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Building Teams and Employer Branding at Aidn

Together with Aidn, Amby consultants hired top talent across Product, Tech, People, and Commercial roles, and helped establish Aidn's employer brand as the company debuted in the candidate market. 

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Aidn is creating a better healthcare experience - for everyone. Together with healthcare professionals, patients, and their loved ones, Aidn is building a new patient record system for documentation and collaboration in the healthcare sector. Aidn is all about prioritizing the needs of users and envisioning a future where healthcare truly revolves around patients. Together, we form a unified team working towards achieving better healthcare outcomes

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The Challenge

At Amby, we had the opportunity to collaborate with Aidn, an e-health startup that is on a mission to create a more patient-centric, intuitive, and accessible e-health system, thus making our healthcare more sustainable, especially in the face of the challenges brought by the aging population. To achieve the ambitious goals, Aidn needs a high-performing team of individuals passionate about solving complex challenges and making a meaningful impact.

However, as a newly-founded company, Aidn faced the dual challenge of establishing itself not only in the healthcare market but also in the candidate market. Aidn recognized the importance of building a strong employer brand and effective communication systems to attract high-quality candidates from the get-go. Their ambitious organization and product growth required operational recruitment support to not slow down product development and hit the ground running. In parallel, talent leadership worked to build a  strong internal talent team, establish themselves in the candidate market, and bring their hiring roadmap to life. That's when Aidn turned to Amby at the beginning of 2022.


The Solution

Two Amby consultants were fully onboarded into Aidn to embrace its brand, way of working, and systems before getting started on operational recruitment. Acting as Aidn's in-house team, our consultants quickly gained a deep understanding of Aidn's vision and culture. By fully immersing ourselves in Aidn's culture, we ensured that the candidates we brought on board not only possessed the necessary skills but also aligned with Aidn's values and purpose. We formed a close partnership with Aidn's internal team, embarking on a journey to recruit exceptional individuals for critical roles, including Product, Tech, and Commercial positions such as Chief Product Officer and Senior Backend Developer.

In addition to filling key roles, the Amby team collaborated with Aidn to implement a new ATS (Applicant Tracking System) called TeamTailor. We also created comprehensive onboarding documentation, enabling hiring managers to easily navigate and embrace the new system. This, combined with more concrete recruitment processes, innovative outreach efforts, detailed project plans, and hiring manager training, contributed to a smoother and more efficient recruitment process for both hiring managers and candidates. 

Camilla Brustuen
↑ As Delivery Lead, Camilla took lead on several employer branding initiatives, hired Aidn's new CPO, and ensured quality delivery and development in projects.
Mathilde Sundlo
↑ As a Recruitment Consultant, Mathilde took full ownership over attracting and retaining top candidates across Product, Tech, Talent, and Commercial roles.

The Results

The collaboration between Aidn and Amby resulted in 15 new hires across Aidn's team Product, Engineering, People, and Commercial teams. In addition, by opting for an embedded recruitment model, Aidn saved approximately €35,000 compared to the traditional agency model.

The roles Amby filled impacted nearly every department in Aidn, but one of the more critical hires made by Amby was that of Chief Product Officer since this hire set the future direction for Aidn's product. Our collaboration also helped lay the foundation for operational success even after the partnership ended. Today, Aidn has an internal talent team that can handle recruitment in-house and is still growing. If you are passionate about making a difference in healthcare and want to join the mission, visit https://www.aidn.no/.

— We are proud of the progress we have made and the strong team we have built so far. However, our growth journey continues, and we are always looking for passionate individuals to join our mission. If you are interested in becoming a part of the Aidn team, please visit our website at https://www.aidn.no/ and do not hesitate to connect with us for a conversation. 
Andrea Nicol Talent Acquisition Lead, Aidn
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