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Presenting Yourself In Person

Using Portfolios in Job Search:

Martin Kimeldorf (author of Portfolio Power) has provided more than a dozen different resources to help you assemble an OUTSTANDING portfolio. Includes Portfolio Samples, motivational materials, and clear, step-by-step instructions to help you develop and present your portfolio most advantageously. Get the job you really want (as well as the raises you deserve)!!

Career Articles
Over two dozen articles on topics relevant to job seekers, including:
Professional Career and Resume Management Services for the 21st Century

Interviewing Success
Excellent suggestions to help you make the best impression in an iterview. Includes sections on interview preparation, appropriate dress, phone interviews, follow-up, salary negotiation, etc.
College Grad Job Hunter

Interviewing Tips
One article from Mike Farr's On-line Get a Job Workshop by the author of The Very Quick Job Search.
Mike Farr / JIST Works

Job Search Tools
Pitt's site provides articles on many topics including:
University of Pittsburgh Placement Service

The Job Interview
The MSU Career Guide provides info on a variety of job search and career-related topics; this section includes:
Michigan State University

Job Interviews
Information and advice on how to conduct successful employment interviews; includes: Best, Favorite, or Most Often Used Interviewing Questions<

The Virtual Interview
Hands-on practice answering those tough questions. Provides good feedback. Also check the other career resources at this site!

Ready ... Set ... Go! For Successful Interviewing
Step-by-step suggestions for successfully negotiating each step of the interview process; includes references.
George Mason University's Career Services   Full Time Job Search

"The Interview Coach"
Lorna Hegarty shares her expertise.
Lorna Hegarty

Second Interviews (Callbacks)
You've caught their eye and they've called you back for a second interview -- Now What?!!?
Additional Job Search Tools and Resources are available, including other articles on interviewing as well as resumes, cover letters, etc.
Allegheny College

11 Reasons for Rejection
Find out the most common reasons why candidates are NOT hired so you can avoid these mistakes. Also available: Power Tools for Relocation to help you determine what relocating would really cost, so you can negotiate more effectively.
Management Recruiters of Pittsburgh-North

The Salary Calculator
Thinking about moving to or from Pittsburgh (or any other location)? Use this Salary Calculator to compare one region to another. Note that you have to ascertain the impact of taxes separately -- tables are included.
The Center for Mobility Resources and The Homebuyer's Fair, LLC

Salary Negotiations
A Few Techniques to Help You Earn Thousands of Dollars a Minute
An article by Mike Farr, author of The Very Quick Job Search. Also visit Mike Farr's On-line Get a Job Workshop for other useful suggestions on how to effectively locate and obtain your next position.
Mike Farr / JIST Works

Responding to Salary Questions
Suggestions for dealing appropriately with this sticky question. Also includes some ways to help you determine what the job is worth.
George Mason University's Career Services   Full Time Job Search

Paychecks by Industry
Links to the most current online salary surveys: Find out what people around the country earn in dozens of different occupational categories.
Rebecca M. Smith

Interviewing Techniques and Legal and Illegal Questions In Interviewing
Ethan A. Winning details which questions may and may not be asked in an interview. This article, taken from an Administrative Personnel Handbook, gives guidelines for the INTERVIEWER -- here's your opportunity to learn what THEY are told to do!
E. A. Winning Associates, Inc.

Sidestepping Inappropriate Interview Questions
Suggestions for dealing appropriately with those questions they shouldn't ask as well as cautions about responding to open-ended questions.
Kent R. Davies

Interview Tips & Techniques
Career Corner provides a good overview of legal and illegal questions that may be asked in an interview. By preparing and practicing your responses ahead of time, you'll be better prepared to confidently provide clear, honest answers during the interview. Includes:
Pickaway Ross Vocational School

Pre-Employment Inquiries Under the ADA:   30 Questions to Test Your "ADA IQ"
Do you know what CAN and CANNOT be asked legally under the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)?
Reinhart, Boerner, Van Deuren, Norris & Rieselbach, s.c.

Getting Clues about a Company
Specific suggestions for determining whether the company and position are really as advertised, including visual clues to be alert for in the environment. Also provides specific open-ended questions you may want to ask which may be useful not only in gaining info, but also in emphasizing your worth.
Carina F. Flores   (edited by Ms. Meera Lester)

Three Questions to Ask During a Job Interview
Don't forget that YOU CAN (and SHOULD) ask questions, yourself, during the interview. Here are three you may seriously want to consider.
Michael Kielsky, Sui Juris

Tips For Interviewees
Includes the links from Your Personal Net's NET JOBS, plus lots of other useful information.
Wolff New Media & NetResponse

Worksearch Resources
"The web's most comprehensive guide to resources that will help you sell yourself to an employer."
Gary Will

Job Interview Tips
Claitors provides useful info for dealing effectively with interviews.

Job Interview Game
Take the Hot Seat! Can you survive the mock interview and land the job? Play Kaplan's InterActive Interview Game and see if YOU can select the best answers to the interviewer's questions!
Kaplan's Career Center

Portfolio Power
Suggestions for assembling a useful portfolio; includes a sampler [requires Adobe's Acrobat Reader - available free] showing the wide range of work samples or artifacts that can be included in today's career portfolio. Other resources for portfolio development are also available in this section.
Martin Kimeldorf, author of Portfolio Power

Selling Yourself: Creating the ultimate teaching/interview portfolio
Whether you are a first-year teacher looking for that first job, or a seasoned professional making a career move, a teaching portfolio will certainly be a requirement for your job interview.


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