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FREE Webspace Providers

Free Web Hosting with Domain Name Registration
Register or transfer your domain name for $24.95 per year and get free advanced web hosting without banner ads! Features include 20MB of space, CGI, PHP/MySQL, ASP/Access->MySQL, SSL, SSH support... as well as Free web-based email service also without market ads. All this at no cost when you transfer an existing domain name or register a new one using Maxipoint's domain registrar. Domain registration is a very reasonable $24.95 per year. In order to sign up, you must provide an Affiliate ID number; mine is 0027. You cannot register without one.
Maxipoint, Ltd.

FREE Website Hosting
Free website with 20Mb space, CGI support and email. In addition to the free services offered by RedRival Internet Services, upgrade packages are also available which provide additional space or domain name service. No banner ads required with paid hosting....
RedRival Internet Services

Free Webspace Guide
A very useful listing -- use the step-by-step guide to narrow down the choices by answering questions regarding the type of site you'll have, preferred language, whether or not you need an online editor, and whether you want to use your browser or FTP to upload files. Results include info about the site size, special features, and type of advertising, if any.

FWPR - Free Webspace Providers
Information about free webspace providers (FWPs), including availability of online editors, Frontpage Extensions, file uploads by browser, email or FTP. View personal FWPs (subcategorized by country, language and disk space allotments) or browse by special interest area (a dozen different categories, including: business, ethnicity, gaming, non-profit, politics).
Max Lee / Free Webpage Provider Review

Free General Web Site Hosting
Very nice annotated listing of free website providers; This quick-loading site features a variety of wonderful freebies for both webmasters and Internet surfers.
#1 Free Stuff

Free Web Pages
Annotated listing of free web space providers, as well as other resources for webmasters, including counters, animated gifs, software, etc.
Webtime Internet Tools


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Do you have a website?   Check out these Website Tools

Robin's Links for Webmasters
You'll need to scroll down the page a bit to get to the useful Website Helpers section, but it's well worth it!! Annotated links to many useful and interesting resources.
Robin Kelly

WebGrammar's Design Tips & Tutorials for Beginners
New to Web design? You came to the right place! WebGrammar's Place provides numerous categorized links to sites providing resources useful to anyone designing webpages.

WEBHELP Web Resource Center for HTML, Frames and more!
Jonny's Tutorials for HTML, Frames and Tables, as well as info on ways to get your site spidered by the search engines.
Jonny Gerow

An AOL Guide for Webmasters
If you're a webmaster, this info will help ensure that your site works with AOL's browser and caching system so that AOL members will experience your site as intended.
America Online, Inc.

Beej's Guide to Network Programming
This is a beginner's guide to socket programming with Internet sockets. It is meant to be a springboard that will launch you into the exciting world of TCP/IP programming.
Brian "Beej" Hall


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Web Site Promotion

Also see: Site Add-Ons and Utilities

Webmaster Daily
Webmasters Info is the Net's most popular webmaster daily ezine, chock full of revenue and traffic building tips, site design, software review, and all kinds of information geared towards making your website more successful!
Webmasters: Click Here to make Cash!

Full-Color POSTCARDS of Your Website
Better than a business card: Send (or hand out) full-color postcards of your Web pages. Request a brochure or sample cards. Once you have your Web Cards, you can send Digital Postcards of Your Web Card for FREE!!!
Web Cards

Zeus Internet Marketing Robot
Do you want to DRAMATICALLY increase your site's traffic?? Download this easy-to-use, intelligent, internet robot that builds a link directory and creates reciprocal links for your web site:
  • Automatic Reciprocal Link Generator.
  • Creates your own vertical Link Directory
  • ThemeSite Email and Contact Coordinator.

NetMechanic offers free search engine registration with 12 leading search engines; the input fields provided in this clear step-by-step process allow you to immediately test the length of content descriptions.
EngineStarter   Enter URL:    

Search Engine Optimization
This page clearly explains URL Ranking Methodology and suggests ways that YOU can optimize your search engine keywords, relative to existing leaders, and improve your placement in the search engine results.
Bruce Clay

Web Sites Lost in Cyberspace: How to Ensure your Web Site is Found
This paper by Brenda J. Gerth details design techniques and strategies to ensure that your web site can be found by people using free online search engines.
Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education

Matilda Multi-Simple Submit Form
Submit your site to over a dozen Great International Search Engines for Free! Type in your URL and email address, select the appropriate category, include the name of your site, check off the search engines you want to notify, then click on the button to Submit Your Site!
Matilda Multi-Simple Submit

Spider Miester
Do you want people to be able to find your site easily when they do a search? Use Matthew Saul's Spider Miester to submit your site to the major search engines quickly, easily, and at NO COST!

The EngineLink Directory
A well-organized, well-maintained database of over 1,100 Internet search engines, directories and indices in which you can list or promote your Web site for FREE. Each search engine is categorized, described and rated for your convenience.

Search Engine Tips
Submit It! provides these tips for announcing your web site to search engines and directories. Pay-for-service as well as Submit It! FREE
Submit It!

