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Add qualified recruiters to your in-house team when you need it, for as long as you need it.

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Add skilled recruiters to your current team to increase operational capacity, bring on strategic support, and find the talent you need to build your dream team. We act as an extension of your in-house team, so that candidates always feel like they're working with a member of your team.


Why choose embedded recruitment?


Stay on brand

We fully embedded into your process, systems, and culture, so that candidates and hiring managers never feel like they’re talking with a recruiter.


Skip agency fees

Our subscription-based model eliminates hidden fees, so you know exactly what to expect from our partnership each month


Access insights

We have an ecosystem of internal tools, data systems, and learning and development programs to fuel our consultants every step of the way.


Scale up or down

No more one-off hires or lengthy contracts. Embedded gives you flexibility to increase or decrease your team size as your hiring needs change.

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Recruitment as it should be

In the traditional agency model, you pay an external recruiter to fill a few key roles on a commission structure. But when you need to fill dozens - or even hundreds - of roles, this model quickly becomes expensive, ineffective, and disconnected from your core talent function.  

With embedded recruitment, a team of experienced recruiters plug into your organization via a flexible subscription model. Your dedicated team of recruitment consultants will embrace your brand, culture, and processes from day one to give you all of the benefits of an in-house team, but with the flexibility and cost-savings of an external partner. 

That means no more commission, no more hidden agendas, and no more one-off hires. Instead you receive a transparent and flexible recruitment model designed to deliver results at scale.

A model that delivers time and time again
  • 30%

    More efficient

    Our average time-to-hire for tech roles is 30% lower than the industry average
  • 48%

    Cost savings

    Our embedded model cuts costs significantly compared to the agency model.
  • 92%

    Client satisfaction

    We always have the best interest of our clients at heart and feedback to show for it.

We help you scale across all functions



CTO, Software Engineer, Cloud Engineer, Architects, DevOps, Test Engineer (HW/SW), Quality Engineer, iOS and Android Developer, Data Scientist, Engineering Manager, and more.


Product & Design

CPO, UI/UX Designer, Product Manager, Product Designer, Creative Director, Service Designer, Design Director, Motion Designer, Technical Copywriter, Graphic Designer, and more.


People & HR

Head of Talent Acquisition, Talent Acquisition Partner, Talent Acquisition Sourcer, People Operations Specialist, Head of People and Culture, People Partner, and more.



Sales Director, Sales Manager, Tender Manager, Business Dev. Manager, Business Controller, Marketing Specialist, Customer Success, Logistics Manager, and more.

How it works

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Dive deeper into how embedded recruitment works

We’re on a mission to help ambitious companies recruit great talent at scale. Here is how we do it.
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What you can expect

Landing hard-to-fill roles at Fremtind

Going Embedded at Fremtind

The Amby-Fremtind embedded collaboration has resulted 30+ hires across technical and non-technical roles. Today, Amby consultants are a natural part of Fremtind's internal team, which creates a streamlined recruitment experience for both internal stakeholders and candidates.

Arne Eirik
— Working with Amby was a true game changer for us. They supported us at all stages of the process, guided our hiring teams to improve, and helped us to hire almost 40 awesome engineers in a very short time. I'm grateful to have had the pleasure of working with Amby.
Arne Eirik Nielsen Team Lead Cloud, Easee
Marta square

— Amby can quickly jump on any recruiting project to support us with in-depth knowledge and experience. The Amby team perfectly merges with the internal recruitment team and immediately adopts our way of working, making collaboration extremely easy and smooth.

Marta Bisisi VP Talent, Superside
jessica image mask
— Since the first day, working with Amby was truly incredible. The team was proactive, positive, and efficient in building processes to scale quickly and sustainably. The recruiters embodied our company values and as such were a perfect addition to our team.
Jessica Zwaan COO, Whereby
oda square
Working with Amby provides a seamless experience from start to finish, which receives great feedback from the candidates. We are super satisfied with the collaboration and not least the good people we always end up hiring.
Oda Vår Arnesen HR Business Partner, Zaptec

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Questions? We've got answers.

  • In a traditional agency model, you pay a commission fee to external recruiter to help fill a few key roles. But what happens when you need to fill 10, 20, or even 50 roles? Working with an external agency on a commission structure quickly becomes expensive, ineffective, and disconnected from your core talent function. However, with the embedded recruitment model, you pay a flat fee every month for a dedicated team of recruiters to plug into your organization. By embedding into your team, we have aligned incentives as we work towards a common goal: lower cost-per-hire while maintaining quality.
  • With over a decade of experience scaling top tech companies around the globe, we understand the unique challenges that come with hyper-growth. Over the last ten years, we have honed our tech domain knowledge, expanded our global reach, strengthened our commitment to data, and maintained a hyper-focus on quality. We believe that all of these attributes come together to create high-quality, seamless experiences for both your team and your candidates.
  • Every company is unique, which is why recruitment processes are individualized to your team’s goals and operating structure. Our goal is to work together with you to find an optimal recruitment process that sets you up for success and seamlessly plugs into your current workflows.
  • While Amby works with companies of all sizes, across various industries, we find that the embedded typically yields the best results for those who have an annual hiring volume of ten or more. If your annual hiring volume is less than this, you may want to consider our traditional recruitment service. Regardless of your hiring volume, we would be more than happy to sit down and discuss potential solutions for you and your team.