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Xootr Scooters

Thinking about buying a scooter? Want a kick-scooter that can be used as REAL transportation? The Xootr (pronounced zooter) may be just what you're seeking.

Why Xootr?

I first looked for scooters online at eBay, and was overwhelmed by the number of different manufacturers (and concerned by references to inferior brands and outright counterfeits). Then I spotted a listing that was considerably more expensive and had numerous bids... I wondered what it was. That was my introduction to the Xootr!!

I liked what I read, but was rather put off by the price (gulp) ...afterall, I'd really been bargain hunting... but my curiosity was piqued. I searched online for "Xootr"and found the Nova Cruz site. Once I'd read the manufacturer's info, I started searching for a good deal. The infrequent offerings on eBay went for nearly the full retail price and I couldn't justify passing up the warranty to save (literally) $5-10, so I continued looking. I did locate what seemed to be a slightly better deal, but the distributor would only provide prices by email and required payment by cashiers check (which seemed a bit "much"); upon further investigation, I learned that they were no longer authorized to sell the Xootr.

Back to the drawing board... Nova Cruz has a reseller program, but I'm not a retail merchant... and there's no affiliate program, per se, but I DID find out that they offer a 5% discount IF you get the authorization code from another customer!! So, if you want to order directly from Nova Cruz, feel free to use my code to save 5%.

  • Shipping (US and Canada) is $9.00 and there is no sales tax.
  • I STRONGLY urge you to get the Ergo Locking Pin for your Xootr; this is a huge improvement over the standard pin.
  • To get the 5% discount, enter the following Referral Code on the Checkout page: 2555B-MB

Meet your Xootr:

Xootr Cruz Xootr Street Xootr Comp
Xootr Cruz:
    Laminated Birch
    Weight 10.5 lbs
Xootr Street:
    Machined Aluminum
    Weight 10.9 lbs
Xootr Comp:
    Carbon Fiber deck
    Weight 9.9 lbs
All Models:
  • Handlebar-mounted, lever-activated (front wheel) brake
  • Overall length (deployed): 35.4"
  • Wheel diameter: 7.1" (180 mm);   Wheelbase: 28.3" (720 mm)
  • Handlebar height (from deck): 25" (minimum) - 38" (maximum)
  • Deck (maximum): width 7.9";   length 24.0"
  • Folded dimensions: 31.1" x 9.4" x 12.6" (at handlebar)
  • Maximum. rider weight: 250 lbs.
  • Xootr also has several other models available, including an electric scooter. Check the Nova Cruz site for their current factory-direct prices. To save 5%, enter this Referral Code on the Checkout page: 2555B-MB

    You can also call Nova Cruz toll free 1-888-353-4464 (US only) to see if they have any factory seconds or refurbished Xootrs available. Again, I urge you to get the Ergo Locking Pin, and remember to use the referral code for your discount.

    Riding a Xootr

    The primary differences between the Xootr and the "toy" scooters (besides price), are stability, manueverabilty, and comfort. Most adults will find that the deck of the little scooters is just too small to accomodate both feet... of course, with their smaller, less-efficient wheels you'll be kicking most of the time anyway, but switching legs is a lot easier if you can plant BOTH feet and then change. The Xootr's deck has plenty of space for a pair of adult-sized feet and the handlebar height can be adjusted sufficiently so that even tall adults can ride without stooping (this measurement can be misleading, too, since Xootr measures from the deck and some of the other companies apparently measure from the ground).

    The wheels on the Xootr are much larger than those on the "toy" scooters and will traverse roadway imperfections much more easily (and safely). Although you must still be vigilent while riding and remain on the alert for grates, bridge spacers, pot holes, uneven sidewalks, etc. you'll have a much easier ride with a Xootr. Do NOT ride off onto the grass, though!! I did that the first time out (trying to avoid a sidewalk with missing bricks) and dropped the front wheel into a utility hole hidden by grass. Which brings me to the topic of safety gear. I recommend that you wear a helmet and gloves (wrist guards may also be a good idea, as well as knee and elbow pads, especially for children); obviously you want to protect the head, but, in the event of a spill, an adult is more likely to thrust out a hand and injure the wrist.

    Riding at night can be extremely dangerous and is not recommended. When I'm out after dark I always wear light-colored clothing, use my Flashing Safety Strobe, and ride slowly with extra vigilance. Not only must you watch for traffic, but you must look even more carefully to spot (and avoid) imperfections in the sidewalk or pavement. Unless there is adequate lighting, I'd suggest walking, instead.

    Do NOT ride on wet pavement!! The brake will not work well and your wheels will have little or no traction. I rolled across a wet section of pavement on a gentle slope and was astounded by the nearly-complete loss of braking ability. Watch out, too, for leaves, sand and other loose debris - the Xootr will roll through with no difficulty, but you may not be able to see a hole or lump, nor will you have the usual traction with your kicking foot.

    Is it REAL transportation?

    It really depends on where you live and the distances and terrain to be traveled. The Xootr is best on relatively smooth, level streets or sidewalks. It can easily be carried up or down steps (or up especially steep slopes). I much prefer it to bicycles or inline skates: I can fold it up (in seconds) and take it with me into a store, library, office, etc. and not have to worry that it'll be stolen. It's much more maneuverable than a bicycle and can be ridden safely among pedestrians on crowded sidewalks; by using the brake, you can even ride along beside a friend who is on foot. Since the Xootr has a dependable brake, I feel MUCH safer than on inline skates (and I don't have to carry shoes with me if I want to go somewhere on an errand).

    A Xootr scooter is perfect for traveling around an urban area or college campus. I've traveled four or five miles from home (and back) without difficulty, but that's pushing the limit as far as I'm concerned. For jaunts of a mile or two, the Xootr is sublime rolling perfection. The stablity of the large deck also means that carrying a laptop, etc. in your backpack isn't a problem. I've even gone grocery shopping and hauled home 15-20 lb. of canned goods, etc.

    Happy, safe, scootering!!

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