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Test Taking Skills

Many useful resources to help you develop your logical thinking and ananlytical thinking skills, including:
Amby Duncan-Carr

Hot Rod Your Head
Free online courses to make your smarter, healthier, and more successful. Includes:
  • Brain Boot Camp
  • Brain Builder of the Week
  • Hot Rod Your Vocabulary
Bodhi Tree

Practice and Prepare for Academic and Employment Tests
Get ready for pre-employment (or promotion) exams and other types of assessments. Includes scored (and unscored) tests of clerical skills, math, etc.
Amby Duncan-Carr

Objective Exams
Tips for taking True/False or multiple-choice questions -- T/F or multiple-choice questions. Also available: Taking Examinations and suggestions for Essay Exams.
Georgia College & State University

Taking Multiple-Choice Tests
Need some test-taking strategies for multiple choice tests? Try these tips (just remember, there's nothing like being truly prepared... but these tricks can help if you're stuck).
Robert Runté, Faculty of Education, University of Lethbridge

Strategies for Taking Employment Tests
Employment test taking strategies useful for ANYONE faced with a pre-employment test (and links to other useful articles on negotiating pay, etc.)
  • How to take newspaper tests
  • Five types of tests
  • Beating test anxiety
  • How newspapers use tests
Detroit Free Press

Supreme Court Addresses Pre-Employment and Pre-Promotion Testing
Provides criteria by which the constitutionality of pre-employment drug testing policies were determined.
Gray Cary Ware & Freidenrich

Civil Service Test Taking Tips
Department of Personnel and Civil Service Commission (P&CSC) of the City of Pittsburgh provides these suggestions to help you succeed on Civil Service exams.
City of Pittsburgh

Exams and Testing
This chapter from Brian Krueger's book, College Grad Job Hunter describes the five basic types of tests you may encounter in pre-employment testing and provides useful tips and strategies.
College Grad Job Hunter©

Border Patrol Employment - Sample Test Questions
The Immigration and Naturalization Service provides several practice questions, including explanation of answers, on Vocabulary and Reading Comprehension. These would be appropriate preparation for a variety of other employment tests, also.
Immigration and Naturalization Service

Nurse Aide Self-Assessment
Take this reading test; also provided on this site:
Pennsylvania Department of Health

Uses of Pre-employment Tests in Selection Procedures
Info about the uses of maximum performance tests as a pre-employment screen as well "personality tests" and "honesty and reliability tests".
Bill Angus [M.D. Angus & Associates Ltd.]

Free Microsoft Test Preparation
TestFree provides numerous FREE prep tests as well as a variety of other exam prep materials, online, at a very reasonable cost.
TestFree Publishing LLC

Plus-32 Employment Testing System
A FREE DOWNLOAD of the "Plus-32" Testing System is available to those interested in assessing this employee evaluation software. Numerous reports are also available, as well as a free Management Book (as a PDF or Word file), providing an overview of the different personality types and showing testing can aid in employee management and motivation.
B. R. Garrison Software Group

Personality Testing in the Workplace
Find out more about the types of assessments utilized by employers. Examine a Sample Report and see how the results of personality testing can be incorporated in interviewing, etc. Information is also included about Personality Types and their impact in the workplace.
Decision Support Technology

Dilbert's Daily Mental Workout
Give our brain a mental workout with a puzzle each day (if you're stumped, don't worry -- they post the answer the next day). Includes a link to Catbert's Anti-Career Zone which contains all sorts of great stuff -- just the site to visit if you're feeling a bit frayed around the edges!!
The Dilbert Zone / United Media

Drug Testing and Other Possible Conditions of Employment
Info about "conditions of employment" such as drug testing, credit checks, reference checks, and other pre-employment checks.
College Grad Job Hunter©

Americans with Disabilities Act -- Guidelines on Pre-Employment Inquiries
Find out which questions are permissable and when Pre-employment Medical Examinations can be required (factors used in determining whether a particular test is medical are provided).
Franklin & Gringer Labor Relations & Employment Law

California Driver's Exam
Includes twenty practice questions; scores and lists incorrect responses; provides links to explanations of correct answers. Please note: Answers to some questions may vary depending on current state law - check your OWN states' drivers' manual for specifics. [Pennsylvania Driver's Manual]
Mattias Sjöberg


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