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Employee Satisfaction KPIs

With discussions around company culture, work-life balance, and mental health at the center of the workplace, it should...

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The Future of Assessment - Trends and Best Practices

Identifying relevant trends is the foundation for cultivating a forward-thinking culture of best practices

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The Most Common Mistakes Startups Make When Recruiting

Running a startup is a very exciting but also a very vulnerable time. Hiring your first employee(s) is a thrilling...

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Meet Duyen: Operations Lead Sweden

From a Talent Acquisition Consultant in Norway to an Operations Lead in Sweden, Duyen's journey has been anything but...

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3 Quick Tips for Mapping out Your Tech Team Needs

Many small and medium-sized organizations have tech needs that spill all over the place. Fulfilling these needs takes...

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Meet Helle: Country Manager Norway

As one of Amby's earliest hires, Helle has played an integral part of our growth - both within Norway and on a global...

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5 Ways to Immensely Improve Your Onboarding Process

This post dives into five easy-to-implement changes that can make a world of difference in your onboarding process....

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A Quick Onboarding Checklist for Your Next New Hire

To make sure that you are staying on track in the delivery of your onboarding program, it is best to create a checklist...

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3 Tips When Applying to Tech Startups in Oslo

Over the last decade, Oslo has become a center for tech startups - but with so much happening in the startup community,...

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RPO Consultant

What are the Pros and Cons of Embedded Recruitment?

Companies often find themselves choosing between hiring a recruiter or performing recruitment functions in-house....

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