (A Card Game About Your Leisure Time)

--Available From The Author--

This game is like playing Gin Rummy around a camp fire. Like Gin, the rules are easy, the conversation is interesting and you won't get any smoke in your eyes. Each player assesses his or her leisure interests by sorting various "leisure cards." Then, each person assembles a customized deck which combines the selected leisure cards and various "conversation starter" cards. During the course of the game, players get a chance to discuss their options, preferences, and values. This game supplies ideas for making the most of one's "play." PlayMaker can be used as an ice-breaker, counseling, or educational tool.


The problems facing our adolescents today testify to the fact that students are making very poor choices about the use of their free time (e.g. drug abuse, unsafe sex, gang affiliation, teen suicide and alienation, fixation on computer games). This curriculum helps students explore leisure opportunities and expand their leisure options. It helps young people focus on the choices they are making about their leisure time. This is a critical area when one considers that today's young people spend more and more time on their own. Looking for Leisure
Order 'Looking for Leisure' NOW from

This workbook helps students focus on what the author calls leisure wellness. Students explore their leisure interests and preferences using a variety of interactive and reflective exercises. They begin by brainstorming their options and values concerning time, people, transportation, talents, learning styles, and finances. Specific learning strategies include using inventories, questionnaires, time logs, collages, interviews, fantasy games, informational or expert interviews, and group discussion opportunities. All of this is laid out in easy-to-follow, worksheets (and supported by a teacher's guide).

After developing a leisure goal, students learn the art of networking for gathering information about local leisure opportunities (e.g. searching for a wood carving classes, wood carvers club, magazines, fairs, etc.) This skill is critical when you realize that, unlike job finding, there are no want ads for leisure opportunities. In this way, the skills of job finding are re-used in the search for leisure. There is also a pre- and post-leisure wellness test.

The approach is lively and addresses young peoples' constant complaint about "boredom." After the adult world preaches to the young about the dangers of poor choices; after asking young people to just say "no" and turn away from the cult of violence; we need to help them take the next affirmative step.

This student workbook adapts the message of the like-minded adult book Serious Play.



A BAD BOY'S COOKBOOK, comfort foods for your mind, palette, and heart
I began writing this cookbook about 7 years ago and it has gradually grown with contributions to become an all-purpose gift book. The love poems are food for the heart, making this book the perfect gift for Valentines day and anniversaries (and coincides with the resurgent romantic bent in our culture). The proverbs are food for thought making it a wonderful gift for graduates and retirees. The recipes take me back to a time when cooking was an art, a way of life. Some recipes are quick and easy while others are an all day love-affair in the kitchen. The recipe titles and short introductory materials along with the proverbs add the spice of humor to the work. As a result, the book has even been given to people in convalescence, as a tonic for the recuperating soul.

The words in my book will help reconnect people with the passion and excitement they experienced as kids when their birthday cake arrived at the table. In essence this book is by a guy who loves his wife, loves to laugh, and loves to eat!

A Bad Boy's Cookbook
Order 'A Bad Boy's Cookbook' NOW from

GRILL PLAY, The Art Of Leisurely BBQ

If you want to try a leisurely approach to barbecue, then read theGrill Play cookbook. Instead of working your grill, youíll be playing at it. Instead of wading through 500 recipes in an encyclopedic cookbook, you have only to examine 60+ of the most flavorful, unique, and surefire grilling recipes available. Grill Play tries to simplify the enjoyment of savory barbecue gourmet meals. This cookbook is purposefully limited to about 100 pages so you can read it in a weekend. Youíll find tips, methods, and recipes culled from the most widely read experts. These recipes will turn you into a standout grillmeister. (While the recipes contain gourmet level ingredients, you donít have to fuss with elongated processes for making reduced sauces and such.)

Have you ever grilled pears and served them with brown-sugar whipped cream? Want to try the barbecue version of the middle eastern Gyros pocket bread sandwich? Looking for a reliable way to slow-smoke-cook salmon on a cedar plank? Do you want to know how great cooks charbroil hamburger and chicken without burning or undercooking? Grill Play will show you how.

And for the health-minded, there are recipes for tasty low-fat turkey burgers along with tangy marinades for vegetables or tofu. The book also includes traditional fare for slow-cooking prime rib, smoking pork chops. There are easy-to-make stand-out rubs for mustard encrusted tenderloins and briskets sealed with a unique sweet-espresso coating. The recipes work well with either gas or briquette equipment.

Start a party off right with the team-building recipes. Use grilled pizza making as an ice-breaker or create new bonds of friendship while on the chocolate dessert team. This cookbook is for busy people who want to playfully unwind as they indulge in the art of outdoor cooking. Available at as both an eBook and print as well as the Internetís premier culinary portal:

Grill Play
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Available as an Electronic Book...
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The materials in The Granfriends Project helps bridge between the young and old. This bridge is sorely needed today and will become essential in the next century. The stories, experiential exercises, and writing assignments will sensitize secondary students to the dreams and challenges faced by older people living in care facilities.

