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Please note:   These so-called IQ tests are presented solely as brain teasers and are intended to provide an enjoyable mental workout; please have fun with them and remember that they are to be used for entertainment only!!   Don't blame us if you fry your brain!!

Mensa 10-Minute Workout   Try these 5 challenging questions brought to you by Mensa Canada.

The Mensa Workout   You have a half an hour to answer 30 questions and match wits with Mensa. (Don't worry: Answers with explanations are provided.) This quiz is to be used for entertainment purposes only; it is not an IQ test. (Questions © Abby Salny and/or American Mensa Ltd.)

HONG KONG MENSA   has many interesting sections including: Info About Mensa, Puzzles, a spatial design Sample IQ Test, and LINKS.

THE GLOBAL MENSA DIRECTORY   British Mensa provides links to Mensa groups and members around the globe as well as a staggering variety of IQ tests and puzzles.

The Mensa Genius ABC Quiz Book by Alan Stillson (published by Addison Wesley) is now available at most bookstores, including those on the internet, and features word and logic puzzles.

Try a couple sample puzzles -- the answers (as well as the "match wits with Mensa" results) are included:
Eight cards were missing from a standard poker deck with no jokers, making it impossible to get a straight-flush.
Which cards were missing?
A metropolis in the US
I hold millions of people, no less
But if you were to be
Just a mile south of me,
Would that put you in Canada? Yes!

How Intelligent Are You?   Here are several puzzles from The Mensa Genius Quiz Book -- don't worry, the answers ARE included!!

Download a fun and challenging set of   50 TRIVIA QUESTIONS   in multiple choice quiz format. Freeware by Terry Wilkins.
Search for fun trivia about:

So, you think you know your trivia? Play the Smithsonian Smartifacts game. Specify a user name and password and then see how many questions you can answer correctly. Your score will be reported after each round and you'll have a chance to subscribe (by email) to their monthly news bulletins.

Greg Gay will help you determine whether you (or someone you know) is the World's Most Gullible Mensan. (Is it time for a retest??)

Bright Ideas   is a newsletter of American Mensa, Ltd.   Bright Ideas is about gifted children, and intended primarily for parents, educators and advocates. It is not a publication geared toward children.

Check the   GIFTED RESOURCES SECTION   for additional material appropriate for intelligent people of all ages.

You also may want to visit Amby's other THINKING SKILL ENHANCERS for an additional mental workout:   On-Line TESTS Section   and the   Brain Teasers & Puzzles including this truly wicked and perplexing PUZZLE.

Try out Amby's highly recommended collection of   COMPUTER PUZZLE GAMES.   These are Triple A Winners ~~ Addictive Appeal Award ~~ tested at great length by local and distant Mensans (some of whom seem to have vanished...).

Check the collection of ONLINE GAMES with "make your own adventure" stories, trivia games, mazes, visual perception puzzles and other challenges.

If you find other puzzle games you believe to be worthy of this award, please contact Amby.

logo Here is a breath-taking look at the beautiful product line of original tiling sets and strategy games from Kadon Enterprises, Inc., whose specialty is the development of "combinatorial" geometric sets. Kate Jones also has a puzzle available only to Mensans:
There is one puzzle I have designed that is not on the website or in our catalog, yet I consider it one of the very best things I've ever done: the Mensa logo puzzle. It is about 8x8", lasercut acrylic, the familiar round-cornered black square with embedded yellow M and globe. It comes in a nice white gift box with instructions (no solution) and is available to Mensans only. Its 16 pieces (based on combinations of equilateral triangles from size 2 through 6) form not only the logo but also the number 50 (for the 50th anniversary) and the numbers 22 (for Chicago Mensa's 22nd HalloweeM party). It is $39 postpaid, and 10% of the proceeds go to MERF.
Mensa logo puzzle

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