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Navigating the Information Superhighway

New to the web? This Basic Netscape (3.0) Tutorial with a Mouse will provide the introductory info you need to start jumping around the Internet with ease; other Internet Tutorials are also available (including one for Lynx - a DOS-based web browser).
Santa Cruz Public Libraries, California

The EarthLink Web Tour
Welcome to the Web -- Earthlink provides this brief, colorful introductory tour of the World Wide Web. You'll learn about Web pages, browsers, URLs, and find everything you need to get started surfing the Web.

Internet Tutorial for Beginners & Search Tips
New to the web? This tutorial will take you through the basics step-by-step. Includes how to use a mouse, page navigation, saving files, using Telnet, etc.
Mary Ziller

Seeing and Touching the Internet
Clear introduction to the Internet; includes:
Sunrise Internet Tutorials

What Is the Internet?
This tutorial will explain the Internet and show you how to access and explore the vast array of useful resources available online. You can also see how much you know by taking the Internet Quiz.

Internet Navigator
Utah's online, multi-institutional Internet course provides outstanding modules on ways to efficiently navigate the Information Superhighway, includes an overview of the Internet, as well as illustrated guides to using Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer. Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences Library and the Utah Academic Library Consortium (UALC)

Internet Tutorials
The University at Albany Libraries provides these helpful tutorials on: Basic Internet; Research Guides; Search Engines & Subject Directories; using Netscape Navigator & Communicator, etc.
Laura Cohen

The Internet Language Dictionary
All those Internet terms are clearly defined Full Alphabetic Listing is available or launch the Pocket Dictionary in a floating window which you can keep on your desktop as you surf around the Internet.
Vincent James and Erin Jansen -- NetLingo

Internet Web Text
A clear, easy-to-use hypertext guide to resources on Internet. Includes descriptive info about the guide so you can use it most efficiently.
John December


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Netiquette:   The Rules of the Road

This site includes ordering info as well as a wealth of resources from the book Netiquette by Virginia Shea, including:
Albion Books

The Net:   User Guidelines and Netiquette
Includes info and suggestions for appropriate use of:
Arlene Rinaldi

10 Big Myths about copyright explained
Before you use something you found online, check out this info which explains issues related to copyright and USENET/Internet publication. Also, the article Linking Rights discusses the legality of pointers TO other sites....
Brad Templeton

All About Trademarks
This site provides useful information about trademarks and trademark law, extensive links to copyright, unfair competition, computer, multimedia, advertising, international trade, and trade secret law topics, as well as links for lawyers.
Gregory H. Guillot, Chartered


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Getting Connected:   Internet Service Providers   also:   FREE Access

Internet Access Provider Meta-List
Thinking about getting your very own connection to the internet? Confused by the ads and hype? Trying to locate a good provider? Includes:
How To Choose an Internet Access Provider
B.J. Herbison

Pittsburgh Internet Service Providers
Three Rivers Free-Net provides a list of Internet Service Providers (National and Local) providing online access in the Pittsburgh (PA) area. TRFN also has a text-only access number and provides Lynx Navigating Help for using this dial-up service.
Three Rivers Free-Net

ISP Directory - United States and Canada
Locate Internet Service Providers in your local calling area without wasing through hype and advertising. Nicely organized site includes ratings of many providers, as well as monthly costs and set-up fees as applicable; includes links to other resources.

The List
The definitive buyer's guide to Internet Service Providers. Locate an ISP by area code, or by country code.

Ken's WebSampler: Internet Service Providers
This section of Ken's WebSampler provides links to Directories as well as individual ISPs (info regarding the specific geographic area, if any, is included). Several ISPs are included for the Pittsburgh area.
Ken Holt

Internet Service Providers Directory
Boardwatch Magazine's List of Internet Service Providers, including the results of Backbone Performance Tests, List of ISPs, National Dial-Up Access Providers, etc. as well as info about using a TRACEROUTE to determine your own connection to the Internet.
Boardwatch Magazine

American Express(r)
American Express will be providing 75 hours of internet access with 24/7 customer service, instant messaging, email, personal webspace, online bill payment, etc. to their card holders for $12.95 per month. Apply for the card now and have high-quality, low-cost service available along with numerous other member benefits.
American Express(r)

FREE Internet Access

No such thing as a free lunch??   Well...

Gone are the days of having to pay for online access, but so too are most of the providers who had offered of totally free, unlimited access. If you're willing to deal with advertizing, though, you can still get acceptable service for FREE (provided there's a local dial-up access number for your locale). Additionally, some major corporations, such as American Express(r) and AT&T have stepped up to offer discounted access programs. In any case, having a "freebie" available as a back-up ISP can be a real help, if your regular (paid) provider has a problem.

