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Javascript Tutorials
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Javascript Tutorials

JavaScript for the Total Non-Programmer
Clearly written with excellent examples and understandable explanations, this tutorial will take you step-by-step through the fundamentals of Javascript. Learn how to write functions, use data from text boxes, create IF-THEN conditionals, program loops, and generally make your web page "smarter." Also available: CGI for the Total Non-Programmer
Rob Young

Learning JavaScript Tutorial
Mike Hall introduces and describes this scripting language; examples and sample scripts are included. This tutorial is aimed at "intermediate-level" programmers who want to learn Javascript.
Mike Hall

Learning JavaScript
The JavaScript Zone includes a QuickStart introduction to JavaScript, detailed how-to tutorials, advanced techniques and reference materials, as well as a section of scripts you can use.
Developer Zone

JavaScript Mini-FAQ
The author of "JavaScript Bible" provides answers to frequently asked questions regarding JavaScript; explore this site for a variety of other useful goodies, too.
Danny Goodman

JavaScript Reference
Netscape provides this reference manual for JavaScript, the cross-platform, object-based scripting language for client and server applications. Also available: JavaScript Guide for JavaScript 1.1 (JavaScript as used by Navigator 3.x).
Netscape   [Frames Version]

Authoring JavaScript
Find out more about JavaScript and explore the resources available; you can also read the JavaScript Tutorial for Programmers.
Aaron Weiss

The Java Tutorial
A practical guide for programmers -- if you want to learn Java (and write applets, etc.) this is THE place to go!!   [Please Note:   Java is not the same as Javascript....]
Sun Microsystems


Javascript Tutorials
Collections of FREE Scripts
JavaScript Utilities
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Collections of FREE JavaScripts

Nic's JavaScript Page
Explore this very well-designed listing of free JavaScripts arranged by category. The code these JavaScripts is clearly labeled and many are color-coded making them easy to use (even for beginners).

JavaScript World
Browse this collection of scripts arranged by category; also includes these useful tutorials and resources:
JavaScript World

Michele-Web - Copy-n-Paste Scripts
Several very useful scripts: Add the Date; Navigation Menu; Email Button, etc. Each is provided with a "live" example plus the script itself (nicely color-coded to make it easy to personalize and install). Michele-Web has numerous other resources, too.
Michele D. Jinkerson

The JavaScript Planet
This collection provides hundreds of FREE Javascript examples and is very nicely arranged (including info about which browsers are required to run the different scripts).
Mattias Sjöberg

The JavaScript Source
Check out this collection of hundreds of free JavaScripts available for use on web pages; you can also try out the JavaScript FolderTree navigation applet to explore this site.
The JavaScript Source

JavaScript Codes from McWebber
Javascript code along with instructions is provided to add these features to your page:

Jordan's Javascript Page
Find out which browsers support what in Javascript; view several interesting (and entertaining) applets; check out snippets and locate sites to help you learn the language.
Jordan Hiller

Java Script Made Easy!!
Provides 175 scripts with working examples and explicit directions!!! Easily determine which scripts will work in different versions of Netscape or MSIE. See exactly how the script looks and try it out to make sure it's what you want; then follow the instructions to add it to your page (no Javascript experience needed).   [NOTE: A Version 4+ browser is required (otherwise be prepared to crash).]
Douglas Popeney

Chester Giles has collected and catalogued an amazing array of scripts, including Java applets, compiled C/C++ programs, VRML worlds, CGI... Explore the thousands of scripts available here!! Search for specific scripts or browse by language.


Javascript Tutorials
Collections of FREE Scripts
JavaScript Utilities
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JavaScript Utilities

Roller - A Javascript Coder by Pat Friedl
Roller is a JavaScript coder that can generate the JavaScript and html code for your page - and you don't need any JavaScript knowledge! Check out the array of Tutorials available from Nebulus Designs on a wide variety of web design topics
Nebulus Designs

Check out this JavaScript DHTML site outliner and create an intuitive navigation system for your site. [NOTE: See MakeTree below.]
Marcelino Martins

Okay, you think Folder-Tree would be a fine addition to your site, but the idea of creating/revising the JavaScript is rather not despair!! Check out this utility program which automatically generates Folder-Tree. Also, check out the rest of the site, find out about the 4tH compiler/interpreter, and see the Folder-Tree in action.
Hans Bezemer

FolderTree of The JavaScript Source
Sample the JavaScript FolderTree navigation applet or use the Non-Frames Version; either way you'll find an incredible number of applets to use absolutely free of charge!!
The JavaScript Source

Frame Breaking JavaScript Code
Sick of people arriving at your site trapped in someone else's @#$% frames?? Search no more -- here are the standard frame breakers as well as a couple other ways to keep your guests from inadvertently bookmarking the other guy's URL. If YOU have a framed site you may want to read WHY so many people dislike them (perhaps you'll even reconsider, or at very least be polite and include target="_top" in your external links...).
Erich Voice, President, I Hate Frames Club

JavaScript Discussion List
Both novice and pro are welcome to sign up for this JavaScript Discussion List designed for the general discussion of JavaScript and JScript programming. You can view recent posts or explore the archive of the JavaScript List via
Also available from MountainDragon:
David Merchant


Javascript Tutorials
Collections of FREE Scripts
JavaScript Utilities
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