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Kimeldorf's Career Portfolio Sampler
[Available as a PDF file, as well as in HTML format.]

Arron's Bike Portfolio Sample

Elaine's Law Enforcement Portfolio

Information about the author, Martin Kimeldorf, and his writings.

Using Job Search Portfolios in an Uncertain Labor Market
An essay appearing online and in print. This tells why portfolios match today's labor market conditions and lists many examples of what could be put in a portfolio.
My Portfolio Experience
Excerpted from the book, Portfolio Power, this essay describes the ways the author utilized portfolios in various job searches from the 1970s through the 1990s. The article illustrates how the author competed successfully for professional opportunities by effectively communicating his potential to employers, committees, and clients through the use of portfolios.
Why use a Portfolio in Your Job Search?
A short piece telling how portfolios can be used to manage one's career.
How I researched Portfolios on the Internet
Describes how the author researched the topic of portfolios on the net and how he used those contacts to develop endorsements.   [Appeared in the Seattle Times.]

Life-long Learning and Education Portfolios Meet Online
This article describes how people are going back to school online in order to save time and money. This piece also notes how many schools are asking students to document their online (and in-class) learning using portfolios.
Portfolios in College Career Centers
Illustrates how various colleges use portfolios as part of their on-going learning and career-planning services.

Portfolio Planning & Design Guide
Presents a step-by-step planning guide for setting up a portfolio program in a public school.
Professional Development Portfolio
An Evaluation and Career Development Alternative:   A planning guide for setting up an alternative staff evaluation program using portfolios.

Portfolio Creation Tips
This short article describes what it takes to make a portfolio. It also includes pointers about time, money, length of portfolios. Finally, tips about making digital portfolios are included.
Portfolios: Don't Leave School Without One
This is a how-to article for vocational educators interested in using portfolios in their school-to-work programming. Illustrates two sample lessons from my books.

Digital Eden
An essay using myth and humor used by the author to defuse fears about technology during his portfolio workshops.
Digital Prometheus
A short piece, similar to Digital Eden.
Science Fiction Portfolios
This work speculates about the future labor market where "infobots" become your job search agents and people have portfolios online.


PORTFOLIO POWER:   The New Way To Showcase All Your Job Skills and Experiences.
With a foreword by Joyce Lain Kennedy.

This book shows the many different ways portfolios can be used in a professional life. Portfolio Power illustrates using a portfolio for a variety of purposes, including:Portfolio Power
  • Making career decisions
  • Applying for college and credits
  • Securing financial backing
  • Transitioning from military to civilian employment
  • Assisting with sales and marketing
  • Demonstrating your value at an interview
  • Proving your contributions during employee evaluations
  • Using virtual portfolios for online job searches.

Numerous examples are included from the author's 20 year experience in making and using portfolios. Samples from all over the world illustrate how job seekers, schools, career counselors and experts are using portfolios to give them the advantage in a tight labor market. Principles of good design illustrate how to make an effective and eye-appealing presentation. People also interested in electronic and multi-media portfolios will find useful tips and suggestions.
Visit to order a copy or read an excerpt from this book.


This book guides students in the production of a portfolio to help meet the requirements for a class assignment, culminating project, or graduation. The author of this student-centered book combines his previous expertise in helping students identify their interests and talents in careers, leisure, learning, and community service. The workbook contains dozens of examples illustrating what can go in a portfolio: letters of recommendation, computer disks, database print outs, graded assignments from various classes awards, report cards, membership certificates, attendance records, excerpts from video tapes, plan sheets for community service, photos, news clips, journal entries, music recordings, career test print outs (to name a few). The books also suggest the various ways one might use a portfolio: in job seeking, for college applications and classes, appendage to a grant, small business, record of independent study or projects, completion of class or school requirements, applying for loan applications, tech-prep linkages, a tool to chronicle personal growth, etc. Creating Portfolios - Free Spirit Press
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Teacher's Guide to Creating Portfolios - Order NOW from Amazon.
Amazon - Order the 'Teacher's Guide to Creating Portfolios' NOW!

Various inventories help identify "proud moments" which guide the student in selecting portfolio samples. Vocabulary lists assist students in identifying words that describe the skills and character traits associated with these proud moments. The Weekly Portfolio Log cultivates the habit or discipline of archiving samples for the portfolio. Various outlining models can be used for organizing the portfolio samples (thematic, chronological, skills-based). The final chapter guides the student in creating front matter (table of contents and acknowledgments), back matter (self-evaluation of the portfolio), and planning an oral presentation. While the workbook is written for the secondary age population, it could be easily adapted upwards and downwards in age. The work is approximately 100 pages and is supported by a complete teacher's guide.

Free Spirit Publishing, Suite 616, 400 First Ave N, Minneapolis MN 55401. 1-800-735-7323. (1994)

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