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Online Deals and Money-Saving Offers

Get Paid to Surf
Are you getting paid to use your computer RIGHT NOW? If not, you owe it to yourself to check out these ways to cash in!! Start making money every minute you're surfing the 'net, reading email, playing games, etc.
Amby Duncan-Carr
Bitten by the rebate bug? Now you can get clothing with up to a 100% rebate!! You can even choose to apply your rebate toward your next purchase instead of waiting up to 12 weeks for a check to be mailed. Only one rebate per item per billing address in any 30 day period.

Banks and Online Financial Institutions
Thinking about switching banks, or setting up an online account? Before you take the plunge, do your research CAREFULLY. You can Compare online Bankers ...or use these other helpful resources provided by

Who are the best online Bankers?

View them by Gomez ranking categories:
Overall Score
Ease Of Use
Customer Confidence
On-Site Resources
Relationship Services
Overall Cost
Which Banker is the best for you?
Are you a...
Internet Transactor
One-Stop Shopper

Enter To Win $100,000 Instantly!
Feeling lucky?? Try this Flip-4-Cash game for your chance at cash and prizes!! And there's absolutely no cost to register, play, and win... the hardest part will be deciding HOW to spend your winnings!!
The Internet leader for name brands at clearance prices!! Save 40-70% (or more) on quality items; also, bonus buys and quick delivery (with free shipping) via UPS!!

Want the best deal possible from your favorite online stores? OrderBox's new technology will group your offers with those of others to leverage the best deals possible. They guarantee that you will get the products and services you want at the prices you want to pay (or even less). Download OrderBox now, shop Anywhere on the Web, and Pay Your Price or Less... Guaranteed!
Set your OWN price for groceries, gasoline, long distance, airline tickets, hotels, rental cars, home financing, new cars, etc. The Priceline WebHouse Club can help you save a LOT of money, and their site is secure and easy to use. Get instant half-price items and great deals on the products you use most!!
Priceline WebHouse Club | Your one-stop source for everything financial.
For all your insurance and mortgage needs

Use your computer to make telephone calls in the United States for FREE. Click the button to launch DialPad. Sign up with by completing a quick registration form. No credit cards, no spam, no downloads, no installation, no configuration.
[Note: Microsoft's Virtual Machine must be installed on your system.]

FREE Voicemail, Email and Fax! Advanced technology allows you to check messages over the phone or on the Internet; send or receive email by phone. Make 5˘ a minute calls anytime, anywhere in the Continental U.S; personal 800 number, call forwarding and paging are also available. There are no monthly fees.
ThinkLink . . Long Distance Calls at great prices!
Set your OWN price for domestic and international long distance calling - just make your calls from your home or small business - there's no need to switch your long distance company! will let you know in seconds if your price is accepted. My offer of $4.00 for 60 minutes (including all taxes, fees and surcharges) was just accepted!! ...gee, I wonder how low they will go... Priceline WebHouse Club

Free alternatives to expensive phone lines! Set up busy call forwarding with your phone companys; download the free software and use this Internet Answering Machine. If you're online, people can leave a message and you'll be able to hear it immediately through your computer. You can also get a Free FAX number.s   [Note: Check with your phone company: Callwave is free, but Busy Call Forwarding typically costs about $5 to set up, then $3 per month.]

Those sticker companies...
Find out about those various phone company deals (1010321, etc). And check out The ATM Surcharge Page
Stanley Cline

"FreeBee's" Online
A great collection of wonderful online deals!! Includes: Internet Service Connections (ISP), Computers, Software, Books, Online FAX, Email & Phone, Free Stamps, Free Stuff (all personally checked out by the host!!)
Vaughn Hubbard
Want to win Free Cash every day? Try the newest Freebie site on the Internet today, Of course it's loaded with free loot: great vacations, magazines and samples galore! Check it out and pass it on-it's worth it! The more people you tell, the more chances YOU get for cash. Get Free Stuff today

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Other Useful "STUFF"

Windows 95 Manual
Everything you could ever possibly want to know about Windows 95 in a well-organized clearly written online manual. Text-based Windows 95 Manual also available, as well as Windows 95 Tips - indexed by category.
Tracy Marks / Windweaver Training Services

