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Portfolio Sampler

Martin Kimeldorf, author of Portfolio Power, illustrates in this Portfolio Sampler the wide range of work samples and artifacts that can be included in today's career portfolio.

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    Portfolio Sampler Preface


    This opening page explains the premise behind creating a portfolio sampler using many different kinds of artifacts and page layouts.
    Portfolio Sampler



    Table of Contents

    This is the first page in the portfolio; it includes a sample introduction and the table of contents for the remainder of the portfolio.
    Portfolio Sampler -- Page 1

    Page One

    Teaching Is More Than Lesson Planning
    Using letters from students and colleagues to demonstrates the job seeker's initiative and dedication to the job.
    Portfolio Sampler -- Page 2

    Page Two

    Facing Any Challenge
    A letter from a special parent shows how the applicant can be flexible and work with all kinds of people.
    Portfolio Sampler -- Page 3

    Page Three

    Contributing To Staff Development
    Endorsements from workshops and training events illustrates communication and presentation skills.
    Portfolio Sampler -- Page 4

    Page Four

    Meeting Goals and Deadlines
    A certificate and a college transcript provides evidence that the job seeker can meet deadlines and goals.
    Portfolio Sampler -- Page 5

    Page Five

    Dramatizing Instruction
    The poster from a theater performance shows the portfolio owner's potential for dramatic flair.
    Portfolio Sampler -- Page 6

    Page Six

    Life Long Learning
    Instead of simply claiming life-long learning, the samples from computer and art work proves that the candidate has pursued self-directed study throughout his life.
    Portfolio Sampler -- Page 7

    Page Seven

    Building School and Community Partnerships
    A bill proposal demonstrates the ability of the employee to work with legislators, and the newspaper clipping gives details of working with nonprofit agencies serving the poor.
    Portfolio Sampler -- Page 8

    Page Eight

    Creating Timely Instructional Materials
    Samples from a training manual highlight the employee's past contributions in creating and planning training materials.
    Portfolio Sampler -- Page 9

    Page Nine

    Visualizing The Future--Today
    Instead of simply claiming to be an innovative thinker, this twenty-year-old article about an interdisciplinary program for at-risk youth proves the applicant thinks far ahead.
    Portfolio Sampler -- Page 10

    Page Ten

    A Teacher's Legacy
    The sample from a student's portfolio gives testimony to the teacher's ability to prepare students to take up where he has left off.
    Portfolio Resources

    Resource List

    A short listing of print and online resources related to career development and portfolios.

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