Facing Any Challenge

Dear Mr. K:

I believe we have written a whole bouquet of thank-you letters following Chad's funeral, but I don't believe I have said thank-you to you. Without your assistance, none of this would have been possible.   [Referring to Chad's online experiences in his last year].   Your time and caring is more valuable than I can say.

I also want to take this time to apologize for getting off on the wrong foot. I have the disgusting habit of being defensive more often than I like to admit.

Once again, I just want to say thank you. Chad and I think you are a great guy.

Cheryll Ward-Thornton

This mom faced the ultimate challenge, caring for her dying son, Chad. So much was asked of this mother; she in turn demanded much from others. I found a way to help my student go online and stay in touch with people. In the end she asked me to deliver Chad's eulogy.

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