Life Long Learning

This sketch is from my wood carving studies. Teaching myself to draw and carve increased my observation powers.

These skills were also used in the classroom. Students demonstrated knowledge of African masks by carving replicas in soap . They enjoyed the hands-on, left-brain activity. The process also expanded options for the performance-based assessment.

This sample menu is from a data base I designed to manage student data, schedules, progress reports, and phone calls. Other database have been designed for dental labs and used to schedule work, invoice, and track orders.In 1982 I introduced several publishers to the advantages of the desktop publishing . In 1996 I used the Internet to document portfolios usage around the world.

These two very different examples from my personal studies illustrate a passion for life-long learning. The love of learning makes it easy to quickly adapt to new ideas and conditions from Socratic Seminars, to drawing, to Internet-based instruction. Knowing how to learn has been key to surviving and thriving at my places of work.

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