Want to submit to a SPECIFIC Search Engine?
You know it's out there, but finding the correct page can sometimes be daunting... don't fret, here are the submit pages for the main search engines (if you cover THESE you have at least 95% of the searchers covered...).

PositionAgent monitors where your web site is ranked on leading search engines for selected keywords and reports all listings and positions to help you get more hits. Scroll down the page to try out the free trial version.

Search Engine Tutorial for Web Designers
Northern Webs outstanding guide which explains how to design your pages with the search engines in mind. Provides a superb free application: META MEDIC, a combination webspider and syntax checker to help fine tune META tags. A Directory Service is also available for posting your URL, mailing list, or newsgroup.   Enter a URL to have Meta Medic check the META Tags:
Northern Webs
Meta Medictm is a trademark of Northern Webs

Using Meta Tags
Quickly learn more about META tags. This clear, concise info will help you understand how to construct and use Meta Tags on your web pages. Also see: How To Get Your Web Site onto the Search Engines (with links to search engine sites), and Getting found by search engines, which includes what to do (and NOT do), as well as info about SPAMMING the search engines.
Pete Gray

Meta Tags
Find out what they are, what they'll do, and how to use them effectively.
Developer Zone

A Webmaster's Guide To Search Engines
Explains how search engines find and rank web pages and what webmasters can do to make their pages easier to locate.
Danny Sullivan

Getting that page SPIDERED!!!
Jonny's Tutorials for HTML includes these ways to get your site spidered by the search engines.
Jonny Gerow

Web Site Popularity Checker
You've developed a great site and figure other people have pointers to it... perhaps you've just established a Virtual Domain and want to contact everyone whose currently pointing to your OLD address, or maybe you're just curious... in any case, now you can find those links!! Other Riffnet Scripts are available, including:
Matt Riffle

The Missing Link -- Reciprocal Links Database
Find like-minded sites and exchange links FREE! Browse the listing of sites interested in exchanging links; add your own listing to the database.
Edwin Hayward

Censorware Search
Has your site been banned? Check several common censor-software programs and see if YOUR site is blacklisted. See some of the Sites Censored by Censorship Software to see just how pervasive this problem can be. Explore other resources, as well, including an essay on The Size of the Web.


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Site Add-Ons and Utilities

THUNDERSTONE Free Search Engine Service
This application will create a custom site index for your website so that it can have a "search this site" without the need to install any software. Or download The Webinator: the only product that understands HTML 3.0, tables, and framed documents. It's available for most popular web platforms and has a reasonable starting price: Free.

Add a search engine to your web site today, for free, in less than 10 minutes! (Really!!) Add search to YOUR web site!

Webmaster Daily
Webmasters Info is the Net's most popular webmaster daily ezine, chock full of revenue and traffic building tips, site design, software review, and all kinds of information geared towards making your website more successful!
Webmasters: Click Here to make Cash!

d'Work Zone
Interested in developing a business online? Digital Work provides this archive of useful articles based on a combination of public information and interviews with business professionals and consultants.
Digital Work

Create Your OWN Email List
WebPromote enables you to create and maintain your own mailing list, for FREE. Read the List Owner FAQs to find out more about this service. Here's one way you can reach visitors again and again.
WebPromote® Engage

Free webpage recommendation and promotion tool. Visitors "send" an email with your page's URL to a friend (with a personal message, if desired). No one "harvests" the address; an advertising banner appears on the Mail2Friend form and an advertising URL is included at the bottom of the email message.
Chennai Scripts

NetMind's URL-Minder: Mind-it
So you have a great website... now you can let visitors when new info is added! Mind-it is a free automatic update service which allows visitors to register (for free); then, whenever your page changes, they'll be sent an email notice. A great way to increase repeat visits with very little work and no monetary investment!!

Free GuestBook
Get a free guestbook for your webpage and customize it with options such as background wallpaper, back link, midi music, text colors, email notification and language filter. Easy to install and set up including free support.
Virtual Ave. Join
Check out all the background info on the "Tell Me More" page and see how this service could pay for your Internet connect time by letting you earn up to $20 a month for surfing the 'net (a monthly maximum of 40 hours at $.50 per hour). You can earn even more by telling your friends or referring visitors from your website!! My own thoughts About


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Counters & Trackers: Keeping track of visitors

This tool is easy to install and lets you immediately start counting visitors to your page. You'll gain informative data on what browser they are using, the operating system they are running, whether they are return visitors, as well as obtaining totals for various time periods, etc. Click on mine below to see the current stats for this page. WebTracker
FXWeb Technologies

An excellent annotated collection of counters from a variety of sources. Includes free, pay for service, @#$% scams and counter codes. Java counters are also provided. Entries include counter example. sample stats and useful information.

Free non-commercial counters.
Net Digits TM

Outstandingly clear and easy to set-up and use. Your choice of several styles (including plain digits, graphic, or "invisible"). No advertising required!! Set up a counter on as many different pages on your site as you wish.


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