Teaching Is More Than Lesson Planning

From Kids At Risk

Dear Mr. K,
I'm doing good just thinking about you. I won't let you all down Mr. K. I won't forget what you done for me.... Because you were my best advisor, teacher, and a very special friend. In my own way I'd say you are "primo." Please, don't forget me.... I will stop hanging out with gangs and I promise to learn from my mistakes. Thank you for being there for me.
-A student writes after starting over in a new school

Dear Mr. K,
I personally know that homework is often hard for me at times. Too often I've flunked my classes, especially in the first year. But I know that when you have someone helping you, it can be much easier. Mr. K. you are an extremely helpful man.... This year I am passing my classes with your help.
-Student who recently entered our Learning Support Program

From Colleagues and Teachers

Mr. Kimeldorf
Thank you for all you have done for me this year. In a short time you had a major effect on my life. I think you are brilliant and I wish I had one more year to work with you.... I value your friendship and open mindedness. One drop of your magic fell upon me. You showed me that it's okay to be a dreamer.
-Stefan Mitu
Student Teacher, Timberline High School

Email, Dated: 01-12-96 Time: 15:00
From: House C FacilitatorTo: House C Staff
Subject: RRHS Belief Statements and Observations

Please read over our belief statements in these e-mails. Then add your observations, sharing how our staff support these beliefs

RRHS Belief #1: All People Can Learn Given Sufficient Opportunity
* Martin K. really improved my ability to work with special needs kids-such a help!
-Steve Bissett
English Teacher, River Ridge High School

These letters of appreciation testify to a teaching style that goes beyond lesson planning and grading papers. I also enjoy helping staff and students solve problems and explore options. In the last 15 years I have received awards for teaching and mini-grants to conduct innovative programs. Portland State University also recruited me to run their national school-to-work demonstration project.

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