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This is by no means a comprehensive listing of resources. However a range of works are mentioned here which can apply to both Personal and Professional Portfolios.

Portfolio Books
Creating Your Skills Portfolio. Carrie Straub. Crisp Publications. Palo Alto, CA. 1997. 1-800-442-7477. This is an excellent book offering a simplified five-step approach to making an effective portfolio.

Designing Creative Portfolios. Gregg Berryman. Crisp Publications. Menlo Park, CA. 1994. 1-800-442-7477. Berryman's books are always excellent sources for new ideas. This book is about portfolios for artists and designers. Even if you are not one of these, you can learn a great deal from this book.

Portfolio Power: The new way to showcase all your job skills and experiences. Martin Kimeldorf, With a foreword by Joyce Lain Kennedy. Peterson's Publishing Group, PO Box 2123, Princeton, NJ 08543-2123; 1-800-225-0261. This work covers a variety of portfolio applications and topics including: Making career decisions, applying for college and credits, transitioning from military to civilian employment, demonstrating value at an interview, securing promotions or positive employee evaluations, and sharing your talents online. This Career Portfolio Sampler is based on this book.

Creating Portfolios For Success in School, Work, and Life. Martin Kimeldorf. Free Spirit Press Inc. Minneapolis, MN. 1994. The student workbook and teacher guide is written for young adults in school.

Get A Life and Life Work Portfolio. National Occupational InformationCoordinating Committee (NOICC). Washington, DC. Try phoning 1-202-653-5665.

Various portfolio products by Harry Drier. Career, Education andTraining Associates, Inc., 1236 Langston Drive, Columbus, OH 43220. Internet address:

The Teaching Portfolio: A Practical Guide to Improved Performance and Promotion/Tenure. Peter Seldin. Anker Publishing Company Inc. Boston, MA. 1991. See also his other book Successful Use Of Teaching Portfolios. 1993.

Portfolio Development Handbook, Prior Learning Experience Program. Peter Manuelian. City University. Bellevue, WA 1991. (Available in the college bookstore 1-800-426-5596). Illustrates how a portfolio can be used to gain school credit.

Online Resources
If you want to see my entire collection of portfolio articles, essays, and sample portfolios you need only visit the collection developed by Amby Duncan-Carr. All of my materials have been collected and organized at:

The web page or HTML version of this portfolio sampler can also be found at Amby’s web site located at:

Recommended Career Books
Electronic Job Search Revolution, and Electronic Resume Revolution, and Hook Up, Get Hired. Joyce Lain Kennedy. John Wiley and Sons Inc. NYC, NY. 1994, 1994, and 1995. This triumvirate of digital virtuosity is must reading for anyone thinking about computers, job seeking, and the future. It contains bushels of techniques and background.

What Color Is Your Parachute. Dick Bolles. Ten Speed Press. Berkeley, CA. 1995. Annually revised, this work has kept hope alive for 25+ years. It deals with all dimensions of one's career and contains excellent material about informational interviewing.

Books Related To Changes In Work and Play (Personal and Professional Portfolios)
Job Shift, How To Prosper In A Workplace Without Jobs. William Bridges. Addison-Wesley Publishing Co. Reading, MA. 1994.

The Age Of Unreason. Charles Handy Harvard Business School Press. 1990. The book catalogues how people will lead "portfolio" lives.

The End of Work: The Decline of the Global Labor Force and the Dawn of the Post-Market Era. Jeremy Rifkin. Jeremy P. Tarcher/Putnam. NYC, NY. 1994. His suggestions for establishing a fair society are very provocative.

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