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The samples in this portfolio represent a life of study in classrooms without walls. I enjoy being self-taught. In my earlier years I studied art, history, drama, technology, and labor while supporting myself with jobs in the industrial, financial, and service sectors. Additional “studies” included a stint as a VISTA volunteer; and later enrolling as a student in Oregon and California colleges.

My love of learning eventually lead me into the field of education where I have served as a teacher, coordinator and consultant. This includes working in prisons, universities and public high schools. Other related activities include writing books and articles, developing plans and curriculum materials, crafting grants and conducting research projects.

Over the years I survived by becoming a quick-study. Put me on any new assignment and I’ll quickly get up to speed. Having worked with all kinds of people in various fields, I can relate to a variety of students, staff, and community members. Out of these diverse experiences I learned to become very adaptable.

And still there is so much more to learn! Each year I learn and refine techniques by teaming with different teachers, working in different programs, and continuing my personal research. I’m happy to say that I can still laugh and dream, and see beyond today’s problems…toward the possibilities waiting just on the other side of our tomorrow.


  • Teaching Is More Than Lesson Planning
    Letters from students and colleagues
  • 1
  • Facing Any Challenge
    Letter from a special parent
  • 2
  • Contributing To Staff Development
    Endorsements from workshops and training events
  • 3
  • Meeting Goals and Deadlines
    Samples of meeting deadlines and goals
  • 4
  • Dramatizing Instruction
    Applied creativity
  • 5
  • Life Long Learning
    Results of self-directed study
  • 6
  • Building School and Community Partnerships
    Demonstration of enduring program design
  • 7
  • Creating Timely Instructional Materials
    Intergenerational training manual
  • 8
  • Visualizing The Future-Today
    Early dreams coming true today
  • 9
  • A Teacher's Legacy
    Samples from a student's portfolio
  • 10
    Note--This is a virtual portfolio using scanned images and text within a computer document. The actual artifacts are available for inspection upon request.

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