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Client Story

Building the team that is bringing shipping & logistics into the future.

Amby has helped Klaveness Digital fill several roles across Business Development, Customer Success, Design, Data Engineering, DevOps, and Product. We have also helped Klaveness Digital restructure their entire onboarding process.

Company profile

Klaveness Digital

Klaveness Digital is a Norwegian technology company building digital solutions and services towards the maritime industry. Their main product CargoValue optimizes supply chains in an industry that has had fairly little digitization up until now.

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The Early Stages of the Hiring Process

The main challenge that Klaveness Digital was facing was getting the right talent at a fast enough pace to reach their ambitious hiring goals. However, they lacked a dedicated internal resource to manage recruitment and various people ops tasks. This meant that in order to hire quickly, as well as be the preferred employer within shipping and logistics, they needed a dedicated recruitment partner and employer branding team.

Klaveness had partnered with Amby several times over the years to fill key roles on a project-by-project basis. However, at the start of 2020, their hiring needs increased significantly - to the point where one-off recruitment projects simply weren't enough to meet their needs. Additionally, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the hiring roadmap was continuously evolving. This uncertainty reinforced the fact that project-based recruitment was simply no longer a sufficient solution. 

The Process

We sent a dedicated consultant to take full control over Klaveness Digital's hiring and people operations functions from A-Z. This consisted of scaling up their current recruitment process, bringing in top talent to the candidate pipeline, and redesigning core infrastructure tasks such as onboarding and employee handbooks. 

Additionally, we provided Klaveness Digital with an employer branding team that worked alongside our consultant and Klaveness' own employees. The goal was to raise candidate awareness among relevant stakeholders within product, engineering, design, and business development. The campaign aimed to increase top-of-funnel applications, as well as improve conversion rates throughout the recruitment process.



The Result

During our time at Klaveness Digital, our consultant was able to fill roles such as Business Development Manager, Customer Success Ops Manager, Design Manager, UX/UI Designer, Data Engineer, Technical support, Backend Developer, Team Lead DevOps/platform team, Product Managers. In addition to filling roles, this single resource redesigned the onboarding process and management of employee handbooks - all within a matter of months. 

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The Ultimate Guide

This guide helps you perfect your recruitment process and overcome the challenges that come along with it.

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Our employer branding team aligned with our consultant to focus employer branding campaigns on the roles that mattered most. Rather than having a blanket campaign that reaches every potential candidate, we hyper-focused on the roles at hand and worked proactively to create a game plan for the roles to come. In the end, our employer branding team was able to create paid and organic social media creatives, copy, candidate landing pages, and a career page - all of which increased application and conversion rates significantly. 

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