A Teacher's Legacy

Nam Nguyen


Introduction & Personal Philosophy 1
Favorite quotations

Academic Excellence 2-3
Letters from teachers

Community Service 4-6
Project Planning Steps, Photos, and Flyers
Articles from school and community newspapers

Leadership 7-9
Curriculum for parliamentary procedures
List of positions held

Athletics 10
Wrestling awards & certificates & medals

Self-Directed Learning 11-12
Correspondence course scores and sample essay
Personal reading list

Professional and Vocational Development 13
VICA leadership development program (student vocational club)

Setting High Standards 14
Test Scores
Future goals and timelines

Goals 15
My academic All-State Award in wrestling represents a commitment to balancing and developing both mind and body.
with the Governor
I was selected for leadership training. This event included a visit with the governor of Washington State, Gary Locke.
Senior Picture
I have made the most of my opportunities at River Ridge High School. As a result I have been amply rewarded with honors, certificates, and awards in the areas of Academics, Vocational Preparation, Leadership, and Community Service.

There is no greater reward in teaching (or perhaps any other profession) than to witness the products of one's labors. This final page shows the passing of a torch from teacher to student. Nam Nguyen's portfolio is based on our mutual collaboration and his careful review of my books and this portfolio sampler.

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