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Reducing bottlenecks to hire 44 employees in 3 months

A focus on bottleneck reduction and employer branding resulted in a seamless, end-to-end recruitment process that resulted in 44 hires in a matter of months.

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Aize is a SaaS company born out of Aker to revolutionize project execution and operation in heavy-asset industries. Through the use of digital twins, Aize’s software empowers its clients to visualize, design, build and operate in one single tool. Combined with real-time functionality, Aize increases efficiency, improves collaboration, and reduces costs in heavy-asset projects. By expanding beyond the era of petroleum and into the realm of renewables and other industries, Aize aims to change the way we harvest, produce, and reuse our planet’s resources. But in order to do so, they needed to scale their team.

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The Challenge

Aize experienced exceptional growth over the last year, which is why heading into 2021, Aize needed around 20 developers and a near equal number of additional roles, including senior tech leads, product managers, UX designers, and more.

Bringing in this amount of talent would fuel the organization’s growth and lessen its dependence on external consultants. However, filling this many positions in such a short amount of time requires substantial resources and commitment from the entire organization.

Although Aize is quickly scaling, its brand remains mostly unknown to a majority of candidates, which can make it more difficult to attract top talent organically. This combined with the fact that Aize’s growth had already put a strain on its resources, the company decided to partner with Amby to reduce bottlenecks and establish scalable, yet engaging recruitment and onboarding processes.


The Process

Aize and Amby worked together to create a seamless recruitment process that fit the needs and accommodated the organization’s growth. First and foremost, the process needed to reduce the bottlenecks caused by the lack of developers available to participate in tech interviews.

Amby's embedded consultants worked closely with the Head of Engineering to incorporate a live coding challenge in the first round of interviews. Aize and Amby also worked to establish its employer brand through streamlined job descriptions, consistent communication, and an engaging and transparent recruitment process.

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The Result

By the end of the first quarter, Aize and Amby filled a total of 44 positions. Hiring this many candidates in such a short amount of time was made possible in part by narrowing the candidate pool early in the process through the mini case. Doing so meant that only the most relevant candidates progressed to the technical case and interview.

This increase in efficiency not only reduced time-to-hire, but it also accommodated to the limited availability of Aize’s current technical staff. In addition to solving bottlenecks, prioritizing its employer brand and establishing an engaging recruitment process from the beginning will help supplement Aize’s recruitment success as they continue to scale. Moving forward, Aize and Amby will continue to collaborate on streamlining onboarding processes and filling VP positions within the company.

Aize experienced significant scaling from day one, which meant that while we worked to establish our brand identity and way of working. Amby was tasked with building a team of software engineers, product managers, and designers within a single quarter. A monumental task, but together we made it happen, and we are now continuing the partnership to attract new talent, and ensure a world-leading, end-to-end recruitment experience.
Håkon Høgetveit Former COO, Aize
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