Juno Online Service
Old, slow computer? If you have Windows 95 (or later), and a 486 with 16 MB RAM, you can get online; see System Requirements. If you're willing to wade through ads, Juno's free internet access may be worthwhile; check the Access Numbers for local service available in many areas of the United States.
Juno® Online Service     Juno and the Juno Logo are trademarks of Juno Online Services, L.P.

dotNow! - Free Dialup Access
By using advertising, dotNow! provides access to the vastness of CyberSpace, for FREE! Check the list of Metro Areas currently covered (there's a "local" number for more than 90% of the people in the US).

40 hours each month of free Internet access and e-mail... nationwide! NetZero is able to offer this service by generating revenue through advertising and e-commerce sponsorships. Check the current list of Access Numbers or Download NetZero software. NOTE: You can order Premium Service with no ads for $9.95 (if you exceed 40 hours in one month you will either have to pay or not use your account until the next month).


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Using the Internet:   Email

Email Tutorial
This tutorial is intended to give you the knowledge to identify and solve some of the more common causes for your email messages not reaching their intended recipients.

Internet Navigator - Email Basics
Utah's online, multi-institutional Internet course provides outstanding modules on ways to efficiently navigate the Information Superhighway; this one includes the basics of proper email use with pointers to other segments which include info about Usenet News Groups, Electronic Mailing Lists, etc.
Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences Library and the Utah Academic Library Consortium (UALC)

BootBox.Net Webmail
Easy sign-up; no automatic opt-in subscriptions, etc. Provides easy access to External POP Mail so you can download and read mail from your other email accounts. Register now for free Webmail.
Services provided by

Free Email
A list of over 70 different sources of free email accounts. Provides info such as language, type of account, domain names available (the part after the at symbol, ie. as well as links to the providers.
A World of Free Stuff

Links to sites providing Free E-Mail Accounts as well as info about Junk E-mail and Spam!!
Three Rivers Free-Net

FWPR -- Free Email Providers
List of over 100 providers of free email -- categorized by type of service (ie. POP & SMTP; Web-based; Forwarding; Proprietary). Hyperlinks are provided to each, but no additional information -- you'll have to explore each to find out the specifics.
Max Lee / Free Webpage Provider Review

Free E-mail Accounts on the Internet
Very nice annotated listing of free E-mail account providers. This quick-loading site features a variety of other wonderful freebies, including Free E-mail Software.
#1 Free Stuff

Juno® Online Service
Know someone with a computer and a modem but no Internet Service Provider? Have they been told their system is "too old"? Download this version -- Juno for Windows 3.1
      Minimum system requirements: You'll need at least a 386 PC, 4MB of RAM, 15MB of free disk space, Windows® 3.1, a 9600-baud modem, and a VGA monitor (not available for DOS or Mac...).    
Juno is paid for by advertising, so you'll receive your share of junk email, but at least you can get connected!!   Also available: Juno GoldSM which requires Windows 95 and provides additional features at minimal cost.
Juno® Online Service     Juno and the Juno Logo are trademarks of Juno Online Services, L.P.

The Worldwide E-mail Solution provides FREE Web-based e-mail, available through any Internet connection — anytime, anywhere. Sign-up procedure is clear and non-intrusive; you can select from several types of hints if you forget your password; provides junk mail filtering, check other Pop Mail accounts; online help is available. No longer provides a non-frames option, though, so you'll be scrolling horizontally unless you have at least a 1024x768 display setting....

USA.NET - The Internet Postoffice
NET@DDRESS is free, permanent, portable e-mail; it's web-based - all you need to use it is an Internet connection. Find out more about the postoffice of the future: NET@DDRESS. Signing up is straight-forward and not overly intrusive. There is also a tutorial available to explain exactly how to use all the features of your new account.

FREE Web-Based Email Service
Easy-to-use web-based email account which provides options for attachments, signatures, and a personal address book; note that a frames-capable browser is required. The application procedure is straight-forward (NOTE: If you forget your password, you will be asked for your mother's maiden name. You may want to give some OTHER name -- but be sure it's one you'll be able to remember!!). After signing up, read the Terms & Conditions and click on the ‘I Accept the Terms and Conditions’ button to activate your account. After accessing your account, always be sure to LOG OUT!!

