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Unemployment Blues

The Creative Job Search Includes:
Other sections of the On-line Job Search Guide help prepare you for the next step with skill identification,
Minnesota Department of Economic Security

Coping With Unemployment
Rockyview General Hospital provides suggestions for developing effective coping strategies in order to help keep your stress level down, your confidence up and your health and relationships strong.
The Health Connection

Adjusting to Unemployment
Information about the stages people pass through; links to other info.
Wisconsin Job Service

Thriving During Job Loss and Job Search
Al Siebert, Ph.D., author of The Survivor Personality, provides guidelines for skillfully handling the emotional challenge of dealing with job loss and searching for new employment. Were you downsized? Read one person's response to a lay-off: A Resilient Spirit Saves a Job - Susan's story.
THRIVEnet [Visit the THRIVEnet Home Page for additional ways to gain strength from adversity.]

Everything You Need Today for Tomorrow's Success
Articles by National Certified Career Counselor, Kathryn Jordan, Ph.D., NCCC to help you get in touch with all you have to offer to employers, includes:

Helping Teens Cope with Parents' Unemployment
Unemployment affects everyone in the family; here are some suggestions for ways older children can understand and assist during this stressful transition period.

Coping With Unemployment
How to deal with this stressful time effectively.
Medical Strategies, Inc. (MSI); National Mental Health Association

Job Loss Cycle
"You become more enthusiastic and action-oriented, looking for effective ways to becoming re-employed. If your actions and enthusiasm proved unsuccessful in securing a good job, you may become less dynamic, less confident, more questioning about your capabilities, and let your job search stall." The Job Coach provides info to help you understand and deal effectively with the Job Loss Roller Coaster
Job Coach

This summary by William R. Avison, PhD, gives highlights from the literature and suggests programs and interventions that would be effective.
National Forum on Health

Loss of employment and mortality
Abstract from the study of a group of stably employed middle aged men suggesting a causal effect: that the loss of employment was associated with an increased risk of mortality (even after adjustment for background variables).
[MDX Health Digest] Morris JK; Cook DG; Shaper AG ~~ BMJ 1994 Apr 30;308(6937):1135-9

When faced with unemployment, as with other major losses in life, there are several emotional stages; you must work through these in order to reach resolution and successfully return to the workforce. This article details these stages and provides constructive advice for dealing effectively with the pain and using this as an opportunity for positive growth.
Helene W. King, Ph.D., CEAP from COPELINE

Stress Management Strategies
This article, by Suzanna Smith and Joe Pergola, describes stress, provides simple checklists to pinpoint the types, symptoms and typical responses for the individual; includes links to fact sheets detailing ways to prevent and or cope with stress.
Florida Cooperative Extension Service

18 Ways To Survive Your Company's Reorganization, Takeover, Downsizing, or Other Major Change.
Special Report highlights eighteen principles that are useful for coping with organizational change.
Morton C. Orman, M.D.

Don't Just Take It When the Boss Hands You Your Walking Papers
Know your rights -- don't just walk away meekly!! You may be able to get a better deal (or possibly even retain your employment)!!
Barbara Block

Master Life Plan
By developing a Master Life Plan we will be better equipped to deal with the stress and ambiguities of life. This article details how and why; includes my personal favorite: Q.T.I.P. -- Quit taking it personally.

Daily Meditations for Overcoming Depression, Grief, and the "Blues"
Samples from FACING LIFE'S CHALLENGES as well as the [full] Introduction and ordering info.
Amy E. Dean

Redesigning Dreams
This series was designed specifically for nursing professionals as a first step towards making a successful career transition and includes the following four guides and a journal:
These materials, although designed for those in the health professions, could be used successfully by others dealing with transitions in employment.
Human Resources Development Canada


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