Becoming more empathic towards older people pays many dividends in the student's personal and professional life. They will find value and friendship in serving others, develop better communication skills, and acquire vocationally relevant "people skills." As a result, students will be able to market themselves more effectively to senior communities which employ all kinds of workers today (cooks, groundskeeping, nurses assistant, recreation aides, clerical and social workers, counselors, financial planners, cosmetologists, etc.).

Grandfriends Project

In addition to career outcomes, the book also applies various academic exercises related to report writing and research (including using the Internet and CD-ROM). The short chapters mean you can easily insert the material into existing programs.

Finally, the community piece supplies the essential learning-through-service-work component. The additional Program Guide has been written for teachers, residential staff, volunteer coordinators, activity directors, and just about anyone wanting a well planned and effectively run program. The guide includes useful forms, start-up planning guides, and instructional tips. Teachers from English, Social Studies, Health, Science, and Technology will find the aging awareness lessons prompt critical thinking and lively discussions. The material has been also used by nursing homes, retirement communities, and assisted-care facilities.

Extensive information about the Grandfriends Project is available online at:

FRIENDS ACROSS THE DIVIDE, Creating Community And Learning Experiences One E-mail At A Time

In this book, youíll find all the materials and guidelines used for an online keypal exchange between students and senior citizens. This mini-booklet includes letter-writing lessons (plus letter writing prompts), guidelines to insure safety and privacy, methods for recruiting elder penpals, sample letters from seniors and students, and a follow-up survey about the impact of online exchanges upon the letter writers.

Both teachers and geriatric workers will find this material helpful in developing intergenerational exchanges. In fact, this online program dovetails with an existing curriculum where students make actual visits to care facilities. The materials and methods can be easily adapted to other subjects beyond intergenerational exchanges. Examples in the book include lesson ideas for physical education, health, social studies, English, music, business, art. It is really limitless. If you are in the "business" of promoting community connections and partnerships (or service learning), this program will also serve you well.

When students are asked to send their letter to a real person, their writing becomes more serious. These kinds of exchanges motivate student, promote critical thinking, and develop empathy.

This short booklet is 55+ pages and available in an inexpensive format which you can download easily. You have the choice of reading and printing it all or just the parts that apply to you situation. Simultaneously available at Energize (a volunteer service site at: and Publishing Online (A general online publishing site at:

Friends Across the Divide
Order 'Friends Across the Divide' NOW from

Available as an Electronic Book...
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--Available from The Author--
A report which presents a strategic plan based on input from over 100 people in focus groups and personal interviews and a review of existing literature. The report describes various model programs in schools, colleges, communities, and related business and labor initiatives. Some of the issues covered include school credits, mandatory programs, program design, management and staffing. The quotes, anecdotes and useful summaries will inspire and encourage development of your own programs. The strategic plan summarizes the assets and corresponding benefits of community youth service, challenges and suggestions faced by practitioners, and strategic options for transforming the practice of community service from a unique activity of a few youth into a common venture of Washington's youth everywhere.
State Center for Voluntary Action, Department of Community Service, 9th and Columbia Building, Olympia, WA 98504. (1990)


DRAMA (Theater, Plays)

MODEMMAN (the play)

In the year 2020 AD just about everyone thought the world was going-to-hell in-a-hand-basket. Like so many others, Plato chose to live out his remaining days in a "Boundary Zone" apartment. Over the last 30 years he has had no direct human contact, preferring to communicate to the outside world through his antique modem. His "virtual girlfriend" Sloan has spent the last few years in prison because this is the last institution still providing medical services.

Now in the year 2050, Sloan is being released and she has no where else to go, and no one to turn to. She is about to enter Plato's life in "real time." The many "masks" Plato wears online must now be reconciled in a face-to-face meeting with Sloan. This is a dark comedy spiced with bits and bytes of poetry. (1994)

Modem Man
Order 'Modem Man' NOW from


Opens on Jerry Fenner who somehow finds himself drawn back down into the basement to be with his old friends the Table Saw, Computer, and Telephone. It is time for a final accounting. In the bowels of his home, Jerry confronts his unfinished plans, unfulfilled dreams, and his father's expectations. Table Saw challenges Jerry to build one last project. Telephone interrupts him a great deal with a pesky ringing and glib comments. At least, the Computer remembers what he wrote and why. As the life-journey from public school teacher, to writer, to alcoholic draws to an end, Jerry discovers what he has built. Then, the phone rings-one last time.