InterNIC 15 Minute Series
These Tools for the Internet Trainer include Instructions, Technical Tips and Recommendations, providing an excellent overview of a variety of topic areas, including:
  • Internet History
  • The Basics
  • Electronic Mail
  • Tools
  • Indexing and Search Services
  • Technology
  • World Wide Web
  • Internet Organizations

Intelligent Taxes
Well-organized resources includes tips, rates, deadlines, software, etc. The State Tax Roundup page provides access to info about current rates, recent and proposed changes (also archive of past changes) for income, property and sales taxes. Tax forms are available in PDF format.

GuideStar is a searchable database of more than 620,000 nonprofit organizations in the United States.

Need something translated?

Babel Fish
Enter up to 150 words for translation (or provide the address (URL) of a Web page, and AltaVista will translate the site) to or from French, German, Italian, Portugese, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Korean or Chinese. You can even add AV Translation to Your Browser!

Try the GO Translator:
Translate the following text

  powered by SYSTRAN Translation Software

Free Translation Site
This easy-to-use site provides rapid translations when you need to get the "gist" of foreign language text or web pages; this free service (for personal, non-commercial use only) translates to and from French, German and Spanish as well as into Italian and Portugese.
Transparent Language, Inc.


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Software and Utilities

NetMind's URL-Minder: Mind-it
So you located a great website... want to be able to find out when new info is added? NetMind's free user service, Mind-it, will send you an email each time your registered page is updated.

Crash Warning
Know before Windows is about to crash!! View your computer's current System, GDI and USER memory resources. To see if it's already installed on your system, click on the Start button, choose Programs, then Accessories, then System Tools, and look for the Resource Meter. If you don't have it, you can download it for free from UtilMind Solutions, who also provides a variety of other high-quality software. Resource Meter
UtilMind Solutions

Internet Essentials
A fine assortment of online utilities, software, useful tools, additional search engines, etc. provided by Mensa 76.

Help on Internet Software
Provides a comprehensive overview of the WWW as well as tutorials and software. Covers the common programs used to access online resources, including email and newsgroup software, as well as Adobe Acrobat Reader.

FWPR - Free Webspace Providers
List of free miscellaneous services, clearly organized in categories; includes:
  • Banners and Buttons
  • Chat Rooms
  • Counters
  • Guestbooks
  • CGI Script Hosting
  • URL Forwarding or Redirection
Max Lee / Free Webpage Provider Review

How to Download
This simple tutorial will take the mystery out of this popular and useful Internet activity -- find out how to obtain computer programs, reference materials, artwork or other information with a single click of your mouse. Includes info about Internet Blocking and Filtering Utilities (with links).
Internet Alaska

NetZIP Web automates the whole process of downloading, unzipping, and installing software and Internet files. The redesigned interface provides:
  • Automatic Install
  • Virus Scan Software Support
  • Reconnect Feature
If you're running Windows (3.x, 95, 98, NT) and use Netscape or Internet Explorer, download a FREE evaluation version, now!!

EasyCleaner is a freeware program, designed by Toni Helenius, which searches your Windows' registry for entries that are pointing nowhere; deleting these entries will speed your computer up. Find out more about the great features included in this program, view screenshots and download your own copy.
Toni Helenius

Ipswitch brings you numerous utilities to download for your computer on one handy page. Includes PKUnzip, WinZip, Adobe Acrobat Reader, as well as utilities for the IMail Server.

"Unclaimed Treasure"
The National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators (NAUPA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to working with the states to reunite owners with their unclaimed property. In nearly every state, there is no time limitation for filing a claim -- you just have to determine that you HAVE something!! Post Cards Target Unsuspecting Senior Citizens Don't be a victim -- check for your own "Unclaimed Treasure" today!! Check out Dateline's coverage of NAUPA in Show Me the Money.


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Buying Computers & Online Transactions

Dave's Guide to Buying a Home Computer
Includes info on the following topics:
  • Buying a Home PC
  • Buying a Used PC
  • Setup and Upgrade
  • Trouble Shooting
Dave Krauss / Michigan State University Computer & Home Office
You can order a computer (or a vast variety of other products) at super-low prices. Get top-quality name brand products at 40-70% off AND free shipping!!

