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Web Interface to Whois
Trying to figure out if a Domain Name has already been reserved (and by whom), or WHO to contact about a site, etc.? For non-military and non-US government domains and contacts, Whois is the tool you want.
Type in your search string (i.e. or smith, john).
Please note that requests like "" will not yield a correct answer.
Search for a Web address,
NIC handle, host IP,
or lastname, firstname

Use of the
Web Interface to Whois indicates agreement with Network Solutions policies.
Network Solutions, Inc.
Want a domain name?
See if it's available:


Need something translated?   Use the GO Translator:

Translate the following text

  powered by SYSTRAN Translation Software


Whois AltaVista Ask Jeeves Fast Web Google Inference Find Lycos Metacrawler Tools Index SEARCH


Several Specific Search Engine Forms


AltaVista Find this:  
Search for postings on Usenet Discussion Groups:
Find this:
The Web
Looking for something in another language? Need a page translated?

Type or paste text or Web address (beginning with http://) here:

Translate from:
Powered by Systran

Just type in a question and "Ask Jeeves!"

Ask Jeeves is a trademark of Ask Jeeves, Inc., Copyright 1998 Ask Jeeves, Inc.


FAST Web Search Web Search  
  FAST Search: All the Web, All the Time™ Search more than 200 million documents from All the Web, All the Time
  When they say FAST, they really mean it!! Search help
 Search for  

Google! Google returns high-quality search results so you don't have to sift through junk. ALSO retains cached copies of pages, so you may be able to find what's no longer online!!

Inference Find
A parallel, clustering search engine.... quite useful!!
Enter Query:

"The Intelligent Massively Fast Parallel Web Search"

Use the Lycos Search Engine to find more information on-line.
Type keyword(s), then click Search:


Terms to Match: Number of Results:

Output Level:

MetaCrawler Provides a summary of results from several major search engines; provides fewer "hits" but targets them well.
  any all phrase    
Launch MiniCrawler Launch MiniCrawler -- This convenient pop-up search form provides easy access to a powerful search engine in a fraction of the space.


AltaVista Ask Jeeves Fast Web Google Inference Find Lycos Metacrawler Tools Index SEARCH

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