The Last Thing I Build
Order 'The Last Thing I Build' NOW from


An award winning play script about unemployment. The story begins with a wood mill worker loses his job, and then his dreams. Eventually his relationships deteriorate with his wife, friends, and handicapped son. The search for work and final renewal helps create a new appreciation for unemployed and dislocated workers. This play won playwriting contests in all 3 west coast states. (1982)

Help Wanted
Order 'Help Wanted' NOW from


This science fiction play has won both play writing and poetic-drama awards. The sci-fi comedy is about humans and their evolving technology. The "comedy" depicts the typical growing pains found in a rather unusual nuclear family consisting of a human, a slide-projector, an oscilloscope, and a human-like-pet. (1975 and 79)

The Futuresign Revue
Order 'The Futuresign Revue' NOW from


Chock-full of fun activities which can be used in any subject. Theater games, improvisations, and skit work are listed in a ready-to-use format. These activities have been used with all kinds of populations from severely handicapped to adult seminars. The materials are designed for the non-drama educator or trainer.

Teaching is Dramatic
Order 'Teaching is Dramatic' NOW from



Reconsidering Some Twentieth Century Myths.....

By Martin Kimeldorf and Howard Kimeldorf.
This expansive essay examines the myth of high tech in contrast with the low-tech realities we must live with. This piece is far outside mainstream thinking and sloganeering about schooling, jobs, and politics-in fact, it had to be published abroad in order to get a hearing! Anyone interested in a unique analysis of the decline of skilled labor, education, and families will surely want to read this work.
This paper was recognized as "Best Paper" in the IJCM journal in 1993. The award was made by MCB Press which publishes 120 journals annually. [Rod Davies, International Journal of Career Management, PO Box 709, Toowong Queensland, Australia 4066.]
Work, Education, and the Quality of Life   is available online at:

THE WORD DOG, "An essay about scientific and spiritual observations......"

This essay explores the connection between science and spirituality. A series of connections are explored which link reincarnation and entropy, psychology and brain evolution, psychic phenomena and the language of theoretical physicists and mystics. Current studies of twins, reincarnation, instinctual behavior, and ethnography suggest that we may inherit far more than the genes for blue or brown eyes. The universal appearance of thumb sucking skills (called instincts) and cultural rules (like the incest taboo) suggests that we transmit from one generation to another far more than the genetic information for blue or brown eyes. This essay predicts that information is being exchanged below the gene-code level, something is being transmitted, and it relates to the long dormant abilities of our ancestors. which are now becoming more acceptable as scientific and religious investigation. This essay goes on to suggest that knowledge in the brain exists as a physical entity, and that someday we'll be able to go into the brain and find the word "dog " in it's concrete or physical form. Once we are able to capture the word, we will then develop the power to store and transmit it in various forms. Hopefully, on this day, someone will reverse the letters of DOG. Weíll gather up a cosmic insight into the scientific and spiritual basis of GOD, and step into a new evolutionary stage.


This is a scrapbook of moments. It begins with a bicycle ride, journeys across the desert of cancer, and comes to rest at a victory barbecue banquet. These 36 pages contain a story, letters, nominations, photos, news articles, and recipes. A love story as well as a battle plan for confronting the serpentine ugliness of cancer written by the partner of a breast cancer survivor. 3B2K could be considered a formula for finding emotional strength and recovering balance by choosing to live normally during abnormal times. The scrapbook is about declaring war on the Medusa-head of disease and rallying friends, old and new, to your side. This booklet is written for patients, partners, and friends enduring their trek through a midnight moment. And to celebrate the possibilities for healing each other and ourselves, any proceeds from sales of this work will be donated to organizations fighting cancer and other debilitating illnesses. It is available at and anywhere else people post it. 3B2K Scrapbook
Order '3B2K Scrapbook' NOW from

Available as an Electronic Book...
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order a copy or read an excerpt.

3B2K (The Essay)

The three B's describe a magical intersection of Breast Cancer, Bicycling, and Barbecues in the year 2000 (3B2K). Yeah, sure, there are a few lines about e-mailings, but you're gong to read mostly about miracles and people-ware...not hardware. And best of all, it's a true story!

This essay is now part of a larger collection which includes actual sample letters, photos, and articles from the true story. The larger work is called 3B2K Scrapbook and is available at

Order 'XXYY' NOW from

Available as an Electronic Book...
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order a copy or read an excerpt.




Develops a strategy for getting the most out of electronic want ads. (1994)


This essay describes a scenario where people could meet online around common leisure interests. (1993)


This work summarizes various "best practices" of school-to-school learning projects. (1994; updated 1999)



Work-Based Learning Alternative.

An instructional package for credit-deficient students who need to cross credit academic required courses to work-based or service-learning options.
Available from Kids In Between (fall 1999) 1-800-481-2799.