Buyer's Guide: Desktop Computers
How do you decide which to buy? This article gives suggestions on what to look for and is not slanted toward any specific brand or hardware manufacturer.
  • Learn about the latest trends
  • Pinpoint what features to look for
  • Decode the lingo
  • See what the experts recommend
I've purchased most of my own computer equipment, etc. from Egghead and after dozens of transactions I can vouch for their integrity, excellent service and outstanding values!!
Egghead Computer

Bottom Dollar Network Shopping Agent
  Search the Web For The Best Prices!
    Search for:

Concerned about making online purchases? You are right to be cautious!! Now there's a way to evaluate online merchants: independently and continuously surveys thousands of actual customers as they buy online, compiling their shopping experiences into reliable merchant ratings you can trust to shop online with confidence!

Most Significant Bits
Shop online for computer software, CD-ROM titles, etc. at the guaranteed lowest prices! In the US, shipping (via UPS Ground) is a flat $5 for the ENTIRE order. Secure on-line ordering and Worldwide Delivery.
Most Significant Bits Corporation

PRINT REAL COUPONS FROM YOUR COMPUTER! Save hundreds of dollars at your favorite stores, online merchants, restaurants and travel companies. Click HERE to go to CoolSavings -- where coupons are free and your privacy is guaranteed. Clip here NOW and save today!

All-Internet Shopping Directory
This directory has provided Internet Shoppers with an easy-to-use central connection to malls, stores, products and services on the World-Wide Web since 1995 and includes a listing of Internet Auctions, as well as dozens of other categories for you to browse or search.
All-Internet Shopping Directory

Val-Pak Coupons On-Line
The blue envelope on line, 30,000 local coupons available on your computer for free. View coupons available from businesses in your local area, then print the ones you want to use!! Requires no special software.

Yahoo! Classifieds - Coupons
Search for coupons by category, Zipcode, etc. (if you get no results searching by Zip, scroll down on the results page and try a keyword search, instead -- city or state, etc.).


Deals & Offers Other Useful "Stuff" Software & Utilities Buying Online Auctions Virus Alert Tools Index SEARCH



Instant Online Payments via PayPal Official Verification Seal
Thinking about buying or selling online? Want to collect or send payments instantly and safely? There's no charge to use AND you'll be covered by a $5000 Buyer Protection Guarantee. Sign up now and get a $5 credit!!

Auction Sites -- peruse these annotated listings to see what each of these different auction sites is like; includes descriptions of the types of items (ie. computers, consumer products, collectibles, office electronics, jewelry, etc.) as well as descriptions of policies, fees, registration method, etc. A very useful overview.
Enter keyword(s) to search for auctions.

Interested in online auctions? Check out these sites. But remember, before you jump in, please take time to find out about the policies and take appropriate precautions, as you would with any purchase or other transaction.
General Auction Sites
  • eBay
  • numerous categories
  • Up4Auction
  • auctions & fixed sales
  • Auction_Universe
  • Bid$afe & FirstBidWins
  • Yahoo Auction
  • free, 2-14 day + charity auctions
  • uBid
  • certified venders
  • atAUCTION or atCOST
  • Excite
  • free Classifieds & Auctions
  • eWanted
  • Buy or Sell online
  • Haggle Online
  • free basic listings
  • Amazon
  • - Quick-loading; clear help
  • MetaExchange
  • - The Stock Market for Stuff
  • Up4Sale
  • FREE (yes, even for sellers!)

