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Job Search Preparation
Important information to help you effectively manage your present Full-Time job of FINDING EMPLOYMENT; includes:
  • Organization
  • Worksheets and Exercises
  • Research
  • Informational Interviewing
  • Researching a Company
Minnesota Department of Economic Security

The Best Job Search Tips
One section of Mike Farr's On-line Get a Job Workshop; suggests ways to reduce the length of time needed to obtain employment and describes specific methods that have been proven to work effectively; includes:
  • How to Develop a Network of Contacts in Five Easy Steps
  • How to Contact Employers Directly (including a sample phone script).
JIST Works, Inc.

The Riley Guide
Employment Opportunities and Job Resource on the Internet; includes:
  • Opportunities for Employment
  • Research for Career and Work Options
  • Resources for Specific Occupational Areas
  • Help With Using the Internet in Your Search
Margaret F. (Riley) Dikel

Hidden Job Market
Useful tips from The CCAC Placement Manual, including specific suggestions of ways to obtain information on job opportunities and follow up effectively on leads.
Community College of Allegheny County

Ask the Expert
Check out this page for the weekly featured article providing practical advice on the employment issues facing today's job-seeker.
The Employment Paper

Netknocking: Open Virtual Doors of Opportunity With Online Networking
Outstanding article, by author and professional resume writer Rebecca Smith, suggests techniques for successful online networking.
Rebecca M. Smith / originally published in Computer Bits magazine

Effective Job Hunting for the 21st Century!
Includes articles on:
  • "Taking Advantage of Company Expansions and Reorganizations" -- Use the "hidden job market" effectively (and minimize the competition) by finding and applying for positions before they're ever advertised.
  • "Unlocking The Hidden Job Market" -- bypass Human Resources, and improve your prospects of being hired, by making direct contact with a "Key Decision Maker."
The Back Door Job Hunter

Remember: 80% of all job openings are never listed anywhere! This site makes specific recommendations on organizing and conducting an effective job search, including ways to locate the "hidden job market" using informal job search methods.
Compiled by M. Arace & R. Mattson (Jay Gattis; Biola University)

Using the Internet to Enhance Your Career Development
Useful, well-organized info to help you make use of the Internet in your career search. The Useful Sites page includes info for Minorities.
The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

Networking Through the Career Jungle
After you know what you can do and how that has prepared you for your desired job, ask the people you know the best to help you find suitable job openings. This document provides clear step-by-step instructions for effective networking.
The Career Center, University of Missouri at Columbia

Pennsylvania Professional Employment Network
PAPEN is a career-oriented networking organization operating in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Their site provides information about the opportunities they provide and their meeting schedule, as well as links to useful resources.

Information Interviewing
Overview of Information Interviewing: suggested questions to ask; selecting appropriate people to interview; arranging and conducting the interview itself, etc.
The Student Centre -- Canadian Career Counselling Foundation NO FRAMES VERSION

Informational Interviewing
Guidelines for interviewing as a research tool--to explore careers or learn more about an industry. The purpose is to obtain information, not to get a job. Includes a list of sample questions.
Wisconsin Job Service

Informational Interviewing
Gathering information about specific occupations is an important part of the career exploration and job search process. The more you find out about the requirements of a specific position the better able you'll be to determine whether it'd be a good match for you. This article includes questions you may wish to use.   Additional Job Search Tools and Resources are available, including other articles on interviewing as well as resumes, cover letters, etc.
Allegheny College

Information Interviews
One of the many excellent Career Briefs available from the Career Center at CMU.
The Carnegie Mellon Career Center

Job Hunting Strategies
Useful suggestions (including sample scripts and resource lists) on these topics:
  • Job Hunting Using Traditional Sources
  • Beyond the Want Ads: The Art of Networking
  • Using Technology in Your Job Search
George Mason University's Career Services Full Time Job Search

College Grad Job Hunter
The full text of Brian Krueger's book is provided online along with ordering info (so you can try before you buy). The Table of Contents shows the wide range of topics covered, including job search preparation, networking, researching employers, using the Internet and Job Fairs effectively, as well as guidance on resumes, interviews, salary negotiation, etc. This is an outstanding opportunity to peruse this book and gain expert advice on successful job search techniques!
College Grad Job Hunter©

Career Development
One of a variety of articles on a variety of topics, including:
  • Self-Analysis and Personal Mastery
  • The Job Hunt
  • Career Skills Improvement
  • The Management Track
David G. Jensen / Search Masters International

On-Line Career Resources
Provides descriptive list of some of the resources available online.
George Washington University Career Center

Career Articles
Over two dozen articles on topics relevant to job seekers, including: Professional Career and Resume Management Services for the 21st Century

Articles on How to Conduct an Effective Job Search, reprinted (with permission) from George Washington University Career Center, including:
  • Researching Employers
  • How to Develop Opportunities Through Networking
  • How to Explore Careers Through Informational Interviewing
  • Career Fairs
  • Internships
JobTrak / reprints from: The George Washington University Career Center

Researching Companies and Industries
How to find info about particular companies or industries, determining rankings, locate employers in specific fields or locations; includes a listing of selected employer databases and printed directories.
George Mason University's Career Services Full Time Job Search

World's Top 1000 Pages - Employment
Check the employment resources at these major sites. List is updated every four hours.
WebSideStory, Inc.