Pegasus Mail
The official U.S. World Wide Web Site for Pegasus Mail, an electronic mail system designed by David Harris for use with Novell NetWare (versions 2.15A and later), and on standalone systems using the WINSOCK TCP/IP interface. This site provides general information about Pegasus Mail and help on setting it up. Pegasus Mail is not only an outstanding program with nice features, it's easy to set-up and use, AND it's "free". You can use it without charge, restriction or obligation on as many servers and machines as you wish, forever, with no obligation (printed owners manuals are available at a reasonable price -- but that's optional)!

Eudora Light Mail Client
Eudora Light is the freeware version of the Eudora Pro Email Client.
Get a permanent email address, as well as URL forwarding and other featrures, for less than a nickle a day. Very reliable, great customer service and absolutely no advertising or gimmicks. I have used pobox since 1995 and have never had any problems!!

FREE, permanent, portable email service which "redirects" your mail to another address; also provides URL redirection which is generally reliable. The email sponsorship tags can be permanently filtered for a one-time fee of $9.50 although they aren't particularly annoying. NOT to be used to send junkmail!!
NetForward   Text Only Pages

Bigfoot - Free email for life
Bigfoot forwards all of your Bigfoot for Life mail to the email address of your choice....FREE! You can also have Bigfoot distribute copies of all your email to up to five email accounts; deliver incoming email to multiple addresses or reject it based on your preferences.


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Using the Internet:   LISTSERV, IRC Chat, USENET News Groups, Cookies, SPAM, etc.

Internet Resources by Type: Gopher- Phone- USENET- WAIS- Other
Check out the listing of categories in the Gopher Jewels section
Gopher Jewels

Internet FAQ Archives
This archive contains Usenet Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) postings in Hypertext format and in FTP archive textual format. You can also search or browse in several ways; find out about the groups before you join.
Kent Landfield

The IRC Prelude
New to Internet Relay Chat? Want to find out about this phenomenon? This site provides clear info and is well-organized and non-commercial; provides pointers to additional resources, including
Joseph Lo

Internet Chat Info
Find out more about Inter-Relay-Chat (IRC); includes important info, hints, tips, cautions and links.
Internet Alaska

Listserv: E-Mail Discussion Groups
Provides links to the major  mailing list directories as well as Mail List Manager Commands and provides basic info such as subscribing (or unsubscribing) and posting to mailing lists.
Rob Kabacoff, PhD

Publicly Assessible Mailing Lists
Thinking about joining a mailing list? Here are both an alphabetical index of mailing lists and well as a list of hundreds of subject areas linked to lists of mailing lists available to the public; each entry includes contact/subscription info, purpose, owner, etc.Indexed alphabetically by Name and by Subject.
Stephanie and Peter da Silva

ONElist Mailing List Communities
Mailing lists allow groups of people to interact on various subjects. Find the lists you are interested in joining and maintain them all in ONE place. Anyone can now start a mailing list, quickly and easily, at no cost using advertiser-supported ONElist.

Create Your OWN Email List
WebPromote enables you to create and maintain your own mailing list, for FREE. Read the List Owner FAQs to find out more about this service.
WebPromote® Engage

Newsgroups: Bulletin Boards to the World
Info about Newsgroups and how to access and participate in USENET newsgroup discussions.
Daily bLink / EarthLink Network, Inc.

The Comprehensive Internet Reference
Overwhelmed by the vast number and variety of newsgroups (USENET) and mailing lists (LISTSERV) and other resources available? Use the search tool here to find what you're looking for:

SOULIS: Suggestions for Internet Solutions
Info and umpteen links to resources on an amazing array of topics; including:
A. A. Kartsatou

Cookie Central
Dedicated to providing full information about Internet Cookies. Get all the info on these controversial "treats", including:
Cookie Central

Effective Action Against Spammers
Sick of unsolicited, untargeted bulk email? Want constructive suggestions for effectively dealing with SPAM?? Junk mailers beware!! Here's how to report them AND get action (links to additional Anti-SPAM sites and info, too).
Tracy Marks

The Art of Spam-Hunting
This library of texts for the serious spam hunter, will help you track down spammers as well as enable you to decode email headers, and understand IP addresses, domain name servers, Traceroute, etc.
Steve Atkins

Spam Hater
Hit back at the Spammers! Here's FREE Windows software to help you launch an all-out attack against those folks who clog your mailbox with annoying or abusive messages (and slow down the Internet by eating up the bandwidth).
Net Services

Internet Country codes
Trying to figure out WHERE that site (or ISP) is located? Use this handy list of country codes to decipher an email address or URL.


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