    Speciality Auctions
  • AuctionMax
  • computer outlet (framed site)
  • computer outlet (also resellers)
  • Biddington's
  • Online Art & Antiques Auctions
  • Concert tickets and more

  • Auction Patrol
  • - Auction info
  • Auction Watch
  • - FREE buyer/seller services

    Internet Auctions
    This directory has provided Internet Shoppers with an easy-to-use central connection to malls, stores, products and services on the World-Wide Web since 1995 and includes dozens of other categories for you to browse or search.
    All-Internet Shopping Directory

    The Internet Auction List
    The Web's largest auction-related directory has more than 25 different categories and includes both online and traditional styles. Search for upcoming auctions by category or location in the IAL's Auction Calendar.
    The Internet Auction List


    Deals & Offers Other Useful "Stuff" Software & Utilities Buying Online Auctions Virus Alert Tools Index SEARCH

    Viruses:   Detection and Protection; Recognizing HOAXES

    Help!   I just got an email Virus Warning...
    A friend, relative or business associate just sent you an email warning you about a virus.... Of course you want to know if it's REAL.... I'm sorry it tell you -- IT IS -- Find out more.
    Clay Shirky

    G o o d T i m e s V i r u s H o a x
    The Good Times email virus is a hoax! If anyone repeats the hoax, please show them these Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). Extensive historical (hysterical) background (also Irina, Deeyenda, Pen Pals, and other copycats)
    Les Jones

    Computer Virus Myths
    Which of these things is not like the others?
    1. Win a Holiday computer virus alert
    2. Returned/Unable To Deliver computer virus alert
    3. Join the Crew computer virus alert
    4. Word.Concept computer virus alert
    5. Penpal Greetings computer virus alert
    Answer: (4). The Word.Concept virus is real. The rest are hoaxes designed to frighten you. Don't panic about a virus alert -- especially if you receive the alert on April Fool's Day. Visit for more information about computer virus hoaxes BEFORE forwarding any warnings.
    Rob Rosenberger

    The CIAC pages include info about current (and past) Internet Hoaxes, Chain Letters, and Viruses; discusses how to recognize hoaxes, what to do about them, and some of the history of hoaxes on the Internet. Security resources, etc. are also provided.
    Computer Incident Advisory Capability / U.S. Dept. of Energy

    Computer Virus Information
    This site is considered to be THE industry standard source for up-to-date information on new viruses and hoax alerts. If you hear about a virus, check here before spreading warnings!! Includes a searchable virus description database as well as a comprehensive list of Virus Hoaxes, false alerts and related things: Hoax warnings on the run.
    Data Fellows

    VIRUS BULLETIN! Downloading programs? ALWAYS test for viruses! I trust F-PROT from Data Fellows to keep my computer safe; it's free for non-commercial use.
    To uncompress many programs you'll need ZIP File Utilities (Shareware):

    Or download PKWARE® Shareware and Support Files directly from:

    CERT® Coordination Center Computer Virus Resources
    Includes Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Computer Viruses; Databases of Viruses (including Hoaxes and Chain Letters); Virus Organizations, Publications, Vendors, and a variety of other resources.
    Software Engineering Institute; Carnegie Mellon University

    Symantec AntiVirus Research Center
    Committed to providing swift, global responses to computer virus threats, proactively researching and developing technologies that eliminate such threats and educating the public on safe computing practices. Provides Norton AntiVirus software updates and info about the latest viruses.

    McAfee VirusScan
    For immediate, fast, and easy online protection, use VirusScan Online (available at the Clinic) to find and eliminate viruses with just a few clicks. This requires a Clinic subscription (register for a FREE two-week trial!). See below for low cost McAfee VirusScan from AllAdvantage.

    McAfee VirusScan from AllAdvantage
    ....Another benefit of belonging to AllAdvantage.... Windows 95/98 users can download the software and get McAfee VirusScan updates for just $.50/month - no rebate hassles, either. Keep your computer safe and pay for the most up-to-date virus protection just by using the viewbar a few hours each month!!

    HouseCall - Free Online Virus Scanning HouseCall
    Give your PC a check-up while you surf the Web!! HouseCall demonstrates Trend's powerful web-based technologies. Scan your local drives, NOW, for free!! Also, submit suspicious files or check the latest alerts in the Virus Information Center.
    Trend Micro

    AVERT WebImmune Service
    AVERT (Anti Virus Emergency Response Team) WebImmune resides on the web and analyzes potentially infected files that are submitted online. Submission not only initiates an analysis, but a real-time fix, if warranted. Free Trial period has been extended.


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