Market Guide Investment Center
Want current info about a company? The Market Guide Investment Center provides timely and accurate company reports, quotes, news, price charts, stock screening tools, and industry, sector and company rankings on over 10,000 equities trading on the NYSE, Nasdaq, AMEX, and OTC Bulletin Board. You can obtain useful free background info for your job search by utilizing the form below.   Listings are also available by Sector or by Industry
The Market Guide Investment Center
Search by Ticker Symbol or by Company Name:

Symbol   Name

Hoover's Company Capsules
Provides information on thousands of American companies; searchable. Profiles for a number of companies are also available at no cost at this site. Browse Hoover's Top 2500 Employers alphabetical list which includes links for company Capsule, Web Site, and Jobs info.
Hoover's, Inc., Austin, Texas

EDGAR Database
This site will allow you to retrieve publicly available filings via EDGAR, the Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval system, which maintains info from companies and others who are required by law to file forms with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).
U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission: EDGAR Database

Yahoo! Company Research
Check the list of Featured In-Depth Company Profiles for extensive interviews with top companies looking for top people. Also browse brief overviews of more than 1000 companies in the Company Capsules section or check the Employment Help page for tips on using the features available on this site.

The Global Virtual Job Fair Links Catalog
This features thousands of links to many of the top resource sites on the Web. Includes a Searchable Archive of articles from High Technology Careers
The Virtual Job Fair Links Catalog

Listing of Employment-Related Newsgroups
The HUMAN ELEMENT Network provides this listing of newsgroups focused on employment-related topics. NOTE: Your browser must be configured for newsgroups to access these listings.
The HUMAN ELEMENT Network[tm]

Where To Learn About Job Openings
The Bureau of Labor Statistics provides some useful information about a variety of traditional and non-traditional job search methods as well as a pointer to the Occupational Outlook Handbook Home Page.
Howard N Fullerton, Jr;   Bureau of Labor Statistics

The One-Hour Job Search
Shorten your job search commute by knowing what online exits to take.
Rebecca Smith

‘NetWorking '97 Executive Summary
Results of a survey of Human Resource professionals and jobseekers to determine usage and perceptions of the Internet as a recruitment or job seeking tool.
JWT Specialized Communications

Internet Job Search
Introduction to using the internet as a source of information for job leads.
The Career Center, University of Missouri at Columbia

Searching For A Job In CyberSpace
  • Introduction to Internet Job Hunting
  • Links to Several Job-Related Sites
Timothy D. Shirley

Resources for Job Seekers and Employers on the Internet
Includes annotated links to a vast array of websites; check the extensive Articles, Reports and Checklists available at this site; browse or use the onsite Power Search.
Smart Business Supersite

Job Listing & Advisory Services
How these services differ from employment agencies; what to watch out for so you don't end up owing hundreds of dollars for up-front fees or phone calls to 900 numbers. Includes info about fraudulent claims and provides general guidelines for dealing with listing/advisory firms.
Better Business Bureau

Tips On... Employment Services
Employment agencies can provide numerous valuable services to job seekers and most are reliable and reputable. This Consumer Information Series Publication from the Better Business Bureau provides comprehensive information to help you understand what agencies can and cannot do; includes important info about "fee paid" job listings as well as service contracts. Read this carefully BEFORE you visit an agency and avoid disappointment and expense.
Better Business Bureau

Mid-Atlantic Businesses & Organizations Index
An index of over 1400+ online employers, many with job postings, located in:
Virginia Classifieds

State and Local Government on the Net
Piper Resources guide to government sponsored Internet sites is intended to provide convenient access to a wide variety of links to government information.
Piper Resources

HSLS Internet Resources
Outstanding compilations of resources (Internet sites; Electronic newsletters and journals; Mailing lists and newsgroups, Organizations and agencies) on DOZENS of health and mental health related topics, including:
Health Sciences Library System, University of Pittsburgh

USA Hospitals on the World Wide Web
Includes state-by-state listings of hospitals, including ones in PENNSYLVANIA.
Department of Neurology at Massachusetts General Hospital

Nursing Jobs
Resources for people searching for employment in Health Care. Includes info on organizing your search, developing a resume, dealing with the interview, as well as links to job search sites.
Jack Yensen / Virtual Nursing College

Extended Care Providers and Home Health Agencies
This database contains info for thousands of service providers: rehabilitation, long-term nursing care, home health agencies, and retirement communities. Links to other Health Care Sites are provided. Use the online search to locate specific info. [NOTE: When searching, selecting specific types of care providers narrows the search. To obtain a full range of listings, specify only a general geographic area (ie. state or county).]

The Salary Calculator
Thinking about moving to or from Pittsburgh (or any other location)? Use this Salary Calculator to compare one region to another. Note that you have to ascertain the impact of taxes separately -- tables are included.
The Center for Mobility Resources and The Homebuyer's Fair, LLC

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