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The 2001-2002 Executive Committee

Karen Donnelly
Mike Firetto
Marty Flowers
Bob Gomola
Megan Heber
Deborah Henry
David A. Hunt
Lisa McCracken
Dan Sullivan
Tamara Wardell

Local Contacts:

owl Deborah Henry, WPaM LocSec

owl Linda Hathaway, WPaM Recording Secretary

owl Alj Mary, Editor of the PHOENIX and 2002 RG Chair

owlKaren Donnelly, Proctor Coordinator

owl James Morgan, Gifted Children Coordinator

owlBob Gomola, WPaM ExComm and Young Mensans Coordinator

owl Brenna Marie Brucker, Teens/Teen Editor

owl Carole McIntyre, Waynesburg Subgroup Coordinator

owl Roswitha Cheatle, St. Marys Subgroup Coordinator

owl Marty Flowers, WPaM Activities/Calendar Coordinator

owlTom Hannan, Arbitrator / Mediator

owl Joan Hutzley, WPaM Historian/Archivist  

owl Tamara Wardell, WPaM ExComm

owl Dolores Kortlandt, WPaM Treasurer

owl Amby Duncan-Carr, WPaM Webmaster

Visit the Home Pages of other Local Mensans:

owl Jeff Gray holds degrees in Computer Science from WVU (go Mountaineers!!); currently a Ph.D. student at Vanderbilt University (Software Engineering); plays guitar, enjoys weightlifting, and is a fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers and Pirates.
owl Louise Hammond, former Rivers 3 RG Chair
owl Marty Lyle is a Computer Programmer & Consultant (currently under long-term contract with Hewlett-Packard); enjoys sailing, computers, movies, politics, legal & ethical issues, physics, and is single.
owl Lee Kim, J.D. (2002, Pitt Law); PA bar exam candidate; website has personal info, powerlifting, networking, domain name, NEC MobilePro 880, spyware troubleshooting tips, and legal links (law school, IP law, bar exam, etc.).

owl Ted Manikas is a Ph.D. student in Electrical Engineering at the University of Pittsburgh and also part-time Computer Specialist at the NSABP, a research center on campus.
owl Tom Nehrer maintains a site, The Essence of Reality, where he examines the mind, consciousness, and all of life from a standpoint of Clear Awareness -- a view free of the illusions caused by standard cultural beliefs and subtle assumptions. It should be of interest to readers who seek to understand their own nature and question traditional thinking.
owl Blue Horses Hank Roll, AABSURD SIG coordinator and former WPaM PHOENIX Editor. Author of Fixit and Mr. Fixit - Spring Cleaning; author and illustrator of the Make-Your-Own Adventure story, In Quest of the Platinum Piggy; and featured on the Mensa Bulletin as cover artist: "Blue Horses"
owl Dan Sullivan, a former WPaM LocSec, maintains the Geolibertarian Home Page and is a proponent of Land Tax rather than sales, income, business use or property taxes which penalize productive efforts.

If you are a member of Western Pennsylvania Mensa (or are a Mensan residing in the area) and would like to be included in this listing, please contact the webmaster.

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Western Pennsylvania Mensa is part of American Mensa's Great Lakes & Ohio Valley Region; other groups in Region 3, with local webpages, include:

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