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Meagan Leber

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mother and son at desk

Diverse voices: Parents in the workplace

Around 70% of today's workforce are parents, and while this group is not necessarily a minority, the challenges they...

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How we work: the embedded recruitment model explained

We’re on a mission to help hyper-growth companies recruit great talent at scale. Here is how we do it.

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Email templates for every stage of the candidate journey

The best recruiters know that while candidates are doing their best to impress recruiters, recruiters are also doing...

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The Case for Employer Branding

Your employees are arguably an organization’s most valued asset, which is why attracting the right candidate remains a...

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What Onboarding Is and Is Not

Onboarding is a set of processes that encompass pre-boarding activities, orientation, training workshops, and ongoing...

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Employee Satisfaction KPIs

With discussions around company culture, work-life balance, and mental health at the center of the workplace, it should...

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The Future of Assessment - Trends and Best Practices

Identifying relevant trends is the foundation for cultivating a forward-thinking culture of best practices

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The Most Common Mistakes Startups Make When Recruiting

Running a startup is a very exciting but also a very vulnerable time. Hiring your first employee(s) is a thrilling...

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Meet Duyen: Operations Lead Sweden

From a Talent Acquisition Consultant in Norway to an Operations Lead in Sweden, Duyen's journey has been anything but...

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3 Quick Tips for Mapping out Your Tech Team Needs

Many small and medium-sized organizations have tech needs that spill all over the place. Fulfilling these needs takes...

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