Winning At The Job Search Game.

A short workbook showing how to construct an easy-to-write resume alternative called a Work Strengths Summary.
Available from Kids In Between (fall 1999) 1-800-481-2799.



The newest works are Bike Notebook and Bike-A-Demics, written for educators, which illustrates how to infuse bike culture into existing curriculums and programs..

BIKE NOTEBOOK:   Bike Care and Repair.

This book was written for the great fleet of bike owners who just want to know how to keep their bike in safe, working order. After reading Bike Notebook the reader will walk away with a personal bike riding safety strategy. Add to this the skills for conducting pre-ride inspections and the bike rider greatly reduces the risk of accidents.

The first part of the book teaches the essentials in detail. In addition to safety and inspections the reader-owner will master the art of proper cleaning, quick lubes, tire repair, chain maintenance and seat adjustment. The entire skill set can be learned within an afternoon. The result will be more comfortable and reliable ride. Knowing a few basic repairs means the individual can take off for a 5 to 10 mile ride feeling secure and safe.

In the latter third of the book, chapters cover standard repair and maintenance tasks found in many highly technical books. This simply written book of 250+ pages is highly illustrated (with over 100 drawings) making this bike care book accessible to the mechanically-challenged.

Bike Notebook
Order 'Bike Notebook' NOW from

BIKE-A-DEMICS:   Bike Education Guidebook

This is an educators manual designed for teachers, counselors, youth advocates, bike clubs, retirement communities, summer camp coordinators, or just about anyone wanting to incorporate bike education into their program. It contains practical tips for managing a group of learners. Methods for setting up bike- and-learning teams as well as independent study contracts are covered. Ready- made hand outs are included with quizzes for bike trivia, safety, parts identification, and a checklist of competencies. To ease the instructor's mind about liability for repairs and bike rides, sample permission forms are included.

Bike-A-Demics illustrates how to integrate the subject of biking into other disciplines such as science, English, history, health, and special education. As a '90s book it even includes sample bike poetry and a list of resources available online as well as in print or video format. This follows the guiding principle behind writing books for the public on bike care and education: life-long learning = life-long biking.

Order 'Bike-A-Demics' NOW from

CYCLE JOURNAL, Turning Everyday Cycling Into A Habit Of The Heart Why ride and write?

The unexamined ride is just a ride. But when you stop long enough to think about where you are going and why, when you take a moment to record what you have seen and felt, then you will be able to convert your everyday riding into something special. You will turn your cycling habit into a habit of the heart.

Riding AND writing helps the bike owner develop a deeper connection with the two-wheel experience. As a result, the novice will ride more regularly and the veteran will find a way around "growing stale." Journaling also acts as a "preservative." The journal keeper can go back and enjoy his or her entries in the middle of winter or when recuperating from an injury. The cycle journal rider covers a richer set of miles.

This how-to and inspirational book is approximately 100 pages. Part I introduces the reader to creative writing and journaling techniques. This "warm-up" section includes about 30 exercises with bicycle centered topics. In Part II contains everyday writing from everyday riders. One contributor is as old as 14 and another as young as 78. Contributors write on various topics including commuting to work, enriching a relationship on a tandem, reflecting on chemotherapy and cycling, seeking thrills in mountain biking triathalon racing, touring in foreign countries, connecting aging and renewal with cycling, and the plain ol' fun of cycling.

Cycle Journal
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Come ride your bicycle in Thurston County, in the heart of Washington state. Ten rides will take you around Olympiaís state capital, out into the countryside, along waterways with magnificent vistas, and into the nearby Capital Forest. You'll see wild flowers in Spring, a crystal clear view of Mount Rainier on crisp autumnal days. In summer enjoy the lazy Black River or view the sites and sounds of the surrounding farm lands. Cyclists can enjoy the salt-sea air of Puget sound year round. The rides vary from 6 miles to 40+. The routes are fully described including road conditions, cue sheets, maps, and a summary of the sites to be enjoyed. Maps detail rest stops, points of interest, and related side routes. The booklet begins with information about safe riding techniques, maintenance tips, and route planning ideas. All proceeds of this book go to the Capital Bicycling Club in Olympia, Washington. The text will be made available at no cost to other bicycle clubs who want to write their own ride book. The online pdf digital file version is in color and available at Cycling Thurston County
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Camping on the Edge

This is an eccentric collection of short stories, personal proverbs, and provocative essays. Many short stories discuss growing up during the crazy-making of the 1950 and 60s; a variety of essays and love letters to favorite authors and uncles are also included. Other textual treats discuss the "simple pleasures" of non-stop living in 90s, and one story peers into a sci-future. If growing older in the next century frightens you just a smidgen then join me for a laugh or two as we go camping on the edge.

Camping on the Edge
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