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Surviving on your New Job
One section of Mike Farr's On-line Get a Job Workshop; provides valuable information and suggestions -- read this before your (next) employer or supervisor wishes you had!! Includes:
JIST Works, Inc.

Juggling Work, Home and School
Specific suggestions for ways to juggle all your responsibilities, and meet your needs, without dropping any of the balls (or going crazy)!
Monica Nucciarone

Business Success Secrets
Ways you can build business relationships quickly.
Caterina Rando

How to Turn Meetings into Time Savers
The Time Doctor provides great suggestions for improving the group process. Also, visit the listing of articles for practical ways to set goals and manage time effectively (many are especially appropriate for those with both a family and a career).
Kevin L. Polk, Ph.D.

On-The Job Strategies
Articles to help you learn to cope with stressful situations at work; strategies for building leadership skills, and motivational management. Includes a wide variety of topics, including:
High Technology Careers

From Managing Stress by David Fontana, this scale (intended as a useful guide rather than as a precise instrument) may help you clarify some of your thinking about your own life.
Jerry Cerny / The Faculty Development Committee at Honolulu Community College

From Managing Stress by David Fontana, this article includes the Holmes-Rahe Scale which measures the impact of life events.
Jerry Cerny / The Faculty Development Committee at Honolulu Community College

How to Master Stress
Helping you to think your way to an excellent life! Mind Tools provides these resources to help you master stress; includes:
Mind Tools

Coping With Job Stress
Suggestions for recognizing the symptoms of excessive job stress and specific steps toward coping effectively.
Medical Strategies, Inc. (MSI); National Mental Health Association

Hyperlinks for Hyper People
Includes annotated links to sites in these categories:
Stress Management ,Inc.

18 Ways To Survive Your Company's Reorganization, Takeover, Downsizing, or Other Major Change.
Special Report highlights eighteen principles that are useful for coping with organizational change.
Morton C. Orman, M.D.

Don't Just Take It When the Boss Hands You Your Walking Papers
Know your rights -- don't just walk away meekly!! You may be able to get a better deal (or possibly even retain your employment)!!
Barbara Block

A Resilient Spirit Saves a Job - Susan's story
This THRIVEnet story of the month is a delightful account of a woman who reacted to a layoff notice in a way that led to a new position being created for her. Susan's story shows what can happen when you let yourself speak out.
Practical Psychology Press

Portfolio Power
Position yourself for promotions, increase your job security and marketability: Showcase your skills and obtain the recognition and rewards you deserve!! Suggestions for assembling a useful portfolio; includes a sampler [requires Adobe's Acrobat Reader - available free] showing the wide range of work samples or artifacts that can be included in today's career portfolio. Other resources for portfolio development and use are also available in this section.
Martin Kimeldorf, author of Portfolio Power

Moonlighting With Portfolios: Career Strategies for the 21st Century
Author, Monica Nucciarone, knows first hand what it means to be a "moonlighter" and, in this short essay, discusses the increasing trend towards moonlighting and how portfolios figure into this particular career lifestyle.
Monica Nucciarone

Once you succeeded in landing the job, pause (briefly) to catch your breath, and then start doing these things to make future career transitions easier.
Scott Shepherd / Scott Shepherd Associates

Includes links to online resources, a humorous checkup: "HOW SECURE IS YOUR JOB?", and Tips & Techniques from readers.

Useful strategies for managing a career, successfully, in today's job market.
Bill Morin, Drake Beam Morin, Inc. from Executive Edge

How Resilient Are You?
Al Siebert, Ph.D. (author of The Survivor Personality) provides a list of Key Indicators of Resiliency, describes the basic qualities and some guidelines for self-development, and suggests that the highly resilient person (while not fitting the norm, perhaps) has a competitive advantage in today's world.

Communication Skills Test
Do you get your message accross? Poor communication skills are at the core of many frustrating relationship problems, be it in interactions with friends, marriage-partner, co-workers, children or authority figures. This on-line Communication Skills Inventory will provide some useful feedback regarding your current skill level.
Ilona Jerabek; Body-Mind QueenDom

Communication Styles
Sharpening your communication skills can dramatically broaden and brighten your career prospects. Jensen's article explains WHY treating others as we would like to be treated won't necessarily work and provides suggestions for more effective approaches.
David G. Jensen, Search Masters International

What's Your Workstyle?
Take this quick online assessment: Find out if you're in sync with your co-workers--and what to do if you're not.

Are You a Team Player?
Some of us are not cut out to work in a group. See if you are with this online assessment. Item by item analysis available.
AboutWork / iVillage

Working with Difficult People
This article by Frieda Curtindale tells of the potential negative impact of difficult people in the work place (lost clients, slowed progress, increased absenteeism); strategies for dealing effectively with them are suggested.
Frieda Curtindale

Thinking & Problem Solving
The Art of Thinking by Allen Harrison and Robert Bramson helps explain why seeing things from different experiences and perspectives is helpful in the problem solving process, an essential skill for success in today's workplace. Additional articles on PROBLEMS AND PROBLEM SOLVING as well as IDEATION AND LATERAL THINKING are available in the main index.
W. James (Jim) Harper

Research article explaining how recognizing personality traits and the resultant behavior patterns will help us understand others, enhance our working relationships, and help us maintain our perspective. Other Research Papers are available from the California Public Employer Labor Relations Association (CALPELRA).
Randall F. Rafoth

Cope Online Newsletters
Articles on a variety of crtical workplace issues are provided in text format for easy downloading. Topics include dealing with anxiety, depression, and Alzheimer's Disease, as well as:

Includes a checklist of symptoms, discussion, and suggestions for possible "cures".
Robert W. Bly [Smart Business Supersite]

Everything You Need Today for Tomorrow's Success
Articles by National Certified Career Counselor, Kathryn Jordan, Ph.D., NCCC to help you get in touch with all you have to offer to employers, includes:

Avoiding Liability When Responding To Job Reference Requests
As a job seeker you may want to be aware of the current legal situation for previous employers providing references, so that you can ensure that a potential employer obtains the necessary info.
Robert K. Sholl

Ethan Winning's Articles
These articles and essays are provided to help you prevent and solve your personnel or employment problems. Includes:
Ethan Winning

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Americans with Disabilities Act

Don't Bite the Hand That Feeds You
An article, Helping Your Employer Accommodate You by Pat Boyd for Lisa Poast, which discusses the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and how to inform the employer about a worker's disability.
The Rebus Institute

Employers' Fears May Be Unfounded
Essay on the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) guidelines on mental disabilities and the realities of discrimination suit rulings by the courts.
Source: Wall Street Journal, July 22, 1997. Mental Health InfoSource

Americans with Disabilities Act
Information about ADA, including:
Mental Health InfoSource

What is Reasonable Accomodation?
This article in Q/A format deals with what is and is NOT considered REASONABLE modification or adjustment to a job or the work environment in light of the ADA regulations.
Ethan Winning

The EEOC Guidance for Employers Regarding Psychiatric Disabilities
This article by Sara L. Cohen provides information about the differences between EEOC and ADA definitions, requirements and regulations regarding psychiatric disabilities.
Gray Cary Ware & Freidenrich

Employment & Labor Law
Well-organized site providing info on a wide range of topics, including:
Law Journal EXTRA!

Employee Relations Web Picks!
Articles on a variety of topics, including: New York Public Employment Reports


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