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This site is designed to provide information and support through all stages of the employment process: locating, obtaining, and retaining a position appropriate to your skills, interests, and abilities.   Full descriptions of the topics are available or use this drop-down menu to go to a specific section.

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Maintaining your mental health during the job search process is crucial. Dealing appropriately with the Unemployment Blues is a critical first step -- employers seldom hire people who appear to be depressed, angry or emotionally distressed.

Down-sized, changing careers, or not quite sure "what you want to be when you grow up"? Use the information on Career Exploration to determine your marketable skills and personal preferences; then establish your employment goals. Are you considering self-employment or working at home? The section on home-based employment will help you check out this alternative to see if it's really for you; links to info on starting a business, also.

Once you know what type of position you're seeking, use the resources in this section to organize and conduct a Job Search which will be efficient and effective; included are ways to locate the "hidden job market" using informal job search methods. Information is available about thousands of American companies, as well as those in Pittsburgh, so you can target the ones most likely to need someone with your skills and learn more about them so you can present yourself most effectively. Links and info about Local Childcare Options are also provided.

Explore the Job Listing Database, which includes national and regional listings, or check the Pittsburgh Database for sites with local employment opportunities.

Ready to make contact? Presenting Yourself On Paper focuses on ways to prepare or update your resume, and how to optimize it for electronic scanning. Also included are suggestions for effective cover letters and appropriate follow-up correspondence.

Develop an Outstanding Portfolio to effectively showcase your skills. View the sampler, explore the many ways portfolios are now being used in job search (and in other settings), and read suggestions from the experts.

Before you arrive at the potential employer's door, review Presenting Yourself In Person. Use this information to prepare for interviews: explore the interviewer's expectations; learn ways to express yourself most clearly; find out which questions you're likely to be asked as well as which ones YOU should ask.

Many employers require applicants to Take Tests prior to employment. Learn effective test-taking strategies, practice specific skills, and enhance your ability to remain calm in stressful situations.

After you have a job you will want to learn ways to be as productive as possible. Understanding the Psychology of the Workplace will help you deal effectively with difficult people, time pressure, frustration and other sources of job-related stress. Also, the legal aspects of the world of work, including the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and how to respond to Job Reference requests.

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Need a break?   Read these amusing responses (supposedly) seen on actual Federal Employee Job Evaluation Sheets. [HUMOR]

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